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Work Study in UK: 5 Types of Visa to Apply For in 2024

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Being able to Work Study in UK while you are still in school is a unique luxury. Therefore, after graduating, the majority of students in the UK frequently return home.

Students looking to launch their foreign careers find the UK to be an appealing location because you can stay there for years after graduation.

However, if you are an international student, you may see the five different types of visas you need to apply for here when you graduate.

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Work Study in UK

What is the Work Study in UK Visa for Graduates in the UK?

After graduating, this visa enables international students to remain in the UK and look for employment. It is good for a maximum of two years.

Students with a work-study visa can find employment within the first two years of graduation.

This will eventually enable them to obtain a standard work visa.

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Who is Eligible for a Work Study in UK Visa?

Students who qualified for the work study in UK visa were PhD holders prior to the provision of the new PSW visa to all graduates since the UK was and is currently in the business of expanding its STEM industry disciplines.

The visa’s original validity was just for four months, however it has since been increased to two years.


What happens when a Work Study in UK visa expires?

It appears that for graduates, the study-work visa is not tied to a certain employer.

When you graduate and go to the UK, you can work at any employment for two years. If your study work visa expires after that time, you can then apply for a standard work visa.


Types of Work Study in UKS Visa

After graduating, non-EU students who intend to stay in the UK must apply for a work visa through UK Visas and Immigration.

1. Tier 2 (General) Visa

One of the work study in UK visa is the tier 2 general. The principal visa to stay and work in the UK after you graduate is this one. Recent graduates with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. from an accredited UK university are eligible to apply.

You must have an offer of a skilled employment from an authorized employer and make at least £20,800 before you can apply.

Holders of Tier 2 visas may apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK after five years of employment if they meet the wage requirements (£35,000) and other pertinent eligibility requirements.

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Work Study in UK

2. Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Visa

When talking about work study in UK visa tier 1 (graduate entrepreneur) is on of them. All students working on a top-notch business idea are eligible for this visa option.

You must sign up and receive approval from your university as having the potential to launch your own company in the UK.

This rule is applicable to all graduates from any subject area.


3. Tier 4 (Student) Visa

Tier 4 (student) visa is among the work study in UK. If you are about to finish your Ph.D. in a UK higher education institution, you may seek to stay in the country for an additional 12 months after the end of your study.

Although your university will sponsor you, you will have complete, unrestricted employment rights, with the exception of a few regulated professions like medicine and dentistry.

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4. Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme

A two-year work plan permit can be applied for by citizens of certain countries.

The required age range for residents of Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand is 18 to 30.

A certificate of sponsorship and maintenance is required for those who are of the Hong Kong, Korean, and Taiwanese nationalities.

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5. Tier 5 Temporary Worker/GAE

Another Work Study in UK is the tier 5 temporary worker/GAE. In UK on the You can work for a maximum of 12 or 24 months with this study-work visa, depending on the program you’re applying for.

After completing their studies, international students in the UK can pursue internships and work experience in the country by applying for the Tier 5 (Government Authorized Exchange) visa.

From within the UK, you can submit an application to switch from your Tier 4 visa to this one.


Various Additional Visas

You can apply for a variety of additional visas in the UK, and your eligibility will depend on your position.

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Work Study in UK

Questions and Answers on Work Study in UK

Describe the work study in UK visa.

With this visa, international students can stay and work in the UK after they graduate for up to two years.

Can I stay in the UK once I graduate from college?

Yes. After graduating, you can go as far as working in the UK, but only for two years.

Is it challenging to find work in the UK?

Due to stricter visa regulations than before, finding employment in the UK is now more challenging. However, in order to obtain employment, you must obtain a visa from a company that has a sponsor certificate.

You were informed in the article’s introduction that a degree from the UK can set you apart from the competition. Don’t you think it’s great that you used that certificate so well over in the UK? View the many visa categories available to you and learn what to do when they expire.

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