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7 best medical schools in France for international students

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Looking for the best medical schools in France, then you are at the right place. Read to the end to see the 7 best medical schools in France for international students.

France is not only home to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, but it is also a historically significant center for medical research. Ensisheim and Buthiers-Bulancourt are considered to be the sites of the first prehistoric trepanning and amputation, respectively.

By the 13th century, France had established universities that would house some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutes. If you want to be a part of this long and renowned legacy, you should apply to of the 7 best medical schools in France.

Duration of study

Medical education in France is one of the longest in the world, as it usually takes 9 years to become a certified medical practitioner in the country.

It is divided into three parts, namely:

  •  The first cycle consists of two years of instruction, with a concour (competition final exam) held at the end of the first year to select who will go to the next track. 
  • Second cycle — four years of training, with one year dedicated to bio-clinical sciences and the remaining three years to externship.
  • The third cycle entails a national classification test, followed by hospital training. After a successful thesis defense, the diploma is awarded.

Cost of study

As you might expect, tuition fees for medical schools in France vary greatly by university. Some start as little as $10,000 per year and go up to $25,000 per year.

In addition, you must factor in the expense of living. This expense can quickly build up, and it may appear that studying is out of reach due to the hefty price.

Basic requirements

International students must provide a transcript of records, GRE scores, and, if necessary, a language competency test. You may also be asked to provide proof of financial competence. As you can see in this area, there are numerous things for which you must prepare.

Let’s now go into the subject matter fully, we will now take a look at the 7 best medical schools in France. We hope this article will help you in making your decisions. 

7 best medical schools in France for international students

The following are the 7 best medical schools in France for international students , viz;

1. Sorbonne University

First on our list of the 7 best medical schools in France is the Sorbonne Universite Faculty of Medicine. 

Sorbonne has the distinction of holding France’s top-ranked medical school, according to US News Rankings. It is the result of a 2018 merger between the Paris-Sorbonne University, Pierre et Marie Curie University, and other smaller schools. It was founded in 1257 as the College de Sorbonne.

The world-famous Faculty of Medicine is one of its three divisions, and it is home to many Nobel laureates and other renowned physicians.

Biology, Biochemistry, Cardiac Medicine, Immunology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Neuroscience, Oncology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Psychiatry, and Surgery continue to rank highly in its medical faculties.

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2. Université Paris-Sud

The University of Paris-Sud is well-known for its science programs, which include medicine. It’s part of the MMOP (Medicine, Midwifery, Odontology, and Pharmacy) program. Université Paris-Sud is one of the best medical schools in France.

The curriculum is structured into three cycles, as it is at other French medical schools. A General Training Diploma in Medical Sciences is awarded at the completion of the first cycle. A Diploma of In-depth Training in the Medical Sciences is awarded upon completion of the second track.

Students can choose their medical specialty by the third cycle. He or she will be awarded a Diploma of Specialized Studies and a Diploma for Doctor of Medicine by the University after clearing the internship and thesis defense.

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3. Université de Paris

The Université de Paris is a public institution that was formed in 2019 when the universities of Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot merged. It’s part of the Universite Sorbonne Paris Cite-USPC (ComUE), a consortium of 14 French universities.

The Faculty of Medicine, which is part of the Faculty of Health, is one of its most prestigious departments, the reason this university is one of the best medical schools in France. It is a relic of Paris Diderot, one of the amalgamated institutions.

To get a diploma in medicine, aspiring physicians must finish three cycles of studies at Paris Diderot, like with most schools.

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best medical schools in France

4. Universite de Lyon

The Universite de Lyon is made up of 12 members as well as 25 affiliated institutes. Its campuses are located throughout the Lyon and Saint-Étienne districts. It is one of the best medical schools in France.


The Faculty of Medicine is located on the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 campus, which has a student population of up to 45,000.

The campus was founded in 1971 with the merger of two universities and is named after the well-known French physiologist Claude Bernard.

Students who complete the third cycle are assigned to the Hospices Civils de Lyon or the Université Hospital de Lyon for rotation.

The latter, founded in 1802, is the country’s second-oldest teaching hospital. It boasts a vast medical system, with 13 hospitals in Lyon and another in the south of France.

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5. Aix-Marseille University

Aix-Marseille University is a prestigious public university in France, located in Provence. It began as the University of Provence in 1409, when Louis II of Anjou established it.

Aix-Marseille University is currently made up of three institutions: the University of Provence, the University of the Mediterranean, and the University Paul Cézanne. With over 80,000 students, Aix-Marseille is the largest institution in the French-speaking world.

Its old Faculty of Medicine has merged with the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences to establish the Faculty of Medical and Paramedical Sciences.

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6. Universite Lille-Nord-de-France ComUE

With 70,000 students, the ComUE is one of France’s largest university groups. Its flagship institution is the University of Lille, which is located in northern France.

Lille University is descended from the University of Douai, which was founded in 1559. Lille is home to the Faculties of Medicine and Law, which are located in the commune of Ronchin.

The Henri Warembourg Faculty of Medicine has 12,000 students, making it one of the country’s largest medical training institutions. It has top-notch facilities, including a sophisticated anatomy lab, medical simulation center, surgery simulation classes, and language laboratories, to name a few.

Universite Lille-Nord-de-France ComUE is also one of the best medical schools in France.

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7. Universite Paris-Est (ComUE)

Last on our list of the 7 best medical schools in France is Universite Paris-Est (ComUE) – Université Paris-Est Créteil Faculty of Medicine. 

We end our list of the 7 best medical schools in France with the University of Paris-Est. It was created in 2015 through the merger of 7 other institutions, which includes Université Paris-Est Créteil. Previously known as Val de Marne University, it is the home of one of the 7 best medical schools in France.

Its Faculty of Medicine offers a 9-year degree in the Henri Mondor campus. Internships can be done at the Albert Chenevier Hospital, Center Hospitalier Intercommunal de Créteil, and Henri Mondor Hospital.

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