10 Best Colleges in Bakersfield

10 Best Colleges in Bakersfield | 2024

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This is a topic about the top best colleges in Bakersfield according to their net ranking, as we provide you with with information relating to all these collages, we will provide as well the links to their various platforms, for ease of application and further information.

Bakersfield is the 62nd largest metropolitan area in the United States and is located in Kern County, California.

The city is well-known for being a major agricultural and energy production center. With a booming economy centered on agricultural and energy production, the country is on the rise.

Bakersfield’s population has risen to nearly 406,000 people in the last two years. This has been matched by increased economic activity and productivity.

Bakersfield is home to various world-class institutions and colleges, in addition to its fast-growing economy.

As a result, we’ve broken down the top ten colleges in Bakersfield for students and academics. Those who are moving to the city for the first time, in particular.

With the support of several research associates and analysis from industry professionals, we developed our ranking. We also received feedback from former and present students, as well as alumni.


10 Best Colleges in Bakersfield | 2024

1. Carlifornia State University – Bakersfield

Here we have the first of all best colleges in Bakersfield. Bakersfield’s California State University is a publicly sponsored university.

They’ve been in the vanguard of research breakthroughs and strong academic success for their pupils.

Over 8,000 students are now enrolled in Bakersfield’s many programs, which span over 40 majors. In their many fields, the pupils are among the best.

The school’s 81 percent acceptance rate demonstrates that it maintains a high open policy that allows everyone an equal chance.

Top majors in Bakersfield College

  1. Business
  2. Psychology
  3. Liberal Arts
  4. Biology
  5. Sociology
  6. Nursing

Average Tuition Fee: $15,325

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2. Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College is the second in our list of best colleges in Bakersfield. Bakersfield College is a public university in the California city of Bakersfield. The university is a small one, with about 7000 students and a 90% acceptance rate.

Bakersfield College has evolved from a mid-college to one of California’s greatest academic institutions, with majors in over 45 fields and a community of dedicated academicians.

With over 40 registered student clubs and a student-to-faculty ratio of 28:1, the student experience is rich. Bakersfield College is also one of the best liberal arts colleges in the country.

Top majors in Bakersfield College

  1. Liberal Arts and Humanities
  2. Childcare Provider
  3. Biology
  4. Business
  5. Political Science

Average Tuition Fee: $29,800.

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3. Barbara College, Bakersfield

This is the third in our list of best colleges in Bakersfield. Santa Barbara began as a small university in Bakersfield, but now has a significant community of academicians and intellectuals.

The SBBC, as it is affectionately known, has a liberal culture that welcomes students from all walks of life.

A large percentage of Alumni earn an annual income of $45,000 on average. Santa Barbara offers financial aid in the form of scholarships to qualifying students in addition to other student support programs.

Top Majors Include

  1. Medical Assistant
  2. Liberal Arts and Humanities
  3. Accounting
  4. Management
  5. Medical Office Assistant
  6. Paralegal

School Tution Fee: $15,353.

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4. Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University is another top best colleges in Bakersfield. Fresno Pacific University is a public university in Fresno, California. In 1944, a bible institute was founded in Fresno, California. It has campuses in a few different parts of the state. Fresno Pacific University Bakersfield is one of the school’s main academic points.

Students at Fresno University’s Bakersfield College have a good time while studying quickly. In addition to other adjacent campuses, the college has a big community of approximately 2000 students.

The highlights that distinguish Fresno Pacific University’s Bakersfield Campus are listed below.

  1. Accelerated bachelor’s degree completion programs
  2. Graduate programs
  3. Evening courses
  4. Experienced faculty
  5. Quality and personal service in a professional environment
  6. Classrooms equipped with the latest in technology

Average Tuition Fee: $23000.

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5. University of La Verne – Bakersfield

Here is the fifth in our list of best colleges in Bakersfield. In La Verne, California, there is an enterprise that dates back to 1891.

