actuary salary in the us

Actuary Salary in the US in 2024

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Do you desire a fulfilling and prosperous career? If so, a fantastic place to start would be to learn about the typical Actuary salary in the US. A career as an actuary may be something you’ve thought about.

The need for risk management specialists to assist businesses in navigating these changes is growing daily since the world is changing at an incredibly quick rate. Thus, there has been a significant need for actuaries, and as the demand increases, so does the average actuary income.

Choose a career as an actuary if you’re unsure of which path to take and want to make a difference. These are some concepts we hope to clarify for you:

  • Who is an Actuary?
  • What does an Actuary do?
  • Why you should consider becoming an actuary
  • Requirements to become an actuary
  • How to become an actuary
  • Actuary job outlook and work environment
  • Actuary salary in the US and everything else you need to know.

actuary salary in the us

What Does Actuary Salary in the US Mean?

In essence, an actuary focuses on problem-solving and risk assessment of future events using their analytical thinking and mathematical ability.

Their area of expertise is assisting clients and businesses in estimating the financial effects of these assessed probabilities and hazards.

Actuaries and analysts have long been used by corporations and the government to assist them forecast the future and develop strategies for it.

Who is an Actuary?

An actuary, in general, is a professional in business who focuses on using their analytical, mathematical, and problem-solving abilities to help measure and manage risks and uncertainties faced by businesses and their clients as well as by the government.

In essence, they assist companies and organizations in managing and resolving intricate financial problems.

Although actuaries come from a variety of academic backgrounds, including:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Insurance
  • Actuarial science,

They are all focused on their interest in maths and statistics.

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Actuaries: What Do They Do?

Actuaries basically play important roles in organizations and enterprises by using their problem-solving and statistical analytic skills to assess and determine whether or not a company should issue an insurance policy, when it should be issued, and what the required premium for the policy should be.

When it comes to the exposure of the financial risk of the firm, they typically analyze large data and focus on risk management.

Roles of Actuaries

The following are some of an Actuary’s duties:

creating reports, tables, and charts to illustrate their computations

estimating the monetary consequences of risks and uncertainties in enterprises or corporations.

evaluating the risks associated with probable occurrences like mortality, a natural disaster, and illness, and creating policies to assist reduce such hazards

Compile, manage, and arrange statistical information along with other pertinent information.

Presenting proposals to corporate or business executives, shareholders, government officials, and others by summarizing and simplifying their findings.


What Makes an Actuary Salary in the US Good?

There are numerous benefits to working as an actuary. The top four justifications on our list are as follows:

1. It is an elite position

Actuary salary in the US it is an elite position. Actuary has always been recognized as one of the top positions in the US, claims this survey.

Even though they are typically less noticeable, people and organizations who understand them and what they do admire and revere them.

Actuaries are generally regarded as being on the higher end of the scale, above all other top professions like law and medicine. Also, it is a global career.

2. A promise of job security

Promise of job security is an actuary salary in the US. Actuaries are confident during uncertain times, in contrast to several other professions. This demonstrates how in-demand the position is and has always been.

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3. Balance

One of the top justification of Actuary salary in the US is the balance. Consider becoming an actuary if you want a rewarding profession that lets you combine work and life. Your ability to maintain a low-stress work-life balance is aided by a position as an actuary.

No physically taxing duties or work is necessary on the field.

4. Your work is diverse.

This is one of the Actuary salary in the US. Generally, actuaries don’t sit at their desks all day long typing words and numbers. Although some actuaries work in the field, this may be your perfect career if you are a less social person but it is also a good fit for highly social people.

Some of them are employed as data analysts, while the others serve as management reporters, report writers, liaisons with clients, and presenters to trustees.

5. It’s satisfying.

Satisfying is one of the justification of actuary salary in the US. Actuarial work is rewarding both financially and practically. You can be confident that your job will be fulfilling if you follow the historical stable employment to salary increases as well as the variety in an Actuary’s responsibilities.

There are countless advantages and justifications for being an actuary. Examine your abilities, your goals for the future, and your financial expectations. If this career meets all of your needs, go for it!

Nothing prevents someone from wanting to become an Actuary.


Job Prospects for Actuary salary in the US

These figures show that actuaries, who might hold up to 27,000 positions in 2020, have some of the highest employment rates.

Actuaries primarily collaborate with managers and experts from a variety of disciplines, including accounting, finance, and underwriting.

The same survey also shows that from 2020 to 2030, there will likely be a 24% increase in the number of Actuaries employed in the workforce.

Compared to all other US average vocations, this is typically faster and higher.

actuary salary in the us

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Where Do Actuaries Find Work?

Actuaries work in a variety of industries, but a few of the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • Accounting and insurance
  • Services in the fields of science, technology, and engineering
  • Government
  • Business and enterprise management
  • Those who are self-employed.

How can I learn to be an actuary?

There are numerous conditions and actions you must follow before you can become an Actuary. Below, we’ll talk about them.

