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10 Most Dangerous Men In The World In 2024

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This article centers on the most dangerous men In the world. We disclose the latest names on the global official watch lists, from the leader of Isis to the mastermind of Boko Haram.

The nuclear threat posed by a Donald Trump presidency may be (partly) being joked about, but for the time being, our globe is becoming a more dangerous place to live as a result of kidnappings and suicide bombings.

And these acts are frequently committed on the express orders of a small, dangerous, and unstable number of men. Here, we identify the mysterious individuals that are now keeping world leaders up at night.


List Of Most Dangerous Men In The World

Here is the list of most dangerous men In the world


Number one in our list of most dangerous men In the world. is Cody Wilson. He is the defense distributed’s the director. Cody Wilson is one of the most dangerous men In the world.

United States

What he seeks: Internet total freedom and the development of uncontrollable weapons and financial systems.

His actions: Provides designs for weapons that can be 3D printed. When the US State Department stepped in to have the designs pulled from his website last year, software to build a gun named the Liberator had already been downloaded 100,000 times.

How to put a halt to him: Wilson may be the subject of an inquiry into alleged illicit weapons exports; if proven guilty, he may spend up to seven years in prison. The punishment might be increased if it could be demonstrated that his conduct substantially jeopardized “US national and regional security interests.”



Who: Abubakar Shekau is among the most dangerous men In the world, the founder and commander of Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist group whose slogan is “Western education is a sin.”

When they ask the people of Nigeria who is the most dangerous men in the world, They will not fail to mention Abubakar Shekau in the list of most dangerous men In the world because of what he has cost the people of Nigeria.

Where: Nigeria.

What he seeks: Create an Islamic nation and impose Sharia law in Nigeria.

His actions: village massacres and bombings, with at least 14 incidents so far in 2014. With the abduction of 223 Christian schoolgirls in April, the cult rose to the attention of the world. According to BH, the girls won’t be released until an “army” of fighters is let out of Nigerian prison cells.

How he may be stopped: In order to win over the local Muslim population, the Nigerian government must lessen the extreme poverty that exists in BH strongholds and develop an education system.

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Who: Semion Mogilevich is one of the most dangerous men In the world. He is a crime boss who was born in Ukraine and is regarded as the “boss of bosses” of the majority of Russian Mafia organizations worldwide.

When Mentioning the most dangerous men In the world Semion Mogilevich’s name must be on the list.

Where: Russia

What he seeks: Power and wealth

His actions: international prostitution, the sale of nuclear material, contract killings, and drug trafficking. In order to keep the money coming in, he has since held more than 100 front corporations and bank accounts across 27 different nations. That makes him among the most dangerous men In the world

Former Russian secret agent stated Mogilevich had benefited from a positive relationship with Vladimir Putin since the 1990s before he was killed. The influence Mogelivich has in the energy industry in Europe is maybe one of his most worrisome traits. He has huge natural gas pipelines in Russia and Eastern Europe under his control, while only having a $100,000 bounty on his head.

How to put a halt to him: Using one of his many aliases, Sergei Schneider, Russian police detained Mogelivich in 2008 in connection with tax evasion for the Arbat Prestige cosmetics company. The charges were withdrawn three years later.

He is wanted by the FBI for his involvement in a $150 million fraud. He’ll be slowed down if we manage to stop the corruption and bring some charges against him.



When talking about the most dangerous men In the world. Joseph Kony is the head of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a former guerrilla organization in Uganda. He is among the most dangerous men In the world

Where: Unknown

What he desires: to build a theocratic government based on the Ten Commandments and the customs of the native Alcholi people.

How he acts: Kony has been charged by the authorities of ordering the kidnapping of kids to use as child soldiers and sex slaves. 66,000 children joined the military. Between 1986 and 2009, 2 million people moved within their own country. However, Kony has managed to elude capture despite being charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2005.

How to prevent him: A large portion of Kony’s men have deserted him as a result of the US pushing the LRA back. According to reports, Kony is unwell, therefore increasing the pressure to exterminate the LRA and negotiating his surrender will result in his capture.

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Who: the leader of the Sicilian Mafia, Matteo Messina Denaro, also known as Diabolik. very hard and most dangerous men In the world as a whole. He is of the most dangerous men In the world because of the bad things he does.

Where: Italy (probably)

He desires: to “fix the errors” committed against the underprivileged and oppressed while making a ton of money.

