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Cheapest Student Accommodation In Manchester 2024

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Here we have the cheapest student accommodation in Manchester 2024 as the very topic of the today to discuss. In this article of cheapest student accommodation in Manchester we will provide you with all necessary detail required, and even more on how to get this accommodation fast.

So follow this article to the last letter, as every line of this topic (cheapest student accommodation in Manchester) contains necessary information that you might not really wish to miss.


Why Do I Need To Get The Cheapest Student Accommodation In Manchester?

The need to get the cheapest student accommodation in Manchester is that Manchester is a city in Greater Manchester, England, and being a very big city so will the cost of accommodation is going to be big as well. that is known for its culture, music, sports, and sports clubs. With approximately 40,000 students.

Manchester is home to three major universities: The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Royal Northern College of Music.

As a student in Manchester, having a location to call home is really vital. There are various low-cost student housing options in Manchester, albeit they aren’t necessarily extremely affordable.

As a result of its outstanding universities, this thriving city has an ever-increasing influx of students. As a result of the large number of applications received from students all over the world, the cost of student housing has risen dramatically.

This post will not only show you the lowest student housing options, but it will also walk you through the steps to get them as soon as feasible.

Take a look at the table of contents to see what questions this page addresses.

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What are the Types of Student Accommodation in Manchester?

1. Studio

On considering the cheapest student accommodation in Manchester, this is one of the major Accommodations to talk about. The studios are also a viable choice for students looking for a place to stay in Manchester. You won’t have to share with anyone else, and you’ll have the entire area to yourself.

They’re usually much smaller than shared flats, but you’ll have your own place with everything you need. A double bed, en-suite, compact kitchen, eating area, workplace, and storage are all included.

Studio apartments are ideal for folks who enjoy having their own space. They’re also ideal for couples who wish to share a studio because sharing the space is free.

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2. Shared

This is the second Accommodation to compare while looking for cheapest student accommodation in Manchester. These are the most popular and widely used options among students. A shared room, in general, is one in which two or more students share a single room, kitchen, washroom, and other common areas.


3. Private room with en-suite bathroom

Here you have to very third type of major accommodations amid discussing about the cheapest student accommodation in Manchester. This is a living scenario in which two or more people share a single property. Although each person will have their own bedroom, the living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and other common areas will be shared.

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What Should You Think About When Choosing Student Housing in Manchester?

Manchester Before picking a cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester, there are a few things to think about. The following are the details:

1. Proximity

Before picking a cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester, firstly we consider Proximity. A location near school would be ideal because it would eliminate the cost of transportation and allow you to get to lectures faster. This is especially critical for a new student who is unfamiliar with the area and is still figuring things out.


2. Keeping in Touch

Another major consideration before picking a cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester knowing and practicing how to keep in touch. Your student room will be the location where you will be doing a lot of studying and editing.

As a result, you’ll need a robust, dependable internet connection. Make a point of finding venues with good wifi. This information is always available on social media.


3. Security

Before picking a cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester we as well consider security. When choosing a location, security is a crucial factor to consider. Even though it is inexpensive, every student in Manchester should feel safe in their numerous student housing options.

The grounds of several student halls are patrolled by security guards. If they don’t, make sure students have access to a secure fob or keypad, as well as a well-staffed front desk and an emergency helpline number.


4. Accommodations Facility

And lastly Consider Accommodation Facility Before picking a cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester. Regardless of the sort of student housing you select in Manchester, you are entitled to the minimum amenities that the apartment should supply.

Plumbing, gutters, and pipelines should all be in good working order, as should fire alarms and electrical connections.


How Much Does It Cost To Live In Manchester As A Student?

As a prospective student in Manchester, you need to know how much each form of housing will cost, so as to know if you should as well go for the heapest student accommodation in Manchester, in order to save some money for your self.


The Price of University Housing

Apart from education fees, housing is the second most expensive item for most students (depending on the cost of your course), so one of the reasons for cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester. When looking for student housing in Manchester, you should go beyond the rental price and consider the extras, such as internet access and security.

The cost of student housing in Manchester ranges from £4,000 to £5,500 per year on average.

Weekly cost: £130-£150

Annual cost: £4,000-£5,500


The Price of Private Student Housing

The cost of this student housing is mostly determined by the type of room you choose.

Weekly cost: £80 – £325

Annual cost: £3,350 – £13,700

The rent and utilities are included in this pricing.


Is It Easy To Find The Cheapest Student Accommodation in Manchester?

It is not always simple to find cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester. Many more students are looking for the same thing: low-cost student housing. So, you will have to seek, apply, and pay on time to secure a position for yourself.

Furthermore, the low-cost student housing in Manchester may necessitate sharing some rooms and amenities with other students. This may not be the best living situation for you if you value privacy.

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How Can I Quickly The Cheapest Student Accommodation In Manchester?

In general, less expensive accommodations are more likely to be booked sooner than luxurious flats. Students in Manchester are on the search for low-cost student housing in order to save money.

To find low-cost student housing in Manchester, follow the steps below:


1. Start Early

Because there are so many students looking for cheap housing in Manchester, there would undoubtedly be a lot of traffic on accommodation websites at the start of each school year.

It is highly recommended that you begin your search for low-cost/heapest student accommodation in Manchester as soon as possible.

You can begin your search as soon as your middle school examinations are completed. Even if you don’t know if you’ll get admitted, it’s a good idea to start the application process.

You might ask final-year students to assist you in reserving their slots. This way, if you don’t get admitted, you won’t have to pay for it.

If you are successful, however, you will be provided with low-cost student housing in Manchester.

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2. Check out the college’s/accommodation individual’s websites.

