Where To Find TEFL Teaching Materials

Where To Find TEFL Teaching Materials

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So, you have landed your first job teaching, whether that be in the UK, abroad, in a language school, summer school, international school or university setting. Normally, there will be a resource room with a wealth of materials or even a course syllabus to follow where you are provided with materials to use. However, books are usually used as guides and therefore you are expected to supplement books and materials given with other materials and resources.

So, where do you look for interesting and effective TEFL materials for the classroom which are professionally prepared or created by experienced TEFL teachers.

Below are some online websites which you can browse in order to be able to find appropriate materials and resources that you can use to supplement a course which will enable you to add dynamism and interest to your classes.

With 8 years of experience teaching in the UK and abroad to a range of ages and levels, I have experience of using many different online websites and I would therefore like to share my knowledge and provide you with online websites that you can use. These will hopefully be useful to you especially if you are just starting out as a TEFL teacher.

Here are my top 5 websites:

  1.   Linguahouse.com

This is one of my favourite websites which provides an extensive library of materials for TEFL teachers and schools. It provides materials that are professionally prepared for teachers and cover a range of interesting, topical materials which will definitely spark interest for your students and cater for their different interests. 

The materials cover a range of different skills including listening, reading and speaking skills and also a whole raft of different grammar topics which are taught in a meaningful way and in interesting contexts. The materials are more suited for adults and teenagers and materials are tailored to all levels.

It is now required that you pay for a subscription to access the bank of materials but in my opinion the price is well-worth the cost. 

  1.   Teachthis.com

This is another excellent website which I highly recommend using. It is also one which you have to pay a subscription for but it again is well-worth the great-value cost. You can choose to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription and the yearly subscription enables you to download the entire resource bank. 

There is an abundance of materials suitable for teenagers and adults and again cover a range of relevant topics. The grammar resource bank is particularly useful as it includes materials which cover different grammar topics where students can practise the different skills while studying the new grammar point. 

  1.   OnestopEnglish.com

OnestopEnglish is another useful website amongst TEFL teaching professionals alike. It is an incredibly good value for money website at just £1.75 a month to access a full library of resources.  There is a plethora of materials that are suited to children, teenagers and adults. 

What I particularly like about this website is that there are news lessons that include articles taken from the Guardian which really challenge the more able learners. There is also a section on personal development which covers a range of different areas to develop as a teacher including some useful tips. There is also a section on online teaching which is also worth looking at.

  1.   ISLcollective.com

ISL Collective is a great TEFL sharing website which allows language teachers from all over the world to share their own materials that they have created themselves. The website is completely free and you only have to create an account to subscribe. It also has different platforms for teaching different languages. So, if you are a creative teacher who would like to share materials with other teachers from around the globe, then I really recommend this website.

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  1.   Learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org

The British Council website is a great for enabling students to practise the four different skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing. There are materials available at the different levels from A1-C1 level in the European framework. The resources and materials cater for different learners’ interests and focus on improving the different skill areas.

Learnenglishteens is especially designed for teenagers and has some topical materials that can enthuse and motivate teenage learners.  This is an especially effective website if you are looking for interesting videos and blog posts that can spark some interesting discussions and enrich students’ learning. Therefore, they learn more advanced vocabulary and colloquial language.

  1.   ESLbrains.com

ESLbrains is a popular teaching website amongst TEFL teachers and provides professionally-prepared materials that are especially designed for adult learners at all levels from beginner to proficiency level. 

What I really like about this website is that the topics and content cover some current issues that will really spark interest for your learners and will enable your students to learn English while learning about global issues.

The carefully-designed lesson plans include some very interesting videos that are taken from TED talks which include influential videos that are taken from professional speakers covering topics such as education, business and science. This website again requires a paid subscription but I believe it is well-worth the cost. 

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Of course, I believe that if you are the creative TEFL teacher you may like to design your own materials for the classroom. Resources including EFL textbook materials can be adapted and I believe it can be highly gratifying to come up with you own resources and materials for the classroom.  

These can be used individually, appreciated by other teachers or shared on online TEFL websites such as ISL Collective or ESL printables.com, which is another website in which you can share materials with other teachers.


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