Dollar General Pay stubs Portal

Dollar General Pay stubs Portal (Step By Step Guide)

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Dollar General Pay stubs Portal: Whether you’re an employer or an employee, managing your pay stubs,  and getting access to crucial financial data is crucial. One of the biggest retail chains in the US, Dollar General, provides its staff with a convenient and user-friendly online interface where they can see their pay stubs. We’ll walk you through how to open and use the Dollar General Pay Stub Portal in this step-by-step manual.

The well-liked and user-friendly Dollar General Pay Stub Portal is accessible to all workers. Employees at Dollar General can access their DG Paystubs online on the company’s employee website.
Employees can quickly get information about pay, W2, benefits, career advancement, and employee support programs through this self-service website.


1. Prepare your employee information. Make sure you have the following data on hand before using the Dollar General Pay Stub Portal

  • Employee ID: Check your Dollar General employee badge for this information, or ask your manager or human resources
  • Social Security Number (SSN): This information is necessary for verification.

2: Visit the Pay Stub Portal for Dollar General: Follow these steps to enter the Dollar General Pay Stub Portal

  1.  Launch your favourite web browser and go to, the website for Dollar   General.
  2. Move your cursor over the “Careers” link in the “Company” column at the bottom of the page.

3: Access the Pay Stub Portal: When you are on the careers page, take the following actions

  1. On the right side of the website, in the “Other Resources” area, click the “DGME” linkThe DGME
  2.  Dollar General’s Management Edge) login page will be redirected to you.

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4: Access DGME: Follow these steps to log into the DGME portal

1. Fill up the appropriate boxes with your Employee ID and Social Security Number (SSN).
2. To continue, click the “Login” button.

5. Obtaining a Pay Stub: You will have access to a number of features and data once you log in to DGME. See your pay slip here

  1.  Find and click on the “Pay” tab in the top navigation menu of the page.
  2. Click the dropdown menu and choose “Pay Stubs.”
  3. A list of your pay stubs, arranged by date, will appear. To view the specific pay stub, click on it.

Login to the Dollar General PayStubs Employee Portal at the company’s official website.

Dollar General Pay stubs Portal

  • A tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC.
  • A web browser that is appropriate for opening the portal.
  • Valid login information for paystubs, such as a Dollar General Self Service Username and Password.
  • Reliable internet access.

Steps for Checking Your Dollar General Pay Stub Online

  • Open a browser and type in the address bar.
    You’ll be taken to the Dollar General Pay Stub Login Page shortly.
  • Next, input the correct “Employee ID and PIN” that the Dollar General Company has provided.
    In order to access your Dollar General PayStubs account, click the “Sign In” option.

How can I access the hiring package for Dollar General?

The Dollar General Team should be found and clicked on in order to access DG Me as an employee. You might need to let your boss know what your employee ID number is.

How Can I Find My Pay Stub From Walmart Online?

Visit the Walmart One website and log in using your Member ID and Password. If you’ve forgotten your password, get in touch with your manager or the human resources division.
You might have to set up two-factor authentication for your WalmartOne Account. To view your paystub, log in and choose My Money.

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How Can I Change My Pay Stub?

You can change the wage details, pay period, employer, and deductions to suit your requirements. The pay stub editor is very easy to use because it gives step-by-step instructions and enables you to create different pay stubs for your employees.

Where Can I Find My Pay Stubs?

By contacting your manager or the human resources department, find out where you might be able to find them online. They are typically kept on a website for a payroll service that requires an employee login and password by businesses that save them electronically.

Dollar General Pay stubs Portal

Printing or Downloading Pay Stubs

To download or print your pay stubs for reference or record-keeping purposes in the future, take the following actions:
1. Click on the chosen pay stub.
2. On the pay stub, click the “Download” button in the top-right corner.
3. Select the file’s desired format (Excel or PDF) and save it to your PC.
4. Open the downloaded file in your PDF or Excel reader, then choose the print option to print the pay stub.

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What details must I provide in order to use the Pay Stub Portal?

Your Employee ID and Social Security Number (SSN) are required in order to access the Dollar General Pay Stub Portal. You can usually find your Employee ID on your Dollar General employee badge, or you can ask your manager or the HR division for help.

Can I use any device to access the Pay Stub Portal?

Yes, you can use any device with an internet connection and an appropriate web browser to access the Dollar General Pay Stub Portal. For optimum access and functioning, you might need to make sure that your device complies with the technological specifications set forth by Dollar General.

The portal’s pay stubs are updated how frequently?

The Dollar General Pay Stub Portal normally updates pay stubs on a regular basis to reflect pay periods. Your individual pay schedule, which may change depending on your job conditions and location, may determine how frequently updates occur for you.

Can I get my pay stubs from the site to download or print?

he Dollar General Pay Stub Portal does allow you to download or print your pay stubs. Open the relevant pay stub, select your preferred file format (Excel or PDF), then save the file to your computer by clicking the “Download” button in the top-right corner of the pay stub.

The Dollar General Pay Stub Portal makes it easy and convenient for you to access your pay stubs. You can easily access, read, download, and print your pay stubs whenever you need to by following this step-by-step tutorial. To ensure privacy and protect your data, don’t forget to keep your employee information secure and log out of the portal when you’re done.

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