What he performs: he gets involved in any profitable venture, including wind farms, shopping malls, food distribution companies, and agriculture so vast it is difficult to distinguish between his empire and the western Sicilian economy.

He is sought for his involvement in the bombing campaign launched by the Sicilian mafia in the early 1990s, which resulted in the deaths of 50 people, including magistrates and bystanders in Sicily, Rome, and Florence.

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Who: President of Sudan and leader of the Janjaweed militia’s Rapid Support Forces, Omar Hassan al-Bashir one of the most dangerous men In the world.

Where: Sudan.

What he seeks: is to put an end to civil and rebel strife in South Sudan.

His actions: The 10,000-strong Janjaweed is an infamous tribe of hired guns that committed atrocities during the Darfur War in 2003. Now, they follow al-orders Bashir’s and drive SUVs that are equipped with powerful weapons to be used against Sudanese citizens.

How to put a halt to him: Abdi Ismail Samatar, a professor of geography, environment, and society at the University of Minnesota and a member of the African Academy Of Sciences, argues that African states and China, which have business interests in Africa, must use their influence to enforce a UN Security Council resolution that calls for the disarmament of the Janjaweed. The resolution has been in place for ten years.

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Who: The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (Isis), He is among the most dangerous men In the world.

Where: Syria and Iraq.

What he seeks: To create his own Islamic state (or caliphate), which would encompass all of present-day northern Syria and eastern Iraq, and to assume the title of “Caliph Ibrahim” as the leader to whom all Muslims would owe fealty. As part of its grandiose five-year “expansion plan,” Isis has also unveiled a map that covers the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, northern Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

His actions: Because of the group’s violence, al-Qaida severed connections with it earlier this year. However, Isis has now taken control of more than half of Iraq, following the stringent Wahhabi interpretation of Islam and implementing Sharia law where it is present.

How to put a halt to him: According to Evan Kohlmann, chief information officer of Flashpoint Intel and terrorist expert, “airstrikes targeted at Isis training sites in Iraq and Syria.” Additionally, Sunni tribesmen are being mobilized to fight against Isis because they disapprove of their extreme interpretation of Islam and their disregard for international boundaries.



Who: Co-founder and current head of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri is one of the most dangerous men In the world

Where: the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

What he desires: is to drive non-Muslims out of Saudi Arabia, the location of the holiest sites in Islam, in order to exact revenge for the wrongs that Christians and Jews have done to Muslims throughout history.

How he acts: In addition to advocating for the murder of non-Muslims, he has recently been sending fighters to Syria and attempting to persuade ISIS to join forces with all other jihadists in opposition to the alleged alliance between the United States, Russia, Europe, Shiites, Iran, and Bashar al-Alawite Assad’s regime.

How to put a halt to him: In essence, assassination He can be somewhat elusive, but not when it comes to being photographed (his most recent video was a jihadi sermon in August 2016). In the same way that they eventually caught Bin Laden, the US is pursuing him in the “global fight against terrorism.”

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Who: Ibrahim al-Asiri, also known as Abu Saleh, is a Saudi jihadist and al-top Qaida’s bomb-maker and among the most dangerous men In the world.

Where: Yemen.

What he seeks: is to develop elaborate schemes on many different fronts, including new attacks against Western airplanes.

His actions: The former chemical student employs PETN, a colorless material that is difficult for X-ray detectors to detect, in his bombs. He is suspected of creating the printer bombs sent from Yemen to the US as well as the “underwear” bomb used in a 2009 attempt to blow up a plane bound for the US.

According to intelligence, his biggest threat is that he is passing along his knowledge to al-Qaida trainees, which prompted the US to issue ‘credible threat’ warnings in July 2014 and enhance security on all direct flights.

How to put a halt to him: Al-communications Qaida’s have been intercepted, and the US has located him in a hilly area of southern Yemen. Drone strikes will be carried out with greater accuracy and without concern for collateral harm.



Who: China’s People’s Liberation Army captain and super hacker Sun Kailiang.  Is one of the most dangerous men In the world

Where: China.

What he seeks: deploying cyberwarfare to sabotage the US economy.

His actions: The FBI has accused Kailiang of illegally entering the computer systems of six US companies involved in the nuclear industry and using computers to control computers to obtain technical specifications and trade secrets. Kailiang was a member of a five-man economic espionage squad.

How to put a halt to him: The source server is shut down by counter-offensive virus software, which follows the digital footprint left by attacking malware all the way back to it, stopping it from copying passwords or taking screenshots of blueprints, for example.

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