top strength and weakness list for job interview

Top Strength and Weakness List for Job Interview

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Top strength and weakness list for job interview: Inquiring about the top strength and weakness list for job interview is a frequent practice for hiring managers.

Your answer carries weight, just like any question. Your capacity to complete the task at hand will be assessed throughout the interview. Consider this an opportunity to showcase your strengths and exhibit a growth mentality.

Everybody has both positive and negative qualities. You have the chance to give a specific example of how you use your strengths to stand out and how you fight to overcome any deficiencies that are pertinent to the role when you respond to this question.

This article includes tips to help you respond intelligently to the topic, discusses why interviewers ask it, and provides examples of strengths and weaknesses.

top strength and weakness list for job interview

why interviewers inquire about applicants’ strengths and weaknesses

The interviewer might learn more about your personality and working style by asking you this frequently asked question. Hiring managers assess a few aspects when you describe your top strength and weakness. strengths and limitations, including:

  • How you go about doing a self-evaluation
  • Whether you are conscious of your favorable qualities and how you apply them at work
  • Whether or not you can discuss your shortcomings and how you’ve tried to overcome them
  • How your qualities and skills will complement those of the existing team members

Strategies for talking about strengths

Consider this query from the perspective of the recruiting manager at first, if you think it will be useful.

What attributes or skills are required for this particular position? If you want to fit in with a critical competence listed in the job description, think about how you can best utilize your strengths.

Be assured in your skills. Being a little cocky is okay. Here’s your time to emphasize why you’d be a fantastic candidate for the position.

Give an example of how you’ve used one or two of your strongest qualities at work. Better yet, if you can provide data to support this. As you develop your response, consider the following two questions:

Why are you skilled at X?

How may X benefit you at work?

A sample response structure is provided below:

I possess [STRENGTH]. I discovered this via [HOW YOU DEVELOPED STRENGTH] and was able to [IMPACT of STRENGTH] at my current/previous job/experience.

Think about the traits you exhibit that are positive and the abilities you have that are useful in the workplace as you approach this issue. Here is a list of advantages to think about:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Detail-oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Passionate
  • Problem solver
  • Flexible
  • Patient
  • Honest
  • Dedicated
  • Positive
  • Able to lead
  • Expert in a particular skill or software


Sample responses to “What are your strengths?”

These illustrations can help you understand the many kinds of structured responses. They show that you are self-assured in this talent and that you intend to apply it to succeed in this particular role.


1. Collaborative

One of the top strength and weakness list for job interview bothers on collaboration. I work well with others.

Working in teams has always been something I’ve appreciated, and it’s one of my best qualities of top strength and weakness list for job interview. In my former position as a marketing research analyst, I oversaw a project that encompassed numerous stakeholders, focus groups, and in-depth field research.

This experience taught me how to motivate others under pressure. The client built a sustainable (both financially and environmentally) product using our recommendations.

2. Technical know-how

Technical know-how is among the top strength and weakness list for job interview. I enjoy keeping up with the latest developments in the tech sector.

I am quite familiar with SAP thanks to my current position, thus I can foresee issues before they happen.

In my personal life, I enjoy playing with gadgets, and this quality has been helpful in the office when I take the time to get to know a piece of software or program thoroughly.

3. Detail-oriented

This is one of the top strength and weakness list for job interview. As a content creator, I enjoy coming up with fresh ideas for how to connect with our audience.

But my attention to detail is what I’m most renowned for. I give word choice a lot of thought because I think that it can elevate a composition from excellent to great (and I never miss a deadline).

My blogs and articles frequently rank highly in Google searches and receive lots of traffic.

4. Positive attitude

A positive attitude is one of the top strength and weakness list for job interview. One of my talents is unquestionably my positive outlook.

In the last ten years, I’ve worked as a tutor, a health aide, and a waitress—all positions that need a lot of stamina and energy. I have the ability to look at an issue from various angles and sympathize with my patients, students, and clients to comprehend their requirements at any given time.

5. Solving problems

One of the top strength and weakness list for job interview is the solving problems.

I am a quick learner who strives to find solutions. Because my team couldn’t secure a contract unless we delivered the blueprints promptly and with as few resources as possible, I developed my ability to work well under pressure when developing equipment in my profession as an electrical engineer.

