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How to Write a Retail Resume? Are you looking forward to getting hired as a store manager? Do you wish to switch jobs and apply for an upper-level position in the retail field?

If yes, you should know how important it is to take the first step right, i.e., to write an attention-grabbing retail resume.

You don’t need to wonder how to write a retail resume anymore, as we are here with this blog to shed light on the tips that can help you create a job-winning resume. So let’s get started without any further delay!

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Get Started with the Right Resume Template

The first step you need to take before you begin writing a retail resume is to find a suitable resume template. A resume works as a way to market yourself in front of the employer; therefore, you can’t just list down who you are and what you have done on a blank paper.

Choosing the right resume template for retailers doesn’t need to be a hectic task. You can access an online CV builder free and get your hands on the best resume template. This way, writing a retail resume will become much easy.

It’s better to take assistance from a resume builder instead of finding paid resume templates over the web. Some tools might also offer you help in writing down the job-winning details in your resume. Hence, in our opinion, it’s the best way to get started!

how to write a retail resume

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Jot Down a Winning Resume Summary

Once you have selected a resume template, you must start writing the retail resume. The first and most important thing you need to do is to jot down a great resume summary.

A resume summary is an overview of who you are, what skills you possess, how much experience you have gained in the field, and how you can prove vital to the company you’re applying to.

All these details need to be covered in 2 to 3 sentences. It’s essential to remember that you don’t have much margin for extending things in the resume summary. You need to keep things short and sweet, as it will capture the recruiters’ interest and make them go through your entire profile.

Use Reverse Chronological Format to Showcase Your Experience

You may have gained a lot of experience as a retailer, but you won’t be able to get a new job if you don’t know how to portray it in front of employers.

While writing your retail resume, the work experience section should be paid the highest attention, as the hiring managers will be keenly interested to see what roles you have had in the past, starting from your most recent job.

To achieve this objective, you need to use a reverse chronological format. This format lets you mention your recent work experience and then move further in reverse order. You are advised to mention the company name, location, and the tenure in which you worked over there.

You must avoid writing paragraphs while explaining your jobs; instead, you should rely on using action verbs and figurative data to keep things to the point.

how to write a retail resume

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Highlight Your Retail Skills

The skills section is another important thing in a retail resume. Although you need to highlight skills in other sections like resume summary and work history, it’s still crucial to create a separate skills section to highlight your retail skills.

This section should be a mix of soft and hard skills. For the retailer position, employers will expect certain qualities in the ideal candidate. You should explore the job description posted by the employer, as it will allow you to discover the skills demanded in the particular position.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should lie in the resume and mention even those skills you don’t possess. Lying can make you face embarrassment and hurt your reputation; hence, it is recommended to be truthful while listing down your retail skills.

Thoroughly Proofread

After you have completed writing all the sections in your retail resume, your job isn’t done yet. Job seekers must thoroughly proofread their resumes and look for possible human errors.

Making mistakes is human nature; however, even tiny errors can eliminate your opportunity to get hired for the retail position, as you’ll leave a negative impression on the minds of recruiters.

Hence, to make your resume squeaky clean, you must dig into it deeper and watch out for missing commas, unwanted capital words, spelling blunders, and grammatical mistakes.

During this process, you should also watch out for the font size and typeface used in the resume. You need to make sure that these elements are used with consistency in the resume.

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