free tuition universities in norway

Free Tuition Universities in Norway for International Students

This article dwells on Free Tuition Universities in Norway for International Students. Norway is one of the few countries that provides free education to all international students, regardless of whether they are from the EU/EEA.

Regardless of the student’s nation of origin, public universities in Norway do not levy tuition fees. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn a degree at a top university for free, and it’s one of the many reasons why Norway has become a popular destination for international students.

You can also study in Norway without having to take the IELTS exam at several Norwegian universities. It is not difficult to gain admission to a Norwegian university.

Furthermore, Norwegian universities provide numerous scholarships to international students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. There are a few exceptions to the requirement to submit IELTS scores.


Reasons, why you should study in Norway, are:


  1. English is spoken in their universities

In Norway, almost everyone speaks English, especially at the universities. This is true not only of Norway but of Scandinavia as a whole.

In Norway, English is required since it is a cultural currency. Because English and Scandinavian languages have similar roots, learning English is not difficult if you already know Norwegian. For Norwegian elementary school kids, learning English is also a top priority.

2. Study abroad opportunities in Norway

Norway certainly has a plethora of options. Norway could improve its standard of living in a number of ways. Despite the numerous challenges that we face today, many students have chosen where to call home.

When you’re new, you see things through the eyes of others. As a result, you might be wondering what the odds are. But, yes, there are numerous options ranging from schooling, job opportunities and many more in Norway; you just need to look for them.


  1. System of Social Relations

Norway’s social system hailed as one of the best in the world, reaches every Norwegian and, even some transplants. It provides education, public healthcare, unemployment assistance, parental leave, and childcare to all.

While these systems are not immediately available to new international residents due to, it takes time and effort to implement the benefits before they can be realized. Remember that your taxes and living expenses are high for a reason.


  1. Norwegians are well-known for their cultural appeal.

Norway is a country that international students enjoy visiting for a variety of reasons, including education and meeting and getting to know new people and their culture.

Finding a balance when meeting new people is something that happens on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that Norwegians have a long-standing cultural understanding that others may not have.

International students cite Norway’s cultural attractiveness is another reason for the country’s vitality. Norway has long been a welcoming country to international students, and as a result, it has developed a system to help international students choose where they want to live in the country.


Tuition Free Universities in Norway for international students include:


  1. University of Tromsø (UiT)

The University of Tromsø, also known as Universitetet I Troms Romssa (UiT), is a Norwegian public higher education university established in 1986 (35 years ago) with Anne Husebekk as the rector.

Tromsø, was chosen as the location for the University of Tromsø. Every year, the university is ranked in the top 5% of the world’s best universities. Its areas of expertise include arts and Humanities, as well as Life Sciences and Medicine. This university does offer free tuition for international students.


  1. University of Oslo (UiO)

The University of Oslo is a public research university in Oslo, Norway (Norwegian: Universitetet I Oslo; Latin: Universitas Osloensis). It is one of Norway’s oldest universities. It is the 58th best university in the world, and the third-best in the Nordic countries, according to the academic ranking of World Universities.

The university was ranked 63rd in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2016, making it the highest-ranked Norwegian university. The university, like all public higher education institutions in Norway, does not charge tuition.

A small fee of 600 kr (roughly US$70) per term is paid to the Foundation for Student Life in Oslo, which supports kindergartens, health services, housing, and cultural initiatives, as well as the weekly newspaper Universitas and the radio station Radio Nova.

A copy and paper fee of 200 kr[15] (roughly US$25) for full-time students and 100 kr (roughly US$12) for part-time students are also charged. Finally, a donation of 40 kr (roughly $5) is made to SAIH on a voluntary basis (Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond). Check them out here


  1. University of Stavanger (UiS)

The University of Stavanger (Universitetet I Stavanger) founded in 2005 (16 years ago) been a Norwegian university with its headquarters in Stavanger and Klaus Mohn as the Rector.

This university has approximately 12,000 students and 2,000 administrative, faculty, and service personnel. This university is affiliated with the EUA European Consortium of Innovative Universities with free tuition for local and international students.


free tuition universities in norway

  1. The University of Agder

The University of Agder (Norwegian: Universitetet i Agder), formerly known as Agder College and Agder University College, is a public free tuition university with campuses in Kristiansand and Grimstad, Norway.

The institution was established as a university college (høgskole) in 1994 through the merger of the Agder University College and five other colleges, including a technical college and a nursing school, and was granted the status of a full university in 2007. check here


  1. University of Nordland

The University of Nordland (UIN; Norwegian: Universitetet I Nordland), formerly Bod University College, was a public university in Bod, Norway.

The university merged with Nesna University College and Nord-Trndelag University College in January 2016, forming Nord University. These universities offer free tuition to both local and international students.

Follow them on their website to learn more:


  1. University of Bergen

Bergen University (Norwegian: Universitetet I Bergen, Urban East) is a Norwegian university located in Bergen, Norway. Bergen University (Norwegian: [ʉnɪvæʂɪˈtèːtə ɪ ˈbæ̀rɡn̩]) is a state university in Bergen, Norway, that focuses on research.

The university now employs over 4,000 people and has over 18,000 students. It is Norway’s second-oldest university, having been founded in 1946 by an act of parliament based on several older scientific institutions dating back to 1825.

It is one of Norway’s four “established universities,” with faculties and programs in all of the traditional university fields, as well as fields that are traditionally reserved for established universities by law, such as medicine and law.




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