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10 Best Boarding Schools in Johannesburg in 2024

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Looking for the best boarding schools in Johannesburg? you are at the right place, read to the end to see what each has to offer.

In terms of value for a child’s education, boarding schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng, are comparable to or better than day schools. There are various best boarding schools in Johannesburg.

Johannesburg Academic achievement is something that boarding schools are well recognized for and have a long history of pursuing.

Schools like Pretoria’s boarding schools in the province of Gauteng offer education to students who live on campus and are not like day schools where students can leave or arrive at any time.

Additionally, they offer customary recreational amenities that support the kids’ mental and physical well-being.

This article goes into great length on the best boarding schools in Johannesburg, the advantages of attending school there, and much more.

Where is Johannesburg?

Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa, is a megacity and one of the top 100 most populous cities in the world. Johannesburg was established in 1886 as a result of its proximity to the finding of gold.

The city was formerly a part of the Transvaal, an Afrikaner (or Boer) republic that subsequently became one of South Africa’s provinces. The modern city is located in Gauteng, one of South Africa’s nine provinces with the Sotho name “Place of Gold.”

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Why study at the best boarding schools in Johannesburg?

There are many academic and extracurricular possibilities available for students at South Africa’s colleges and boarding institutions.

Through their time at a boarding school, students who live on campus develop their maturity, self-confidence, social skills, leadership abilities, and practical life skills.

The educational system in Johannesburg includes boarding institutions as a crucial component. Additionally, Johannesburg is the location of several renowned colleges where students from all over the world can pursue degrees in academic brilliance.

They offer students a wealth of support before they set foot on campus with their top-notch pre-university programs.

South African schools offer students access to high-quality housing. Choose a college or institution, and then learn more about its admissions procedures.

You might choose to stay off campus or find accommodations close to colleges and institutions in a number of areas. Many of the available solutions will not cause financial problems. You may easily travel by foot or automobile throughout Johannesburg.

How much are boarding schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng?

The national average cost of tuition at the best boarding schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng, ranges from R40,000 to R300,000 (the maximum).

The top ten boarding schools in South Africa are all more expensive than R271,000 a year, with the most expensive charging over R330,000.

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best boarding schools in johannesburg

List Best Boarding Schools in Johannesburg in 2024

Here are the best boarding schools in Johannesburg, viz;

1. Jeppe High School for Boys

This is one of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg. One of Johannesburg’s top schools for boys is Jeppe High School.

One of the Top 20 Boys Schools in South Africa, this school’s alumni are renowned for their dedication to the principles of friendship, loyalty, and honor.

Although many past students of Jeppe have gone on to outstanding professions in business, politics, and sports, the institution’s greatest accomplishment has been in helping boys grow into men.

They have the option to participate in the IEB’s Advanced Program mathematics as well. As many as 950 pupils in grades 8 through 15 might also attend the school.

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2. St Stithians College

St. Stithians college is one of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg. It is a school and a circuit and is one of the Methodist churches of Southern Africa’s major districts. Signing and upholding a Statement of Spirituality is a requirement for enrollment at the College.

Students who live on the lower campus enter the College through the Junior Preparatory, a coeducational school with about 470–475 students in Kindergarten through Grade 2.

One for boys and one for girls, each with 410 to 420 students, are the two preparatory schools that third graders may choose to attend.

In Johannesburg, one of the top private boarding schools is St. Stithians College.

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3. St Benedict’s College

This is another school on this list of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg. The goal of this boys’ school in Johannesburg is to create and maintain enduring bonds with its pupils, guardians, and employees. In this home, the boys are heavily encouraged to practice self-discipline.

On the other hand, the Matric results from St Benedict’s College are unparalleled in the annals of academia.

St Benedict’s College’s University Entrance Pass rate often hovers around 95%, and since 1974, there have been no Matric failures.

One of the boys’ private Catholic schools for boys in South Africa is St. Benedict’s College, located in the southern part of Johannesburg.

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4. St Mary’s School

This is another school on the list of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg. St Mary’s School, Waverley is one of the most renowned and illustrious independent schools in South Africa. It has a long history and has managed to remain relevant in the neighborhood while educating students from all over the world.

