Top 8 Types of Graphic Design Careers to Explore

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Top eighth types of graphic design careers to explore is what we have to discuss in this article. Are you thinking about a career in graphic design? Although graphic design is occasionally considered to be a single discipline, there are really many different specializations within the discipline. While some graphic designers are generalists and can handle several project kinds, others focus on more specialized areas of graphic design.

Read on to learn about the most sought-after career choices for graphic designers in 2023, whether you’re a novice who wants to learn how to become one or an experienced professional looking to change careers.


What is Graphic Design?

Before we continue to the types of graphic design careers to explore, lets get to define graphic design here.

The art or profession of producing visual information that conveys messages to an audience is known as graphic design, sometimes known as visual communication design.

Line, shape, color, typography, texture, size, and shape are examples of graphic design elements.


Which type of graphic design career is for you?

In this section we discuss about how to make choices of the graphic design career to go for, before we continue to the list of types of graphic design careers to explore.

You should bear in mind that those who do have a focused speciality may frequently command higher pricing and are often more in demand for the work that they perform, regardless of whether you decide to become a jack of all trades or specialize in a certain type of graphic design.

Whatever design career you decide to pursue, keep in mind that you should create a strong design portfolio that showcases the kinds of work you want to get hired for. To create a quick portfolio and be prepared for new chances, sign up for Dribbble Pro right away.


Best Platforms To Learn Graphic Designs Online

1. Udemy

2. Skillshare

3. Coursera



Top 8 Types of Graphic Design Careers to Explore

From Here Down Is The Full List Of Top 8 Types of Graphic Design Careers to Explore

1. Packaging Design

Packaging Design here tops our list of types of graphic design careers to explore. Packaging is necessary for tangible goods. Someone has to create everything, from cereal boxes to the tags on designer apparel. Packaging designers can help with it.

To build packages that compel people to make purchases, these graphic designers need a solid understanding of branding as well as consumer behavioral psychology.

They must be knowledgeable about all applicable laws and regulations regarding the information that must appear on packaging, as well as color theory and typography (such as nutrition information).


2. Web & User Interface Design

This is the second top rated of all the types of graphic design careers to explore. Websites and apps are designed by web and UI designers. They must be well-versed in design ideas, as well as in user experience design and fundamental coding concepts.

Web and UI designers are more valuable members of any design team even though they may not actually do any coding since they are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the code that underpins websites and apps.

Working on tasks like landing pages, marketing websites, app designs, gaming interfaces, or WordPress sites may be your lot as a graphic designer with a focus on web design or user interfaces.

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3. Print & Publication Design

At the third best rated of types of graphic design careers to explore, we have Print and Publication Design here.

In the past, graphic designers only worked in the print industry, and there will still be a large demand for this type of print design work in 2023.

In the print and publishing industries, graphic designers must be familiar with both the rules of excellent design and the technical requirements for producing print-ready files. They also need to be well-versed in typography, color theory, and which kinds of photos are most effective in print-versus-digital settings.


4. Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design here tops our fourth list of types of graphic design careers to explore. Most people instinctively think about creating logos when they think about graphic design. However, brand identity is a more comprehensive subfield of graphic design, and logo design is but one component of it.

Identity designers also develop the overall look and feel of a company’s visual presence in addition to logo design. As part of this, they develop color schemes, choose the kinds of photos a business will employ, choose the font, and produce additional supporting visual components.

The visual identity of the businesses for which they work is created by brand identity designers. In order to direct the work of other designers, such as marketing designers and web designers, they are typically in charge of developing brand style and usage rules.


5. Marketing & Advertising Design

This is the fifth in our list of types of graphic design careers to explore. Marketing and advertising designs are essential components of every company’s promotional strategy, whether they appear in print or online.

Graphic designers working in these fields need to have a good grasp of behavioral psychology when it comes to purchasing behavior because the purpose of marketing and advertising is to persuade consumers to buy or sign up for a product or service.

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6. Lettering & Type Design

At the sixth top rated of all the types of graphic design careers to explore, we have Lettering & Type Design.

Lettering and type design are a sometimes underappreciated aspect of graphic design. These graphic artists produce anything from hand-lettered designs to typefaces and fonts.

Designers of type and lettering must have a solid understanding of typographic principles, including what makes a typeface readable and how elements like kerning and line-height affect the readability of a typographic design as a whole.

In addition to wordmark logos, hand-lettering artists frequently design signs, flyers, murals, and other items. They have the option of using digital or hand-drawn designs.

However, font designers frequently place a greater emphasis on developing typefaces (though they may also create one-off custom projects). The work that lettering and type designers do often overlaps.


7. Graphic illustration

Graphic illustration is another best choice when it comes to types of graphic design careers to explore. Illustration may not come to mind when you first think of graphic design. But in 2023, firms will still need unique illustration work—also known as product illustration—for their online presence, so graphic illustrators will be in high demand.

Typically, graphic illustrators are entrusted with producing graphics for editorial and commercial use, as well as for use on websites and social media. These graphic designers frequently utilize digital tools to make their illustrations, but some may also employ more traditional analog techniques before digitizing their artwork.


8. Data Visualization & Infographic Designer

Here we conclude our list of types of graphic design careers to explore. Designers of data visualization and infographics must have a thorough understanding of how to effectively and understandably depict data.

You must be able to work with enormous data sets and present that information in a way that is understandable to those who aren’t data scientists if you want to work in this type of graphic design position.

Infographic and data visualization designers benefit from having at least a basic understanding of and experience in data science. The more thoroughly they comprehend the information they are presenting, the better ready they are to transform it into understandable pictures.

Both static and interactive infographics and data visualizations are possible (such as those used in dashboards).




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