Because of the excellent academic culture of their Bakersfield Campus, the institution is on our list of finest colleges in Bakersfield.

The University of La Verne Bakersfield campus, in addition to providing high-quality business and education courses, encourages Kern County students to pursue their academic aspirations.

You will obtain an excellent education regardless of whether you enroll in an associate, graduate, or undergraduate program.

Top Majors include

  1. Accountancy
  2. Educational Studies
  3. Psychology
  4. Public Administration
  5. Management

Average Tuition Fee: $12,000.

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6. Unitek College – Bakersfield Campus

Unitek College is the sixth top best colleges in Bakersfield. Unitek Institution is a private college in Fremont, California. Outside of Fremont, they have campuses, one of which is in Bakersfield.

Unitek allows Bakersfield scholars and students to choose from a variety of programs and make the most of them.

The Unitek Bakersfield location offers a smaller class size, allowing professors and lecturers to interact with students one-on-one, resulting in more effective learning.

The College is a renowned provider of healthcare education, with students able to choose from a variety of vocational nursing and healthcare programs.

Top majors include:

  1. Nursing (B.sc)
  2. Medical Assisting Program
  3. BSN Programs

Average Tuition Fee: $35,000

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7. Cellan Central Valley College – Bakersfield

Cellan Central Valley is a Bakersfield-based private health college. And the seventh in our list of best colleges in Bakersfield It was founded in 2011 and has since helped many students, particularly those in Bakersfield, achieve academic success in their chosen fields.

After graduation, a large majority of the college’s students are easily placed in the healthcare industry. This is due to the school’s exceptional academic record.

Top Certification include:

  1. Nursing Assistant Training Program.
  2. Basic Life Support Certification
  3. Home Health Aide Training Program.
  4. Continuing Education Units

Average Tuition Fee: $27,000

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8. University of Phoenix – Bakersfield Campus

This is the eighth top best colleges in Bakersfield. The University of Phoenix, or UoPX, is a for-profit university based in Phoenix, Arizona, with campuses in other parts of the country.

Because of the engaging student experience on their Bakersfield campus, the institution made our list of finest colleges in Bakersfield.

They provide training in over 23 areas, including majors that are applicable to a variety of academic degrees.

The cost of learning at the University of Phoenix – Bakersfield campus has been reduced to $10,000, depending on the course of study.

In addition to various support initiatives, the school also offers scholarships to students at their Bakersfield campus.

Top majors include:

  1. Social Sciences
  2. Nursing
  3. Business Administration
  4. Arts
  5. Education Studies

Average Tuition Fee: $30,000

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9. UEI College Bakersfield

UEI College Bakersfield is the second to last in our list of best colleges in Bakersfield. In Bakersfield, UEI College Bakersfield is a renowned career advancement college. UEI has demonstrated excellence and commitment to quality education to students and scholars, from assistance to an advanced practical approach to learning.

Students benefit from a 30:1 student-to-teacher ratio, which allows them to fully immerse themselves in intimate learning experiences with their instructors. They also provide scholarships to meritorious College students.

Top majors include:

  1. Automotive Technician
  2. Business Office Administration
  3. Criminal Justice Studies
  4. Dental Assistant
  5. Electrician Technician

Average Tuition Fee: $15,000

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10. San Joaquin Valley College Bakersfield

Here we conclude our list of best colleges in Bakersfield. San Joaquin Valley College offers a rich online learning experience in addition to its physical campuses.

Basically, San Joaquin Valley College is on our list of finest colleges in Bakersfield because of the educational training that they have been able to provide in the Bakersfield area.

All of the programs are accredited, and students have access to world-class facilities and resources at all times.

SJVC offers professional advancement programs as well as a staff of highly qualified academicians who are always available to help and encourage students.

Top programs include:

  1. Pharmacy Technician Studies
  2. Medical Assistant Studies
  3. Dental Assistant Studies
  4. Vocational Studies.

Average Tuition Fee: $24,000

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