A Complete Review of the Rocketbook Everlast

A Complete Review of the Rocketbook Everlast | 2024 Updated

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Here is a complete review of the Rocketbook Everlast. At College Info Geek, we cover digital tools in great detail. Digital tools make it simple to keep all of your information organized and reachable from anywhere, whether they’re the finest habit monitoring apps or the best note-taking applications. We are aware that physical tools have their purpose, though. This is particularly true when you’re taking notes, as writing them down by hand actually helps you retain information better than typing does.

But unlike computerized note-taking tools, conventional paper notebooks don’t provide the same level of structure. Also, you won’t be able to access the information if you misplace the notebook (or forget to carry it with you). And you need to go out and get a new notebook after you’ve used up your current one.

Fortunately, we’ve found a solution that combines the advantages of taking notes on paper and electronically. the same as the rest of the program. The same as the others in the similarity of the same-named or other categories of the same-sized or more of the same-style of the same-size.


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A Complete Review of the Rocketbook Everlast | 2024 Updated

What Is the Everlast Rocketbook?

In addition to everything we have already told you about this amazing program, here are more specifics regarding Rocketbook Everlast. Thomas discovered Rocketbook Everlast, and ever since, he has stopped using any other note-taking tools or apps.
An electronic and physical notebook, the Rocketbook Everlast, is used for taking notes.

The application’s creator, Thomas, put it through a number of tests and discovered that it outperformed competitor notebooks.

Because of this, he still uses it as his go-to note-taking software. For many people, especially those who prefer to write by hand and read from a digital notebook at the same time, Rocketbook is a terrific solution thanks to its many capabilities.


What Kinds of Rocketbook Everlast Are There?

The sizes are one of the most crucial topics to cover in this Rocketbook Everlast review. Sizes are available for Rocketbook. Fundamentally, there are three sizes of Rocketbook available for users. The amount of pages, length, and width of each notebook all contribute to its dimensions.

  • The 3 sizes that Rocketbook offers are as follows:
  • 48 pages, 3.5 in x 5.5 in (8.9 cm x 12.7 cm) mini.
  • Letter, 32 pages, 8.5 in. × 11 in. (21.6 cm x 27.9 cm).
  • Executive: 36 pages, 6 in. x 8.8 in. (15.2 cm x 22.3 cm).

Since it provides the most room for taking notes and creating diagrams, the letter-size Rocketbook is the most popular among students. These notebooks come in two sizes and with two types of paper, lined or dot grid. The dot grids are quite modest, but you might want to use lined paper if you want something that resembles a “typical” notebook.


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A Complete Review of the Rocketbook Everlast


What Characteristics Characterize Rocketbook Everlast?

Many people are curious as to why this note-taking app differs so much from others of its kind because it is not the typical kind.

The Rocketbook distinguishes itself from the competitors because to three key features. These notable traits include;

  • It’s text-erasing capability.
  • Users’ ability to digitize notes from Rocketbook
  • The Rocketbook also provides a top-notch writing experience.
  • The Rocketbook May Be Erased


How many note-taking programs are there that allow you to delete a text?

  • None, I bet.

You’ll learn about one of the Rocketbook Everlast Review’s standout features—its ability to delete text. The primary selling point of Rocketbook is this.


How does that function?

When you’re finished using ink to write on the page, you can use a moist cloth to remove the writing. This is not feasible, unlike traditional books, without the use of an eraser. Yet, Rocketbook only requires a moist cloth to remove the text from the page. And by doing this, you can use the notebook as many times as you like.


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Why Are Rocketbook Everlast Erasable Notepads?

Rocketbook is erasable not due to the type of notebook, but rather due to the unique Frixion pen that is used to write on the note.
You can use a damp towel to easily erase any writing you’ve made on the notepad with a Frixion pen. The Rocketbook’s surface is compatible with the Frixion pen, a unique pen. Just like temporary markers, it may be wiped off.


Digitalization of Rocketbook Notes

The capability of its customers to digitize the note is one of the things you should be aware of in this Rocketbook Everlast review. Rocketbook notes are identical to whiteboard markers if their only distinguishing characteristic is that they are erasable. In actuality, there are other alternative erasable notebooks available. A benefit is that Rocketbook notes can be converted to digital format. It’s fairly simple to digitize notes from Rocketbook.

The Rocketbook QR codes and the seven unique icons located at the bottom of each page must be used in order to digitize a note using Rocketbook. Rocketbook makes digitizing notes simple, unlike other notebooks that need you to go through the time-consuming procedure of utilizing a scanning software and your phone camera.


