RIP Quotes For Aunt

RIP Quotes For Aunt

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What we have here to discuss is the list of top RIP quotes for aunt who we love and miss their absence so much as a result of death. Are you grieving your dear aunt’s passing? We have the best selection of loss of an aunt quotes, sayings, messages, poems, cards, status, captions, (with images, and photographs) to help you cope with the loss of your favorite aunt. If you’re looking for condolence messages and RIP quotes for your aunt, look no further.

An aunt and niece or nephew have a very close relationship. Your aunt is there for you whenever you need her as a confidante, companion, and advisor. It breaks your heart to lose your dear aunt. You experience unfathomable sadness and pain as a result.




RIP Quotes For Aunt

From Here Down Is The Full List Of The Top RIP Quotes For Aunt

1. “My AUNT is an angel in heaven watching over me,” I said. In peace, please.

2. May God keep you in the palm of his hand till we next meet.

3. There are no farewells. Wherever you go, you’ll always have a place in my heart.

4. “Time softens the sharpness of sorrow, but memory rewinds every leaf,”

5. “An aunt is a gift whose value can only be determined by the heart,”

6. Beautiful recollections of an aunt are maintained in silence. We deeply loved them and will never forget them.

7. “I blow kisses to heaven to my beautiful Aunt every day,”

8. An aunt is a wonderful person to adore with love, think of with pride, and remember with tenderness.


Still One The List Of Top RIP Quotes For Aunt


RIP Quotes For Aunt


9. “I’m so glad I found you; now you won’t ever leave me because I’ll always find you in the beauty of life,”

10. “I found you concealed in the protection of the trees. Then I saw you again in the flower’s grin.

11. We were heartbroken to lose you, but you were never truly gone alone since a part of us went with you the day God called you home.

12. “We had a great aunt who never actually aged; her heart was solid gold, and her grin was made of sunshine.”

13. “May the gentle winds of Heaven blow in your ear, whispering. How much we adore, miss, and long for you to be here. Adieu, Auntie.

14. “Today, I thought I caught a glimpse of her face in the early sun’s glint. Her work on Earth is complete, the angel then declared.

15. “My darling aunt, you are unique, priceless, and dear! Every year, our love and thoughts for you get stronger.

16. Those we love don’t leave us; they remain by our sides every day, unseen and unheard, but never far from our hearts and still dearly cherished.

17. “I am the fast, uplifting rush of calm birds in circling flight when you awaken in the morning hush. I am the delicate stars at night.

18. “Therefore, don’t imagine we’re far apart when tomorrow begins without me. I’m here in your heart every time you think of me.

19. “Aunt, without you I would have missed a lot of opportunities, could not have done things, and I don’t think I would have been the person I am today.”


Still One The List Of Top RIP Quotes For Aunt


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20. “Even though her smile is lost forever and I am unable to hold her hand, I still have so many wonderful memories of the person I adored. I’ll always have my memento of her as a keepsake. She is in God’s care, and she is in my heart. Not forgotten, but sadly missed.

21. For an exceptional aunt. Every time we get to talk, it’s a pleasure. You are a unique aunt who is unbeatable. You will always be my top priority; your generosity and affection cannot be overlooked. Our entire lives together, we’ve had a lot of fun together. Additionally, having an aunt like you is a real pleasure.

22. “Today, I had you on my mind, but that is nothing new. Yesterday and the days before that, I also had thoughts about you. I often say your name in silence and think of you. I only have my recollections and a framed photo of you. I’ll never be able to separate myself from my memories of you. I have you in my heart, and God has you in His arms.

23. “The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same.

Nor should you be the same nor would you want to.” “It’s amazing the things you realize when you lose someone: you get mad at yourself for not saying the things you could’ve a million times, you take for granted the days spent doing nothing when you could have been with them. Anyone can be taken, at any time in our lives, but we always wait until they’re gone to say the things-we-never-had-the-courage-to-before.”




RIP Quotes For Aunt


24. “A light from our family has vanished, a voice we cherished has been silenced, and a space in the house has been vacant and will never be filled. We must grieve the loss of one that we would have given anything to keep, but God, who undoubtedly loved her the most, has ultimately put her to sleep. Having filled our ears with her love, pleasure, and song for a lifetime. These wonderful recollections are gifts from God to us to get us through our tears.

25. It’s that time of year again, Auntie, when I seem to miss you more because I can’t see your happy smile come through my door. I am aware that you are watching over me from heaven, and I know who the best angel in God’s presence would be. However, I will continue to reflect on all the past events and will always be aware that your love for me was unconditional.

27. “Until we cross paths again, an eternal memory. If only I could have you back for just a little bit, those wonderful memories of you would make me smile forever. Then we could talk again as we used to since you have always meant a lot and always will. Even though I will always be sad that you are gone, you will always be in my heart till we are reunited.

28. “With sincere compassion, I hope you will understand that even though these few words express it, we are thinking of you and praying for you. Many people who knew your loved one well share your grief. Therefore, you are in our minds far more than words can express. Just the same words to express how much we care. As we hold you close in prayer, may you sense the power of God.


Still One The List Of Top RIP Quotes For Aunt




29. “A lasting recollection… Without you, life is not the same. Even though the sun still rises in the east and the nights are still dark, nothing seems exactly the same anymore. Each day is also not as bright. It won’t ever be the same world without you, even though the birds continue to sing, the flowers flourish, and the breeze continues to whisper. It’s very unfortunate that you had to leave; your departure caused such suffering, yet you were really exceptional, and heaven gained something by losing you.

30. ‘My Aunt’ My aunt recently passed away, which caused me much pain today. Despite the fact that we haven’t spoken in a while, she helped to improve my upbringing by being there and showing me affection. She wasn’t too old nor too young, but the day she was diagnosed with fatal diabetes, illness started to follow her everywhere. I smile broadly with my lips whenever I think about her. My awakening to the basic realities of life following her passing led me to the realization that heart connection, rather than blood relationship, counts more.

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