Get your Bachelor’s degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree is among the finest ways to get started on the path to becoming an actuary. You can major in actuarial science if it’s not already in an actuarial program.

If your university does not offer those programs, you could major in a course in economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, or any combination of those fields.

Moreover, taking advanced mathematics and algebra coursework is crucial, as is studying computer science.

Activate your interests outside of the classroom.

You can show that you have the capacity to manage a demanding task by participating in the appropriate number of extracurricular activities.

When you look for an internship or perhaps get hired for your first job in the sector, this will be very important.


Get computer-related technical knowledge

It has already been stated that attending computer studies is essential for becoming an Actuary. You will benefit from this as you get more knowledgeable about the numerous programs and equipment you will need for your job.

You might enroll in courses in Excel, SQL programming, or any other necessary technical computer knowledge.


Before graduating, successfully complete two actuarial exams.

There are various examinations you must pass in order to become an actuary, and after college you will be required to take the following two exams:

Probability Exam, also referred to as Exam P

ExamFM stands for Financial Mathematics Exam.

They are introductory exams for actuaries and last three hours each.

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Consider an actuarial internship

After passing the aforementioned tests, you must do one or more internships before graduating and becoming a fully qualified Actuary.

You need to have a strong resume and have taken the necessary relevant courses, extracurricular activities, and tests in order to be considered for an internship with a team of actuaries who are already established.

In essence, your internships will assist you in acquiring the work experiences necessary for your first employment. Additionally, they will assist you in making connections and gaining a grasp of the responsibilities you will have as an Actuary on a daily basis.

We advise you to do your internships in two or more distinct acting industries. The industry you wish to specialize in after graduation will become crystal clear to you as a result of this.


Get your first acting position at a lower level.

Your best bet after graduating would be to enter the workforce and secure your first acting position at an entry-level.


Choose between CAS and SOA

In order to choose the association you must join, you must decide what field you wish to work in as an Actuary while you are here.

The following two associations:

  • Society of Actuaries (SOA)
  • Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS)


finish a VEE-approved course requirement

You will be obligated to enroll in courses covering Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) subjects. You must enroll in classes on subjects like mathematic statistics, accounting and finance, and economics.

Nevertheless, before you apply for VEE credit, you must furthermore have passed two exams.

Keep taking tests

You will need to write exams on a regular basis if you choose to pursue an acting career, as was previously explained. As an illustration, in order to join the SOA, you must study both long- and short-term actuarial mathematics.

In essence, if you pass these tests and certain courses or modules, you could become a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA).

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What qualifications must one have in order to become an actuary?

The abilities needed to become an Actuary are as follows:

  • Analytics skills
  • Mathematics and statistical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication (oral and written)
  • Technical computer skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Great business sense
  • Finance, accounting, and economics skills
  • Strong formulating spreadsheets, database manipulation, statistical analysis programs, and programming language skills
  • Teamwork
  • Self-motivated
  • Ambitious


What is the American Actuary Salary?

This section examines the typical Actuary pay in the US according to several credible sources.

An Actuary’s average annual pay in the US in 2020 was $111,030, according to Money.usnews $111,030. However, in the same year, the US’s lowest-paid actuary earned $83,550.

The typical pay for an Actuary is $117,010, according to

The compensation of an Actuary in the US is also between $150,000 and $250,000 per year, according to Beanactuary.

actuary salary in the us

Questions about Actuary Salary in the US in 2024

Here are some questions about Actuary Salary in the US in 2024.

Actuaries: What Do They Do?

Actuaries assess and determine if and when a company should issue an insurance policy as well as what the premium for the policy must be. They do this by using their problem-solving and statistical analytic skills. Actuaries play major roles in enterprises and companies.

The following are some of an Actuary’s duties:

  1. creating reports, tables, and charts to illustrate their computations
  2. estimating the monetary consequences of risks and uncertainties in enterprises or corporations.
  3. evaluating the risks associated with probable occurrences like mortality, a natural disaster, and illness, and creating policies to assist reduce such hazards
  4. Compile, manage, and arrange statistical information and other pertinent information.
  5. Presenting proposals to corporate or business executives, shareholders, government officials, and others by summarizing and clarifying their findings.

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How lengthy is the actuarial training process? Typically, being a licensed Actuary takes up to 12 years.
First, it takes around five years to finish and earn a bachelor’s degree. It takes an additional seven years to pass your Actuarial examinations.

What types of certifications are required for actuaries?

The two professional organizations that provide certification programs for actuaries are as follows:

  • Society of Actuaries (SOA)
  • Casual Actuarial Society (CAS)

A demand exists for actuaries?

They are, indeed.
Actuaries are expected to see an increase in job employment of up to 24 percent from 8 percent between 2012 and 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other reliable sources.

One of the most satisfying and financially lucrative occupations you may choose is an actuarial career. If you satisfy all the qualifications, you might think about becoming an actuary.

We hope that this post will be useful to you and will address all of your concerns regarding entering this field of work.

Happy New Year!




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