I am not hesitant to enquire in order to solve the problem in these situations. To be extra prepared, I conduct in-depth research for each customer.


Strategies for talking about weaknesses

Weaknesses are an inherent aspect of being human. However, your ability to identify a weakness and take steps to improve it may end up being a strength.

The secret to discussing your shortcomings is to tie self-awareness to an action and a result:

  • What is the weak point?
  • What steps have you taken to get better?
  • How has that advancement helped you in your work?

You should be ready for the possibility that your interviewer may approach this issue in a variety of ways. There could be variations like:

  • What do your coworkers and present management consider to be your greatest weakness?
  • What one aspect of yourself would you change, if anything?
  • How do you learn from your mistakes?
  • What areas of your career do you think need the most work?

Employers will be attracted to your maturity and ambition if you can demonstrate that you are aware of a particular weakness and have taken steps to improve. Here is an example of a response’s format:

I once struggled with [WEAKNESS]. I’ve been attempting to handle this by [ACTION], and I’ve noticed improvement as a result of [IMPACT].

Select a weakness when getting ready to talk about your flaws that will allow you to show improvement and a desire to learn. The following weaknesses are some from which you could choose your remedy:

  • Self-critical
  • Insecure
  • Disorganized
  • Prone to procrastination
  • Uncomfortable with public speaking
  • Uncomfortable with delegating tasks
  • Risk-averse
  • Competitive
  • Sensitive/emotional
  • Extreme introversion or extroversion
  • Limited experience in a particular skill or software

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top strength and weakness list for job interview

Sample responses to top strength and weakness list for job interview “What are your weaknesses?”

It’s reasonable to feel awkward about the idea of disclosing your flaws to a potential employer.

But keep in mind that this is a chance to demonstrate your capacity to objectively evaluate your work, positively react to criticism, and consistently improve—qualities that are crucial in virtually any profession.

You may find the samples below helpful in creating your response.

1. Self-criticism

Self-criticism is one of the top strength and weakness list for job interview. I am quite hard on myself sometimes, which can result in negative self-talk and eventual burnout.

By writing down my goals, objectives, and important outcomes as well as making time to recognize both significant and minor accomplishments, I’ve discovered that I can stay away from this.

I am better able to prioritize my most important work thanks to this, which also helps me concentrate on how I’m helping the team.

2. Fear of public speaking

Top strength and weakness list for job interview for weakness is fear of public speaking. I am a shy person by nature. I have always been anxious giving presentations in front of the class since I was a little child, and that anxiety carried over to the workplace.

I was requested to present a significant project I oversaw to the board a few years ago. I was really anxious, but I understood that I had to get over my anxiety. To practice public speaking, I joined Toastmasters.

This not only helped me get through that first presentation, but it also boosted my leadership confidence. I’m currently assisting my own team in honing their presentation skills.

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3. Procrastination

Among the top strength and weakness list for job interview procrastination is one of them. I’ve long had a horrible tendency of procrastinating. To be honest, I believe it originates from a fear of failing.

Success in my previous position as a real estate agent depended on my ability to keep track of appointments and important documents. To better manage my time, I started utilizing Google Calendar and tools like Trello.

I find that checking things off my to-do list gives me a sense of accomplishment, and I’ve learned to take on more difficult jobs in the morning when I’m more alert and less likely to put them off.

4. Issues with delegating tasks

Issues with delegation tasks is one of the top strength and weakness list for job interview. Due to my tendency toward perfection, I occasionally find it difficult to assign work to my team members.

As a result, too much has been taken on. I’ve made an effort as a manager to be deliberate about identifying the skills of folks on my team and assigning activities that play to their abilities.

It was challenging at first, but I’ve learned that by setting clear goals and having faith in my team, they step up to the plate and I can manage projects more effectively.

5. Lack of experience with skill or software

One of the top strength and weakness list for job interview is lack of experience with skill or software. I wish I had more Python experience, but I don’t.

I realized that in order to conduct effective analysis, I would need to use a statistical programming language when I made the decision to transition into data analytics.

I enrolled in a Python for Everyone course and have discovered that I really enjoy it. I can’t wait to start using the methods I’m learning to improve the productivity of my workflow.

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