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25 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria and their fees

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This page goes into best boarding schools in nigeria, as well as their tuition fees. Providing your child or ward with a good education is one of the most important things you can do to help them prepare for adulthood.

Formal education received in educational institutions has aided in the transmission of knowledge and morality to young children. Despite Nigeria’s deteriorating educational standards, some schools have managed to keep their standards higher than others. This post will go through the best boarding schools in nigeria and why they are regarded as such.

What are boarding schools and how do they work?

Boarding schools are educational institutions in which children are required to live on the campus while obtaining formal education.

Boarders are children who are enrolled in such facilities. These boarding students are only permitted to see their parents at the end of the academic semester or on a weekly basis, as determined by the school principal.

Why should you go to a boarding school?

The youngster or ward will learn to manage their own affairs. Because the schools are supervised by disciplinary standards that are strictly enforced, this is the case. In the absence of their parents, the youngsters also learn to fend for themselves. They are frequently well-organized and have a strong desire to be self-sufficient.

They are usually intelligent. This is due to the fact that the entrance examinations are only open to pupils who excel academically. Children have enough of time to study without being distracted.

Their libraries and sports facilities are usually well-equipped, and the children learn how to get along with other kids and frequently form lifelong friendships.


The Fees for Nigeria’s Top 25 Boarding Schools.

The amount of scholarships offered to students, the average size of financial aid packages given, the availability of infrastructure and well-equipped facilities, and other factors all influence the fees charged by various boarding schools.

Depending on the boarding school, it is either privately owned or run by the government. The former counterparts are more expensive than the latter counterparts.

The average cost of a private best boarding schools in Nigeria  is N 1,500,000 per year, while government institutions cost N 800,000 per year. The schools with the highest tuition prices, which are considered to be expensive, are typically privately owned and of unquestionably high quality.

This post will also provide you with information about these schools.


The most prestigious and expensive best boarding schools in Nigeria

Lekki British International School
British International School, Lagos
Dowen College
Chrisland College
Atlantic Hall Secondary school.
Hillcrest School
Loyola Jesuit College
Green Springs School
Whiteplains British School
Day Waterman College

The following is a list of the most costly best boarding schools in Nigeria, which are only attended by children from very wealthy and financially secure families.

1. Lekki British International School is a British International School in Lekki, Lagos.

The first in our list on best boarding schools in Nigeria is Lekki British International  This is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious private secondary schools. It meets worldwide academic standards and provides students with well-equipped laboratories, internet-connected computers, and air-conditioned classroom spaces.

It is located in Lagos and costs roughly 4,300,000 million naira every session.

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2. Lagos’ British International School

This particular school was founded in the year 2000 and has since evolved to become one of Nigeria’s top educational institutions. This is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

Outstanding music suites, multi-purpose halls, research laboratories, and other amenities are available. It gives kids more effective learning tools. The cost every academic year is $4,480,000, which includes all school services, including uniforms and other items.

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3. Dowen College is a private college located in Dowen,

Dowen College was founded in 1997 and is widely considered to be one of Nigeria’s greatest boarding institutions. It is also located in Lekki, Lagos, and offers excellent boarding houses as well as required provisions for day students.

Students must pay a yearly cost of 2,000,000 naira, while day school students must pay a yearly price of 1,250,000 naira, which covers meals, textbooks, and housewares.

With the numerous equipped laboratories, computer centers, suitable laboratories, and cultural facilities for the students, quality education in a very good academic environment may be obtained here.

That is why is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

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4. Atlantic Hall Secondary School.

This is another best boarding schools in Nigeria. The Educational Trust Council established the Atlantic Hall Secondary School in Epe, Nigeria, in 1989. (ETC). It is in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

The facilities are well-equipped, with a medical center, laboratories, and educational sports facilities. The annual charge can be as high as 2,270,000 million naira.

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5. Chrisland College is a private college located in Chrisland,

Chrisland college is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. This institution, which is situated in Lagos, is recognized as one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria, despite its reputation as a school for high-borns. Their annual fee is approximately 2,000,000.

It also has one of the best-equipped laboratories and classrooms in the country.

