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Top 9 Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses in 2024

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Here are the top nine free bible degree correspondence courses, or you can say “free Bible correspondence courses” that will help you expand your knowledge of the Bible and build your confidence as a Christian, and as or individual seeking a biblical degree or simply studying about the bible in the comfort of your own home.

The bible, like science with its different branches and other subjects, is being studied because it includes information that is related to our world in some way. The bible has a lot of information that not everyone understands, so they desire to learn more about it, so all these brought us to writing about these free bible correspondence courses.

To become a full-fledged church leader, such as a pastor, or to lead in a Christian meeting, such as a fellowship, you must have attended a bible school and learnt about the bible.

That’s all there is to it, but for the reasons indicated above, you don’t need to study about the bible. There could be other reasons as well, such as satisfying your curiosity about the Bible and expanding your knowledge base.

This article is about free bible correspondence courses that anyone can take for whatever purpose, but they are all geared to provide you with knowledge about the Bible and Christianity.

You may use and learn them for free from the comfort of your own home or office, and they aren’t designed to disrupt your regular routine.


What Are Bible Correspondence Courses?

We’ll define a correspondence course in the context of what we’re discussing in this article, which is free Bible degree correspondence courses available online.

A correspondence course is any distant learning programme that is given through an online learning platform or printed materials that are transmitted through fax or e-mail.

As a result, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a correspondence course is that it is a distance learning programme or any programme delivered via the internet in which students do not have to physically attend classes on campus.

The fact that it is referred to as a correspondence course and is delivered via an online learning platform does not imply that it is of lesser value than courses delivered on campus.

You can also get a degree online, such as a Bible degree or certification in another field of study at the bachelor, master, and doctorate levels.

Having said that, the Bible degree courses described in this article are available via correspondence education. These courses are provided by accredited Bible schools, theology schools, and seminary establishments of higher learning.

Most Bible schools use correspondence education to provide courses to students who are interested in the ministry or want to learn more about Christianity.

As a result, giving these free comparable Bible correspondence courses online is more flexible, faster, less expensive, and easier to complete.


Why Choose A Free Bible Degree Correspondence Course?

People who wish to learn more about the Bible and Jesus Christ can do so with a few clicks on their cellphones or laptops thanks to online learning, which has generated a large number of chances that are just a click away.

As a Christian, your spiritual growth is important, and it is built on more than just attending church services; there is much more you can learn through studying the Word.

Those who desire to study the Bible more thoroughly can do it anytime they choose with these free bible degree correspondence courses.

Even if you have a hectic schedule, you may still complete the courses because they are correspondence courses, which are either mailed or faxed to your home address or taken online at your leisure.


Are There Universities That Offer Online Bible Courses?

Yes, there are universities that provide certified online Bible courses with credentials available upon completion of the programme.

However, keep in mind that these universities may not necessarily offer these courses for free, and you must meet the institution’s admission requirements to be allowed into the programme.

These needs may differ depending on whether you study online or offline.

We discussed free correspondence Bible degrees in this post, however the institutions listed below offer Bible degree programmes and courses through the online learning technique and will provide you with credentials after completion, although they may not be free.

These institutions include secular universities that also provide degrees in other disciplines of study, including bible studies.

Some of these Universities That Offer Bible Correspondence Courses Are:

  1. Paul Centre for Biblical Theology
  2. Bold Christian University
  3. Dallas Theological Seminary
  4. The University of Notre Dame
  5. Grace Christian University
  6. Crown College
  7. Aletheia Logo University
  8. The University of California
  9. Conwell Theology Seminary
  10. Yale University


Top 9 Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses in 2023

1. Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation

This is Introduction to the New Testament from Romans to Revelation. It is the number one free bible correspondence courses to learn. If you want to understand the Bible and deepen your faith, you must start from scratch. If you are just starting out, you should do this in every field of study.

As a result, these introductory courses are intended to provide students with a grasp of the New Testament letters from Romans through Revelation.

