12 Best Homeschooling States in the US

12 Best Homeschooling States in the US

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The best Homeschooling States in the US, Homeschooling, the practice of educating children at home, has experienced a significant surge in popularity across the United States in recent years. With more families exploring this alternative form of education, the importance of finding the best states that provide a supportive environment for homeschooling becomes crucial.

Over the years, homeschooling has become incredibly popular in the United States, giving families the flexibility and authority to personalize their children’s education. While homeschooling laws differ from state to state, some states provide extraordinary environments and resources for families who choose to homeschool their children.

In the United States, there are now roughly 2 million homeschoolers. Given the variety of reasons that parents may take into account when deciding that homeschooling is the best option for their child, this statistic is not surprising.

Homeschoolers can attend classes at home, but they can also be educated in a single-family home, a multi-family home where several families attend classes together, or in collaboration with the school district, where the same curriculum as the public school district is used.

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The reasons why homeschooling may be the best option for a student are several, including frequent family movement, freedom in how lessons are structured, increased time spent with one’s child, and others. This has led to a sharp increase in homeschool students each year in the United States.

Since education is one aspect of public life where there are significant regional variations, it is crucial to take into account all the variables that could affect how the homeschooling experience might differ from one state to another so that homeschoolers can better understand the at-home education landscape where they live.

Additionally, parents for whom the standard of homeschooling in a state influences their choice of residence may find this information to be helpful.

Methodology for Ranking Best Homeschooling States in the US

To identify the best homeschooling states in the US, we employed a rigorous methodology based on several critical criteria. These included homeschooling laws and regulations, the availability of support and resources for homeschooling families, accessibility to extracurricular activities, and opportunities for community engagement and socialization. Each state was assessed and scored based on its performance in these areas.

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Best 12 Homeschooling States in the US

12 Best Homeschooling States in the US.

In this article, we will delve into the top best homeschooling states in the US and the reasons why they stand out as excellent options for homeschooling families. where parents can discover welcoming neighborhoods, strong homeschooling regulations, and a wealth of educational options.

1. Alaska

As the best among the Best Homeschooling States in the US, The amount of money parents in Alaska are given by the state government to help with their children’s education, known as the “homeschool allotment,” can range from $500 to $4,000 year, depending on a number of different circumstances. There are numerous homeschool programs and curricula that are eligible for this allocation; IDEA Homeschool. is the oldest and most comprehensive program that is eligible.

Since Alaska only offered one state-wide, government-designed homeschool curriculum before IDEA’s founding, the organization was created in 1997 by educators and parents from the Galena County School District.


2. Idaho

Idaho is another top one of the Best Homeschooling States in the US, Due to Idaho’s homeschool rules,

For parents of students who choose to homeschool in Idaho, this means that standardized tests, curriculum approval, letters of intent, and other formalities are not necessary. The largest homeschooling organization in Idaho is called Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State, or CHOIS, a collection of Christian homeschool teachers.

Importantly, unlike other jurisdictions on this list, homeschooling is not supported by the government, and parents are responsible for covering all costs. But the reason for this is that homeschooling is in no way regulated or supervised in Idaho.

No educational program is substantially more popular than others due to this flexibility. The only prerequisites are courses in language arts and communication, math, science, and social studies.

Parents are free to choose to educate their children at home with only a minimal amount of interference by school boards, the Idaho Department of Education, or other governing authorities.

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3. Arkansas

Arkansas is also one of the 12 Best Homeschooling States in the US. Homeschool instructors can access a wide range of helpful information from the Arkansas Department of Education. Homeschoolers can access a list of online curriculum, tools like PBS Learning courses, and a contact office, among other things.

They can use them to confirm that the state’s homeschooling regulations are being followed and to inquire about any possible support. Additionally, through Arkansas’s TRIS program, which primarily supports homeschoolers and schools, the state provides mental health and trauma-response services.

The Central Arkansas Homeschoolers Group. is one of the biggest groups in Arkansas dedicated to homeschooling. This organization began as a small collective of just five mothers and has since expanded to encompass hundreds of families.