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6. Hillcrest School is a private school located in Hillcrest,

This another best boarding schools in Nigeria. The school was founded in 1942 as a Christian missionary children’s school. It is a traditional Christian school with an American educational model.

The school is divided into three major categories: elementary, middle, and secondary school. This well-equipped school is located in Jos and has the added benefit of allowing graduates to enroll in North American universities.

Their annual cost is 2,650,000 million nairas, which may not be affordable to many.

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7. Loyola Jesuit College.

Loyola Jesuit, located in Abuja, is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria, with an annual price of N2,800,000. It was founded in 1996 and is considered a classical school due to its strong academic standards.

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8. Green Springs School is a public high school in Green Springs,

In the year 1985, the Green Springs School was founded in Anthony, Lagos State. It is unquestionably one of Lagos’ most renowned boarding schools, well as one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. It is home to one of the best academic structures in the country and is attended by the society’s upper crust.

For boarding school students, the annual price is N3,185,200, which normally covers tuition, textbooks, and school uniforms.

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9. Whiteplains British School is a British school located in Whiteplains

Whiteplains British school is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. One of the key benefits of attending this institution is that graduates have a good possibility of acquiring a university degree in another country. This is due to the strong relationships it has with British universities.

The annual cost is N3.6 million. Due to the hefty tuition rate, schools like this are not among the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria. It is frequently referred to as a wealthy school. The school follows the British educational model as well.

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10. College of Day Waterman

Annually, N3.7 million

This is another best boarding schools in Nigeria. The Day Waterman College Boarding School is an organization that provides an engaging and conducive study atmosphere for secondary school pupils aged 11 to 16. It is currently located in Nigeria’s Ogun State.

The school has been outfitted with industry-standard equipment and facilities in order to provide the finest possible learning environment.

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Lagos State has the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

You can’t talk about the best boarding schools in Nigeria without mentioning schools at the top of the list. Lagos state is home to some of Nigeria’s most prestigious schools at all levels of study.

The best boarding schools in Nigeria  (Lagos) are listed below:

White Dove School (WDS)
ST Gregory College (SGC)
Holy Child College
Rainbow College
Emerald Schools
Ostra Private Schools (OPS)
Apata Memorial School (AMS)


11. White Dove School is a private school located in White Dove (WDS)

This school was established in 2004 and is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. It also has a nursery, primary, and secondary school, making it one of Lagos’ premier boarding schools.

In addition to the Nigerian curriculum, the nursery school offers the British Early Years Foundation Curriculum, which gives young children an advantage over their peers.

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12. ST Gregory College (SGC)

St Gregory’s College is one of Lagos, This is one of the oldest best boarding schools in Nigeria institutions. It was formed in 1928 and is located in Ikoyi. It has had significant expansion since its start. It is also one of the most well-known schools in the state.

This institution comes highly recommended because of its outstanding contributions to preparing students to thrive in their endeavors and to lead future generations. They are content to become masters of their own destiny.

SGC is one of Nigeria’s nine Catholic Mission boarding schools, and it is predominantly a boys-only institution with excellent boarding facilities.

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13. Holy Child College

The Society of the Holy Child Jesus founded this school on April 9th, 1945, and it is now operated by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos. Holy Child College is a girls-only Catholic secondary school.

This is a top institution that consistently ranks as one of best boarding schools in Nigeria. The school is located in the Lagos State neighborhood of Ikoyi.

It has state-of-the-art boarding facilities, and the educational system is based on the Universal Basic Education (UBE) system, which is independent of any country’s system.

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14. Rainbow College

Lagos is also home to this boarding school. It is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria, noted for its outstanding educational standards as well as inexpensive tuition costs.

The school began as an all-boys private school in 1996. However, the school was then combined with Pampers Private School in order to expand, and it has since grown into an amazing institution.

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15. Emerald Schools are a group of schools in the Emerald

This is another best boarding schools in Nigeria. Emerald Schools opened its doors in Gbagada in 1995 as a nursery and primary school. It is one of Lagos, Nigeria’s most prestigious boarding schools.
However, as a result of the increase, Emerald Secondary School was established in 2005 and is now located in Ogunrun-Ori community in Lagos.