The advancement of technology has made it easy to choose from a variety of available lodging options. You can look at these websites to see what they have to offer.

Choose your preferred student housing option based on proximity, pricing, and kind of student housing.

Before making a decision, think about the fundamental amenities provided.


3. Confirm the information provided by conducting your own investigations.

It’s crucial to double-check the facts you’ve gathered, especially before making a financial commitment. Don’t make decisions based on gorgeous photographs on the internet. They could be fabricated or embellished, so visit these accommodations to see for yourself.

If you are unable to go to Manchester, enlist the assistance of a family member or friend to accompany you to the student housing.

You can also speak with older students to learn more about how things are run in the student’s residence.

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4. Before you apply, think about your budget and proximity.

Remember that your accommodation fees will not be your only debt, so look for something that is very inexpensive. Consider how much money you have set aside for lodging and try not to go over it.

Take into account the distance between your college and library as well. The idea is to identify low-cost student housing in Manchester that is close to your university.

This would help you save time and money by reducing the amount of time and money it takes to get to your lessons.


5. Pay for the apartment and complete the necessary paperwork.

While searching for cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester, if you luckily gets one, it is advised to complete all payment necessary, So, you’ve located a low-cost, adequate lodging option, conducted the necessary research, and are satisfied.

The next step for you should be to make the necessary payments and obtain the requisite receipts for your unit through correct documentation.

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How Can I Find the Most Cheapest Student Accommodation In Manchester?

Here are a few sites in Manchester where you may get some of the cheapest student housing:


1. Moss Court

Moss Court in Manchester provides affordable/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester between the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Moss Court offers flats with two, three, and four beds, as well as communal bathrooms and kitchens.

It is about a ten-minute drive from Manchester University. A ten-minute journey will also be required to get to the centre of Manchester.

This apartment costs £84-£115 a week and includes a shared kitchen, 24-hour CCTV, free wifi and broadband, on-site laundry, all-inclusive utility bills, and furniture.

Cost: £84-£115 per week.

Address: Moss Court, 422 Moss Lane East, Manchester, UK

Link To Accommodation Website

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2. Beechwood House, Manchester

Beechwood House is a modern and cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester located on Ladybarn Lane, 17 minutes from Manchester University and a 19-minute bus trip from Manchester Metropolitan University.

In Fallowfield, Manchester, the Beechwood House student accommodation offers a variety of 2, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartments. All of the rooms are well-equipped with a comfortable bed, under-bed storage, a study table with a chair, shelving, a double wardrobe, and ample storage.

Beechwood House students also have full access to the property’s other amenities, such as common public rooms, washing machines, and WiFi.

Property amenities, an online-maintenance team, and an on-site service team are available to answer your questions and resolve your concerns. Furthermore, the rent includes all utility costs, and you can pay your rent online.

Cost: £97 – £101/week

Address: 9-11 Ladybarn Lane, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6NQ, United Kingdom

Link To Accommodation Website


3. New Medlock House, Manchester

New Medlock House is a low-cost student residence on Manchester’s Chester Street, close to most of the city’s colleges.

The Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester are both only 10 and 8 minutes apart from the New Medlock House student accommodation.

Every non-ensuite room has a comfortable single bed, ample additional storage space, a closet, and a Wifi-connected study area. The well-equipped kitchen and bathroom, on the other hand, must be divided among the flatmates.

Residents can also take advantage of the property’s other amenities, such as on-site laundry, bike storage, in-house printing, vending machines, a big common area with a communal study area, and outdoor social space.

Cost: £99 – £192/week

Address: 25-45 Chester St, Manchester M15 6JX, United Kingdom

Link To Accommodation Website


4. iQ Manchester Gardens, Manchester

The University of Manchester’s Oxford Road Campus is only a 14-minute bus journey away from iQ Manchester Gardens, an attractive and affordable student accommodation located to the south of the city centre.

In addition, the Royal Northern College of Music and Manchester Metropolitan University are both within a 15-minute bus ride of Manchester Gardens student housing.

All of the rooms at Manchester Gardens are well-equipped, with a private room, a comfy bed, ample storage space, a study area with a chair and desk, and a common kitchen where you can show off your culinary abilities to your flatmates.

A study area, bike storage, on-site washing facilities, a common area with brand-new furniture and comfy sitting area, a garden, a games area, and a barbeque area are also available.

The Manchester Gardens also has a sophisticated key access system and is guarded by security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cost: £99 – £159/week

Address: 2 Hope Road, Manchester M14 5ET, United Kingdom

Link To Accommodation Website


5. Rusholme Place

Rusholme Place is located in the city’s centre, and both Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester are within walking distance.

This bronze apartment costs £139.00 a week and includes basic amenities such as 24/7 security, bike storage, housekeeping, free wifi, laundry, and bills.

Each room has an en-suite bathroom, a 3/4-sized bed, a study desk, and a large closet. In the shared kitchen and lounge areas, spend time with your flatmates.

Address: Rusholme Place, Manchester, M14 5TE

Cost: £139.00 per week

Link To Accommodation Website


6. The Junxion, Lincoln

The Lincoln University, railway station, McDonald’s, and bus station are all within walking distance, and another affordable cheap/cheapest student accommodation in Manchester.

This economical student accommodation costs £119.50 per week and includes a 34-bed en-suite, internet and wifi, utility bills, a fully equipped kitchen, and apartment lounges with TVs.

Contents insurance, on-site laundry, bike storage, 24/7 security, cleaning services, on-site maintenance, postage service, and deliveries are also available.

Address: Brayford Wharf, Lincoln, LN5 7BG

Cost: £119.50 per week

Link To Accommodation Website




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