This organization promotes relationships amongst parents through activities in addition to organizing field excursions, sporting events, and assistance with standardized tests.

4. Delaware

Delaware is also among the Best Homeschooling States in the US which offers three homeschooling options for its state’s educators.

Homeschoolers have the option to attend classes at home, but they also have the option to be educated in a single-family home, a multi-family home where several families attend classes together, or in partnership with the school district where the same curriculum as the public school district is used.

A variety of organizations are available to help homeschool instructors, who are teaching about 5,000 pupils in the state. Due to Delaware’s widespread adoption of the multi-family model of homeschooling, some institutions, like First State Academy, are specifically created to assist those who choose to teach their children at home in this distinctive setting.

But First State Homeschool is the biggest group, Families seeking guidance on how to administer their children’s education at home can get it from this nonreligious, welcoming community


5. Montana

Montana’s homeschool system is incredibly one of the best Homeschooling states in the US, with around 8% of all K-12 students in Montana being homeschooled.

A variety of home education organizations that are exclusive to Montana and offer services that one might not be able to get elsewhere have emerged as a result of the high percentage of homeschooled pupils in Montana.

For instance, the EMBER Educational Co-op in the Flathead Valley brings together homeschool students once a week to participate in enrichment programs to experience a regular classroom setting without compromising their at-home education.

A different organization, the Montana Coalition of Home Educators, offers the whole spectrum of beneficial homeschool services across the state, including educational materials, support groups, current news, and even legislative liaisons.

The number of organizations devoted to promoting homeschool education will undoubtedly rise, as homeschool enrollment is rising in Montana at a rate of roughly 25% each year.

6. New Mexico

In addition to being one of the Best States for Homeschooling in the US, New Mexico requires kids to get an education in a number of subjects that are required of public school students, and homeschooled students are required to receive the same vaccines as students who are not homeschooled.

Being able to partake in the same extracurricular, extracurricular, and club activities as public school children is a significant benefit of homeschooling in New Mexico. Parents have the option to sign up their children for extracurricular activities offered by the neighborhood public school system.

In addition, New Mexico provides resources for parents who desire to send their children back to the public school system. This is done through the state’s innovative “Family School” program, which enrolls pupils in 80% public education and 20% at-home instruction for a transitional time.

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7. West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the Best Homeschooling States in the US. Homeschooling is a choice in West Virginia in two different ways. The first entails obtaining permission from the neighborhood school board before collaborating with them to teach the same curriculum they are providing.

The second scenario has a parent submitting a letter of intent to the school board in order to exempt their child from being required to attend public school. Following that, students are required to complete an annual assessment to gauge their development.

Homeschoolers in West Virginia can get test preparation specifically for these yearly exams from groups like the West Virginia Home Educators Association.

With the passage of the Homeschool Modernization Bill in 2016, West Virginia no longer required annual letters of intent to homeschool and simply required submission of annual examinations to the state in grades 3, 5, 8, and 11. The homeschooling program in West Virginia is therefore on track to develop further.

8. Texas

Texas is regarded as one of the Best States for Homeschooling in the US due to its homeschool-friendly laws that give parents the freedom to create a curriculum and educate their children according to their particular requirements. The state gives families total control over their decision to homeschool by requiring neither notification nor standardized testing.

Homeschools are required to teach arithmetic, reading, spelling, and grammar as well as a course in good conduct in Texas because they are regarded as private schools.11 Additionally, teaching science and history is a good idea even though they are not needed in order to prepare them for college.

Parents who homeschool their children must also follow a set curriculum. Online courses are considered to be written curriculum.

9. Illinois

Homeschools are treated as private schools in Illinois, one of the top best homeschooling states in the US. Private schools run out of a parent’s home are exempt from registering with the Illinois State Board of Education. Additionally, they are not obligated to have their private home school receive governmental certification.

Additionally, parents in Illinois who homeschool their children must cover the necessary topics, such as language arts, math, science, social studies, fine arts, and physical education and health. Additionally, they stipulate that training must be conducted in English and that you must decide on the name of your homeschooling program.

