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Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship 2024

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Young artists completing their education or pursuing a lifetime career in the arts are eligible for the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship 2024.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship was established to offer financial support, in the form of grants, to young artists who are pursuing their studies or are in the early or developmental stages of their careers, are working in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printmaking, and demonstrate the drive and talent to pursue a lifetime career in their art practice.

Everything you need to know about the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship 2024, eligibility for Scholarship, level/Field, host Nationality, scholarship Benefits, eligible Nationality, scholarship Number, and how to Apply is explained in Scholarship.


elizabeth greenshields scholarship

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

Charles Glass Greenshields, Q.C., a renowned Montreal attorney and amateur artist, founded a private Canadian charity called the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation (formerly known as the Elizabeth T. Greenshields Memorial Foundation) in 1955.

His mother, Elizabeth T. Glass, was honored by having the foundation created in her honor. The organization’s goal is to “offer grants to young artists who are pursuing their studies or who are in the early or developmental stages of their careers, are working in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printmaking, and demonstrate the commitment and talent to pursue a lifetime career in their art practice.”

Mr. Greenshields endowed the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, which does not formally request or accept donations from outside sources. It is prohibited from sponsoring the pursuit of abstract or non-objective art by the rules of its endowment.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Scholarships are among the most renowned and significant awards for aspiring artists. This is one of the oldest, and its distinguished recipients have received it for more than fifty years.

Due of its global accessibility to students and artists, it is also distinctive in its scope.

The Portrait Society of America’s Excellence in Fine Art Education Award was given to the foundation in 2016.

Over 1,600 students and artists from 40 different countries have received financial assistance from the Foundation to date. Renowned artists from across the country and the world, as well as highly regarded art instructors, mentors, and professors, are among the members.

Grants are only given out based purely on the information provided in the application form and any supporting documentation. No one is personally interviewed by the foundation. A challenge or appeal of the foundation’s decision is not permitted.

94 artists and art students received awards from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation in 2019, totaling C $1.55 million. It has given out about C $25 million to more than 1900 students and artists in 40 different countries since it was founded.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation is extremely happy for and proud of its friends and their accomplishments.

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Scholarship for Elizabeth Greenshields 2024

Qualification for a Scholarship

Candidates must meet the qualifying requirements given below in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarships.

  • Candidates must be in the beginning phases of their careers, working in an objective style of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printing, and showing a commitment to a lifetime career in the arts.
  • Candidates cannot submit applications unless they are at least 18 years old.
  • One year after receiving their first grant, Fellows who have met the requirements of a prior grant from the Foundation may submit an application for a second or third fellowship.
  • After two years, applicants who previously sought for a grant but were unsuccessful may do so again.

Candidates will only be taken into consideration if they employ a concrete style of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printing. Artists, illustrators, and graphic designers cannot submit requests to the Foundation. any artist whose work mostly fits into these areas, such as photographers, cartoonists, animators, video and digital artists, and craftspeople. Abstract or non-objective art is not supported by the Foundation financially.

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elizabeth greenshields scholarship

Scholarship Level/Field

For international students and artists who are still in the early stages of their careers, the Elizabeth Greenshields scholarship scholarships are intended.

Host Nationality

In Canada, the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarships are presented.If you want to pursue your studies in Canada and you are an international student. Take a look at the top scholarships available for education in Canada.

Benefits of Scholarships

The initial grants are each worth $15,000. The following grants are each worth $18,000. Grants are given directly to recipients by other organizations, not by other organizations to recipients.

The Foundation retains the discretion to grant grants of a different amount and distribute money in full or in part as it sees fit. A maximum of three scholarships may be awarded to a fellow in their lifetime.

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Qualifying Nationality

For international students, the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarships 2024 are offered. Read this if you want to pursue a degree abroad. Answers that are clear and comprehensive about applying for and winning a scholarship.

Scholarship Number

There is no mention of the quantity of offers.

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How To Apply Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

Applications must be filled out online, printed, signed, and dated by the applicant, then mailed in. Applications cannot be submitted electronically using the Internet, email, fax, or any other channel.

It is necessary to give all of the data, supporting materials, and information requested in the application form. Only applications that are whole, signed, or updated will be taken into account.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

  • 1814 Sherbrooke Street West
  • Montreal (Quebec) H3H 1E4
  • Canada
  • Phone: 514-937-9225

Application Deadline:

There is no application deadline, and the Foundation accepts applications all year long.

elizabeth greenshields scholarship


Frequently Asked Questions on Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship

What requirements must be met in order to be considered for the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship?

Students seeking degrees in the humanities or arts are eligible for the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship. Application requirements include a 3.0 GPA and proof of need.

How many scholarships are offered annually?

Each year, there are numerous scholarships available. The number of scholarships offered, however, changes from year to year. There are more scholarships offered in certain years than others.

How much is given out?

Depending on the severity of the injury, different amounts of money are granted in different cases. However, most prizes often fall between the $10,000 and $100,000 level.

When is the Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship application deadline?

The Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship has no deadline for submissions.

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