St Marys Law School Acceptance Rate

St Marys Law School Acceptance Rate 2024

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St Marys Law School acceptance rate is what we are going to discuss here in full detail. St. Mary’s University School of Law has taught more than just legal theory since it was established in 1927. We give aspiring attorneys the know-how to succeed and the principles to guide them in a more just society.

The seventh-largest US city and a thriving cultural center is San Antonio, Texas, where St. Mary’s Law is situated. We are the only Catholic law school in Texas, and our goal is to produce lawyers who are leaders in their fields—advocates who are committed to doing good deeds and have a strong moral sense. Justice matters to us. The 500 alumni of the university who have held elected or judicial offices have continued this history of public service.

The law school offers a part-time online program in addition to the customary full-time day program because it is conscious of the need to uphold a tradition of excellence in legal education while developing innovative programs and techniques for a changing world. The cutting-edge Law Success Program, which comes with a cutting-edge legal skills curriculum, has also been introduced by St. Mary’s Law.

The Law Success Program gives students the tools they need to succeed on their law school exams, pass the bar exam, and begin their legal careers.


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Law students undergo a thorough orientation program before their first year that evaluates their reading, comprehension, and critical thinking skills as well as introduces them to the attitudes and behaviors required for studying law.

Students are given a first-year coach during their first year, and they participate in a cohort style to learning with their classmates. During the second and third years of education, the curriculum, individualized instruction, and assessment are all maintained.

St Marys Law School Acceptance Rate

For 2024, the St. Mary’s University School of Law’s LSAT and GPA graph

The graphs display applicant performance against LSAT and GPA. The 25/50/75th percentiles listed by the school in their ABA 509 report from the previous year are represented by the dotted lines on the graphs.

Each data point corresponds to an LSD user who shared the results of their application with other users in order to help upcoming candidates.


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St Marys Law School Acceptance Rate


Admission Selection: More Than Just the Numbers

Service, leadership, and aptitude. St. Mary’s is searching for all of these qualities in prospective students. St. Mary’s is dedicated to having a varied student body as well, and it has been noted that its student body is among the most diverse in the country.

We start by taking a comprehensive approach to the application review process. No application is automatically turned down because it doesn’t meet the LSAT or GPA requirements. A faculty committee evaluates each application in an effort to identify the perfect applicant who not only exhibits academic excellence but also shows promise in the professional and leadership spheres.


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Key Statistics for St. Mary’s University School of Law

1,591 applicants submitted applications for the 2022 cycle, and 771 received admission offers.

With a yield of 33.07%, St. Mary’s University’s 1L class size is 259 students. 771 candidates were offered admission; 255 accepted the offer, making the percentage of those admitted to the institution 33.07%.

The median LSAT score for St. Mary’s University’s 1L class is 153. The LSAT’s 25th and 75th percentiles are 150 and 155 respectively.

3.36 is the median GPA. The 25th percentile and 75th percentile GPAs are 2.97 and 3.59 respectively.


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Bar Passage and Career Placement

The Office of Career Services at the School of Law helps law students and recent graduates with their job search by presenting them with career possibilities, outlining job-search tactics, and setting them up with potential employers.

Students will have one-on-one meetings with the career services director so they can create a customized strategy to achieve their career objectives.

At job fairs or by getting to know alumni who are actively involved in career programs and networking events all year long, students can network with possible employers.

Students can start their careers in legal and unconventional areas by using the Student Resource Center’s extensive library of career materials and attorney directories.

84.5 percent of graduates from the class of 2024 who reported their employment status were employed, and 82.25 percent of those employed held jobs requiring bar admission.

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