All of the epistles are covered, the apocalypse of the book of Revelation is well explained, and the emphasis is on the theology of evangelism. This course is essential for faith development and is one of Denver Theological Seminary’s greatest free Bible degree correspondence courses. It is taught online and in English over a 27-hour self-paced period.

Link To Course Website


2. Introduction to the New Testament: Gospel and Acts

At the second top free bible correspondence courses we have the Introduction to the New Testament (Gospel and Acts). The New Testament is an essential component of the scriptures and fundamental teaching that every Christian should be familiar with.

It is one of the Denver Theological Seminary’s free Bible degree correspondence courses. It assists the student in memorising the four Gospels and Acts.

It also continues to educate students a unified study of Jesus Christ’s life, with an emphasis on his doctrine, evangelism theology, and church establishment in the book of Acts.

The course is online, free, and only taught in English via audio format, and it may be finished in 22 hours of student self-paced study.

Link To Course Website

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3. Introduction to Theology

Introduction to Theory is the third in our list of free bible correspondence courses to go for.  The Dallas Theological Institute offers an introduction to theology course. Students who are interested in biblical theology can take free classes at the institution, which provides them an in-depth understanding of theological issues.

Theology and Bible studies are inextricably linked. This course continues to investigate the Bible’s authority, inspiration, and canon.

The Introduction to Theology course consists of 60 lectures, all of which are free, online, and accessible via iTunes.

Link To Course Website


4. Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature

Here Comes the fourth free bible correspondence courses anybody can take.  Yale University offers a highly great free Bible degree correspondence course. This course talks about the history of early Christianity and the people who were involved in it.

The documents of early Christian groups were examined in terms of historical allusions, with a focus on the New Testament and other major Christian documents.

This is one of the top free bible degree correspondence courses, and it attempts to provide students with a more in-depth grasp of the New Testament, encompassing introduction, history, and literature. The course is completely online and completely free for anyone who wants to improve their comprehension of the Bible.

Link To Course Website

5. Christian Ethics

This is the fifth top free bible correspondence courses.  Southern Baptist Theological Seminary offers this bible course. It’s one of the top free Bible degree correspondence courses for learning about pastoral ministry and social ethics.

You will come across a lot of delicate words in this course, such as hedonism, interventionism, utilitarianism, consequentialism, agapism, and so forth.

The bible course is available online and is taught in English. The training is available in English audio format. It can be finished in 16 hours.

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 6. Old Testament Survey

Old Testament Survey is rated sixth in this list of top free bible correspondence courses. The Old Testament Survey is one of Gordon Cornwell Seminary’s free Bible degree correspondence courses that you can study online. The course is based on a survey and is designed to help students read every book of the Old Testament.

The Old Testament of the Bible comprises thousands of years of history, prophecies regarding the arrival of the Messiah, and numerous prophecies-based stories.

You will be able to memorise the names of the Old Testament prophets and other major figures who played critical roles in the birth of the New Testament, as well as the relationships between them, by taking this online survey presented as a course. The courses are taught in audio format and can be finished in 17 hours.

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7. Reformation and Modern Church History

At the number seventh of our topic on free bible correspondence courses. Everything created by man has a history, whether it is design, construction, or any other type of creation; everything has an origin and a beginning, and the Christian church is no exception.

This bible study delves deeply into the history of the modern church and explores a variety of other fundamental issues that contributed to the modern church’s creation.

It also continues to describe the story of the Reformation in the late Middle Ages and every significant person who contributed to the building of the contemporary church.

This is an extremely delicate training that Dr. Ryan Reeves gave on YouTube and that anyone with a Smartphone and an internet connection can access.

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8. Biblical Theology

Here is the last number in our list of free bible correspondence courses. Westminster Theological Seminary, which teaches biblical theology courses at the seminary level, offers this subject.

This is one of the top free Bible degree correspondence courses, and it is aimed to explain the “Latter Days,” the means and context in which it appears, the people who use it in the Bible, and the meanings in different contexts.

Other stories have also been discussed, such as some of Christ’s miracles, the vision of the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, and how it matches people’s visions in the Old Testament.

The training is completely free and only available in English. This course is available in video and audio formats.

Link To Course Website


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