As a result, it accommodates kids from various backgrounds and exhorts them to embrace their individuality as well as to be friendly, considerate, and self-assured.

The school, which is an independent school for females in grades 8 through 12, has 541 students enrolled each year and is one of the best schools in Johannesburg.

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5. Parktown Boys’ High School

University of Parkton boys high school is one of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg. Up to 800 pupils who are between the ages of 8 and 12 or 13 and 18 make up the Parktown Boys’ High School’s student body. Only two of the 20 courses offered are in geography and Zulu.

Additionally, students take part in cultural activities. Along with the school’s basic values of excellence and quality, respect, self-discipline, and initiative are all stressed.

In order to promote growth and achievement on both an individual and a group level, they also hold a strong belief in the value of open communication between students and faculty.

One of Johannesburg’s top boarding schools is Parktown Boys’ High School.

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6. Beaulieu College

This is one of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg. Johannesburg’s finest private school is Beaulieu College.

Beaulieu College offers a wide range of educational options to its students due to its sizable campus. knowledge and understanding of other people.

It has been demonstrated that Beaulieu College consistently displays great academic, athletic, and cultural accomplishments; it is proud of its well-resourced classrooms and other facilities, its positive public reputation, and an alumni register that includes aspiring company entrepreneurs.

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7. Pecanwood College

One of Johannesburg’s top private boarding schools for boys and girls is called Pecanwood College. The school is accepting applications from youngsters up to the age of twelve. It is also one of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg.

The institution employs instructors who are skilled, dedicated, and motivated by a desire to satisfy the particular needs of each student. This necessitates tact and consideration in a well-rounded program.

One of the top boarding schools in Johannesburg is Pecanwood College.

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8. King Edward VII School

This is another university on the list of best boarding schools in Johannesburg. One of the most prestigious 11–18 comprehensive schools in Sheffield is King Edward VII School, a public residential school in Johannesburg.

This school has a long history as an institution dating back to 1604. The school’s distinct learning environment and its lengthy history, which spans more than a century and a half, are both things that students and staff alike are proud of.

King Edward VII School’s pupils, instructors, and governors all possess a self-assured demeanor and lofty goals for the institution’s future prosperity.

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best boarding schools in johannesburg

9. Sandringham Boarding High School

Another university on the list of best boarding schools in Johannesburg. They encourage a culture where all students can succeed in meeting high academic requirements.

This is accurate both in terms of academic achievement and outside-the-classroom personal development. Because of their distinctive fusion of ancient values and contemporary creativity, they also serve as a fertile foundation for advancement.

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10. St Andrew’s School for Girls

University of St Andrew’s school is one of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg. An independent girls’ school in South Africa called St Andrew’s seeks to develop young women who are well-rounded, successful, and self-assured and who are prepared to take on the world.

The Senderwood School in Bedfordview, South Africa offers kids an education that goes far beyond the classroom.

But they are only able to achieve this because of the close cooperation with exceptional teachers who support students in deepening their grasp of human culture, honing their analytical skills, and enhancing their verbal, written, and quantitative communication skills.

The school has a maximum annual capacity of 315 students in grades 9 through 12. One of Johannesburg’s top boarding high schools is the institution in question.

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Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Boarding Schools In Johannesburg:

What is a boarding school’s purpose?

Students who are permitted to live on campus attend boarding schools. Some of these institutions have more stringent entrance standards in order to better prepare students for life following high school. You ought to be aware that several boarding schools permit students to enroll for just one day.

What is the ideal age for the best boarding schools in Johannesburg?

If your child is prepared for the experience, South Africa has a large number of boarding schools that take pupils between the ages of 14 and 16.

best boarding schools in johannesburg

What is it like to live at the best boarding schools in Johannesburg?

When it comes to preparing for college, boarders have an advantage over non-boarders. You will gain important life skills that will help you thrive in college through a demanding academic curriculum and a wide range of extracurricular activities.

What is the price of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg in South Africa?

The top ten most expensive institutions now all cost more than R285,000 yearly, with the most expensive boarding school in South Africa now costing R342,155 per year. Six of these schools currently bill for their services in excess of R300,000.

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