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16. Ostra Private Schools (OPS)

Ostra Private Schools is one of best boarding schools in Nigeria, with a reputation for academic excellence. Their curriculum has been specifically designed to satisfy the academic demands of the twenty-first century.

The school features a fantastic ICT center with interactive whiteboards and over 25 laptops and computers for pupils to use for academic purposes.

OPS accepts students from the creche level (tender) to high school.

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17. Apata Memorial School (AMS)

Apata Memorial School is another prestigious boarding school in Lagos and one of Nigeria’s most well-known boarding schools.

AMS is not among the most affordable boarding schools in Nigeria, but it does provide adequate boarding amenities and instructional equipment.

It is a Boarding School that is co-educational. The institution features high-quality hostel facilities that can house both male and female students. The boarding facilities are well-protected, and the pupils are well-cared for.

That is why is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

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Abuja’s Best Boarding Schools

Baptist High School
Loyola Jesuit College (LJC)
Glisten International Academy
The Regent School
Funtaj International School
International Community School, Abuja
Holy Rosary girls’ College, Abuja
The Bells Comprehensive Secondary Schools, Ota

Abuja is the capital of the sovereign state of Nigeria, and it is also one of the country’s largest cities in terms of infrastructure. The city also features some of the country’s premier boarding schools. The following is a list of these institutions:


18. Baptist High School is a public high school

Baptist High School is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria, located in Abuja, the country’s capital. It is a coeducational residential school and a private Christian institution that provides a comprehensive education in a peaceful and secure setting. This school is very competitive with Nigeria’s premier boarding schools.

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19. Loyola Jesuit College

The Society of Jesus runs this college in Abuja. It is located on a lovely 28.5-hectare location in Gidan Mangoro, a very peaceful community in the state.

The institution is one of Nigeria’s best, and it offers a conducive setting for intensive learning.

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20. Glisten International Academy

This one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria In 2007, the Department of Policy and Implementation accredited and recognized the Glisten International Academy, which has since grown to become one of the premier boarding schools in the city.

It is well-equipped with the necessary and suitable learning facilities.


21. The Regent School

The Regent Secondary School first opened its doors in 2007. In Years (7) and (8), the school uses an adapted version of the National Curriculum for England and Wales, as well as CIE Checkpoint in Year (9) and CIE IGCSE in Year (10) and CIE IGCSE in Year (11). (11).

For the first several years after the secondary school was formed, the elementary and secondary schools were housed on the pioneer campus. The high school pupils, on the other hand, were required to relocate to a new purpose-built campus in September 2009, which had been expressly erected for them.

The school is one of best boarding schools in Nigeria, greatest boarding schools and one of the country’s top boarding schools.

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22. Funtaj International School

Funtaj International Institution is a coeducational school that is highly regarded as one of best boarding schools in Nigeria. This institution is considered as one of Nigeria’s best boarding schools, having excellent day and boarding facilities.

FIRS is noted for its unique and crucial motivational teaching style, believing that motivation is one of the most significant teaching instruments for shaping and assisting students’ attitudes toward educational activities.

It is not one of Nigeria’s cheapest boarding schools, but it provides excellent education and morals.


23. International Community School

This school, located in Utako, is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. Abuja’s premier boarding schools and one of the country’s top-rated institutions.

It was founded 23 years ago, with eight pupils and three teachers at the time of its beginning. The school, on the other hand, has grown significantly throughout the years.

The school was moved to its permanent location in 2013.

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24. Holy Rosary girls’ College, Abuja

This is another best boarding schools in Nigeria Holy Rosary Girls’ College is one of Abuja’s largest secondary boarding schools for girls, with modern academic and boarding facilities. The school has a qualified staff that provides children with a high-quality education using highly effective teaching methods.

Good learning environments and reasonable tuition prices are available.


25. The Bells Comprehensive Secondary Schools, Ota

Bells Comprehensive Secondary School is regarded as one of Nigeria’s best boarding schools in Nigeria. In 1991, the academic institution was founded. The Bells Comprehensive Secondary Schools are organized so that one campus is for boys, another for girls, and a third is for day students. On Idiroko Road in Ota, Ogun State, the campuses are spread out over 65 acres of undulating terrain.


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