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How to Digitize Rocketbook Notes: Steps

1. Install the app and configure the Rocketbook icons

The locations for each of the Rocketbook icons must be customized after you download the Rocketbook app. You have the option of using Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Everything is up to personal preference.

2. Choose a Rocketbook scan location

After scanning a document in Rocketbook, you must save the file. So, using the icon in this stage, you can select a specific folder or notebook to save the scan to. You might, for instance, configure each icon to store or refer to a different Evernote notebook. When you digitize a note, it saves itself automatically and without your intervention in the appropriate place.

3. For scans, select the PDF or JPEG format.

Amazingly, Rocketbook Everlast lets you save your notes as a PDF or JPG. Even many pages of notes can be combined into one document using the PDF option for later reference. Few note-taking apps offer that feature.

4. Choose an Evernote Notebook Location

The icon for the destination must then be marked after the first two stages have been completed. Once a page has been tagged, scan it using the Rocketbook app to store it.

5. Rocketbook checkbox symbol

Your notes have now been saved automatically to the folder you selected. You can do this without using any additional apps. To find the note, simply search the folder. This can be recognized by the Rocketbook icon that you stored it with.
You can convert your handwritten notes into digital notes by following these instructions.


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A Complete Review of the Rocketbook Everlast


Using Rocketbook to write.

As many users claim, the Rocketbook Everlast writing experience is amazing. In addition to being excellent at digitization and making note erasure simple, Rocketbook also provides users with a fantastic writing experience.
Compared to using the Apple Pencil to write on an iPad, the Rocketbook app offers a significantly superior writing experience. Some claim it is superior to using a stylus pen to write on any type of tablet.

According to our analysis, writing on Rocketbook is around 90% as good as writing on regular notebook paper.


What Characterizes Strong Writing on Rocketbook Everlast?

Three features, in particular, make writing on Rocketbook as wonderful as it would have been on ordinary paper.

  • The Frixion pen’s makeup.
  • the paper’s shiny surface.
  • Moreover, consider the Frixion pen’s ink quality.

Frixion pens

Use the Frixion pen to write on the Rocketbook. The Frixion pen isn’t intended to provide you with a continuously dark line like a regular, high-quality writing pen does. You may produce those dependable dark lines on the note with continued practice.

Paper with a Glossy Texture

Not just the type of pen, but also the composition of the paper, is one of the factors that makes Rocketbook erasable.

The glossy surface of the paper makes it simple to remove the ink.

Yet because it’s glossy, you can’t write with the same control and accuracy you do when using plain paper. Users of Rocketbook are somehow discovered by this nature.

The Pen

The Frixion pen’s ink takes about 10 seconds to completely dry out by design. This is fantastic, but it might smudge.

It will seem sloppy if you accidently brush your arm or hand across the page before the ink has dried.


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How long does the ink for the Frixion pen last?

In addition to the possibility of smudging, the Frixion pen’s ink does not last as long as ink from regular pens. The amount of use and the type of writing determine how long this Frixion pen ink lasts. The pen may deteriorate faster if you shade.


What Is the Price of a Frixion Pen?

Depending on where you live or from what region, a Frixion pen will cost you differently. If you’re buying it brand-new, 3 packs of Frixion pens typically cost around $5. Yet, it wouldn’t cost that much to replace it!


How much does a Rocketbook Everlast cost?

Just so you are aware, Rocketbook is more expensive than typical notebooks.

The price is significantly more due to its fantastic unique features than the average notebook pricing.

With the exception of a few exceptions, the following are the most common types of syllables used in the English language.

As we mentioned above, the Rocketbook is more expensive than a standard notebook, but its cost is on pace with other high-end notebooks like the Moleskine.


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A Complete Review of the Rocketbook Everlast


For the Rocketbook Everlast, these are the breakdowns:

  • Mini — $16
  • Letter and executive — $30-$35
  • As Rocketbook can be used repeatedly, the cost is justified.


The Rocketbook Everlast: Is It Pricey?

Yeah, Rocketbook more than justifies its price.

For anyone who enjoys the act of writing in a notebook but still wants to keep their thoughts digitally organized, this is really our top-rated notebook pick.




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Are Rocketbook Everlast and Rocketbook Wave the same thing?

No, Rocketbook Everlast and Rocketbook Wave are not interchangeable. They provided significant variances despite being comparable.

With the Rocketbook Wave, you can microwave the entire notebook to erase notes, in contrast to the Everlast’s ability to remove notes with a damp cloth.

It’s like a microwave has been used to preheat the writings.

You can only delete the Wave on a Rocketbook Wave about five times. You’ll then need to purchase a new one. Nonetheless, you can continue to use Rocketbook Everlast until you get sick of it.

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