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20 Must Watch Movies on Psychology 2024

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Must watch movies on psychology: The world around us has a profound impact on how we think, and we live in an incredibly innovative moment. Without a doubt, movies would be at the top of the list of must watch movies on psychology if we thought about other factors that have a similar influence.

Movies now have a significant influence on one’s psychological capacities because they have become an integral part of life.

The cinema has produced a vast array of timeless works that have masterfully shown the complex inner workings of the mind, the shifts in human behavior, the numerous human personality types, along with their pathologies, and more! Here is our ranking of the top psychological films in case you’re in the mood for an exhilarating dosage of such masterpieces.


20 Must Watch Movies on Psychology

Over the years, some excellent films about psychology and the human mind have been produced. Here are a few of the most notable must watch movies on psychology films to date:

  1. A Dangerous Method
  2. The Tree of Life
  3. Girl, Interrupted
  4. Shutter Island
  5. Fractured
  6. Insomnia
  7. A Beautiful Mind
  8. The Blind Side
  9. Joker
  10. Seven
  11. Zodiac
  12. Horse Girl
  13. All I See is You
  14. The Gift
  15. Wildling
  16. 12 Angry Men
  17. Driving Miss Daisy
  18. The Notebook
  19. Ordinary People
  20. Rain Main

must watch movies on psychology

Top 10 Hollywood Movies on Psychology

here are must watch movies on psychology on Hollywood.

  1. 12 Angry Men
  2. 28 Days
  3. A Beautiful Mind
  4. The Blind Side
  5. Driving Miss Daisy
  6. Enough
  7. Good Will Hunting
  8. The Hurricane
  9. Identity
  10. Memento

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Top 10 Movies on Psychology Bollywood

Here are the must watch movies on psychology on Bollywood

  1. Karthik Calling Karthik
  2. Table No. 21
  3. Fan
  4. Phobia
  5. Raman Raghav 2.0
  6. Game Over
  7. Drishyam
  8. Kahaani
  9. Ugly
  10. Talvar


10 Most Popular Netflix Movies on Psychology

Top 10 must watch movies on psychology on Netflix.

  1. Joker
  2. Haseen Dillruba
  3. Run
  4. Seven
  5. Zodiac
  6. Mirage
  7. The Platform
  8. Talaash
  9. The woman in the window
  10. The Game


1. A Dangerous Method

This is one of the must watch movies on psychology. The story of the relationship between Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and Jung (Michael Fassbender) and a woman named Sabina (Keira Knightley) who had an impact on them two is told in David Cronenberg’s film A Dangerous Method.

It is a lovely film that explores our nature and our unending desires, as well as how to deal with them. No amount of guilt can undo the impression it leaves on the spectator.

must watch movies on psychology

2. The Tree of Life

The tree of life is one of the must watch movies on psychology. Through one of the best psychological films, renowned American director of photography Terrence Malick captured a scene interacting with both the exotic and mental aspects of human presence.

The film opens with the way American families used to live in the 20th century and shows the difficult relationship between a young boy named Jack O’Brien and his father, which eventually causes him to have an existential crisis as he tries to make meaning of his upbringing.

You might cry while watching the movie because it takes you through a range of emotions.

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3. Girl, Interrupted

Another must watch movies on psychology is the girl, interrupted. Susanna Kaysen was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder-a in 1967 following a consultation with a therapist she had never observed.

Her parents brought her to a famous New England mental health clinic because she was experiencing adverse effects, and there she had life-altering interactions with teenage girls.

Susanna becomes lost in the underworld of seductive and distressed young women there, which is reminiscent of Oz. It highlights the delicate nature of the human mind and has been hailed as one of the best psychological films ever made.


4. Shutter Island

Shutter Island is one of the must watch movies on psychology on the list. Martin Scorsese’s portrayal of the incredible tale of a murderess in the classic American work Shutter Island is a masterpiece.

In order to discover the location of a woman who had vanished from a cell, the U.S. Marshall Teddy visits a mental hospital located in the remote territory of Windswept Island.

The breathtaking psychological thriller gradually reveals the crimes committed at the asylum.

must watch movies on psychology

5. Fractured (2019)

Sam Worthington plays a parent who is trying to get a handle on reality in the film Fractured, a prominent inclusion on the list of the top psychological thrillers.

The first scene of Fractured shows Ray and Peri, a couple with a young daughter, rushing to a neighboring hospital on a highway for emergency care.

The main character, Ray, is shocked when his family mysteriously disappears while he believes his daughter is receiving treatment at a clinic.

Ray looks into what happened to his wife and daughter out of desperation and love for the family.

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6. Insomnia

This is one of the must watch movies on psychology on the list. The well-known Christopher Nolan-directed film Insomnia tells the compelling tale of a criminologist dispatched to Alaska to investigate the murder of a high school student.

The main suspect in the case puzzles him as he investigates the case of the little child through a mental game of cat and mouse.

As the investigator continues his inquiry, he gradually realizes how exposed he has become to serious threats to his life.

7. A Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind is one of the must watch movies on psychology. The story of John Nash Jr., a student at Princeton University in the United States, is one that Ron Howard directed.

He works hard to make a reputation for himself in mathematics. Finally, he makes a significant discovery that will earn him the Nobel Prize.

The plot twist is when Nash develops paranoia and, with the aid of her lady love, is able to regain his mental stability.


8. The Blind Side

This is one of the must watch movies on psychology on the list. The Blindside, starring Sandra Bullock, is the tale of a damaged youngster who eventually becomes everybody’s favorite American football player. Additionally, the film received an Oscar nomination.

A actual story served as the inspiration for the film. The youngster is given a loving home, a tutor, and all of life’s basics after being adopted by an American family. The boy becomes an NFL player with the help of his family.

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9. Joker

This is another movie on the article on must watch movies on psychology is the joker. Joker, which was published in the year 2019, had a profound effect on everyone. It tells the tale of a young boy’s transformation into Gotham City’s Joker. Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill comedian who plays the Joker, is abused by people and is drawn to crime as a result.

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