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10. Indiana

Due to its homeschooling-friendly laws, Indiana was named one of the top best homeschooling states in the US. In this state, homeschoolers are free to customize their curricula and instructional strategies to meet the particular requirements of their children.

Additionally, a strong network of co-ops and support organizations for homeschooling parents offers parents priceless tools, inspiration, and fellowship. Additionally, the state provides a wide range of extracurricular programs, such as sports, art, and science initiatives, allowing homeschoolers to discover and nurture their interests.

In Indiana, homeschooling parents are required to teach in English and deliver curriculum that is on par with that offered in public schools. However, neither the definition of what “equivalent means” is authorized nor the approval of homeschooling programs are approved by the Indiana State Board of Education.

Home schools in Indiana must adhere to the state’s private school statute because they are essentially regarded as private schools.

11. Michigan

Michigan is also considered as one of the Best Homeschooling States in the US. Homeschooling is becoming more popular in Michigan, and municipal government there is quite supportive of it. Parents can feel confident in their educational decisions because of the state’s homeschooling regulations, which strike a solid balance between freedom and accountability.

Families that homeschool their children gain from joining a variety of support groups and co-ops, which promote a sense of community and companionship. The state also provides a variety of extracurricular opportunities, ensuring that homeschoolers have many possibilities for making friends and developing their skills.

In Michigan, parents have the choice to educate their children at home, in a nonpublic school, or both. Whichever choice they select, they must teach a certain set of subjects, however the regulations are silent on how frequently or at what grade level this must occur. In light of this, the HSLDA advises parents to make plans to teach the topics at age-appropriate levels each year, particularly in elementary and middle school.

12. Missouri

Because it has made tremendous progress in assisting families who choose to homeschool, Missouri is one of the Best Homeschooling States in the US. Parents are confident in their capacity to personalize their children’s education thanks to homeschooling rules that find a balance between accountability and autonomy.

Through co-ops and support groups, the state develops a feeling of community, fostering a supportive environment where homeschoolers can flourish. Although there are fewer extracurricular alternatives than in State 1, families can still discover a wide variety of activities to enhance their homeschooling experience.

In Missouri, parents who homeschool their children are required to teach a specific set of subjects and keep records for every child under the age of 16.10 Although they must teach for at least 1,000 hours per school term, they are not required to notify anyone that they are homeschooling. The key disciplines must be covered in 600 of those hours of instruction.

12 Homeschooling States in the US

Benefits of Homeschooling in the Top States

The best states for homeschooling have many benefits that support families on their homeschooling adventure. The ability to create a curriculum specifically catered to each child’s learning style and speed is one of the main advantages. In these states, homeschoolers have the chance to delve deeper into their interests and pursue their hobbies, resulting in a more engaging and rewarding educational experience.

Additionally, the strong community support for families who choose to homeschool encourages a sense of community and teamwork, resulting in a supportive environment for both parents and children.

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12 Homeschooling States in the US

Considerations for Choosing the Right State for Homeschooling

A number of variables, such as family dynamics, individual needs, and state-specific homeschooling rules and regulations, must be taken into consideration while choosing the best homeschooling state.

To find the ideal match for their homeschooling adventure, families should thoroughly examine each state’s rules, accessible resources, and community support.

Case Studies of Homeschooling Families in Top States

We spoke to a number of homeschooling families to gather insight into the homeschooling experiences in various states. Their experiences served as a powerful reminder of the benefits of individualized instruction and the opportunity to pursue one’s own interests.

The connections they developed within homeschooling networks, which offered priceless emotional support and enhanced their academic path, were highlighted as being of the utmost importance.


Homeschooling is becoming more and more popular as a good educational choice for families in the US. The top best homeschooling states in the US stand out as pillars of strength and support for families who choose to educate their children at home, providing a loving atmosphere for kids to succeed both academically and socially.

Investigating the options offered by these states will definitely open new doors to a rewarding and fulfilling educational experience, whether you’re thinking about homeschooling or wanting to move. Explore the options for homeschooling and select the option that best suits the requirements and goals of your family.



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