How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers

How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers 2024 Updated

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How to register a boat in Alabama with no papers the lakes and rivers of Alabama are ideal for boating. However, be sure to register your boat before you leave. All these have brought about this topic today

In Alabama, registering a yacht is a straightforward procedure. To register any boat, you must to see a license commissioner or a county judge in your area. Bring your payment receipt with you. Before you start the registration procedure, you can download and complete the registration application.

You should also be aware of additional Alabama boating regulations, such as those governing PFDs and life jackets. Additionally, boats longer than 16 feet must have at least one seat cushion or ring buoy Type IV PFD certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Continue reading to find out more about registering your boat in Alabama, including the steps, fees, and other needs.


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From This Line Is The Other Important Details On How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers



With the exception of canoes, all mechanically propelled boats, sailboats, and boats for hire must be registered in Alabama. At any County License office, boat owners can register, renew, or transfer their ownership. Dealers and liveries must call 800-272-7930 to schedule an appointment and register with the Alabama Marine Patrol Office in Montgomery, Alabama.

The cost to register a boat is determined by its length. All registrations expire at the end of the calendar year, and registration costs are not prorated.

Any applicable sales tax is furthermore payable when registering a vessel for the first time, in addition to the registration fees. For boats with a current Alabama registration decal, the transfer charge is $5 plus sales tax; for transfers involving vehicles with an expired registration, the transfer fee is $5 plus the registration fee and any applicable sales tax.

Registration for boats that are shorter than 16 feet costs $20. The price is $25 for boats between 16 and 26 feet. Costs for vessels between 26 and 40 feet are $75 and $100, respectively. A duplicate or replacement registration costs $5.

Before being put into the water, a secondhand boat that hasn’t been registered in Alabama for a while needs to be registered. Applications for transfer must be submitted within 15 days after the purchase of a new boat with a current Alabama registration.


Can I register a boat in Alabama with just a bill of sale?

The response to this is frequently “yes,” whether it’s a brand-new boat or one acquired from the previous owner. Due to the lack of an official Alabama boat title, registering a boat is quite simple in Alabama.

Although a title is not required to register a boat, you might be asked to show proof, such as a registration certificate if you purchased the boat from a seller.


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How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers


Can you claim an abandoned boat in Alabama?

In Alabama, registering an abandoned watercraft is completely allowed. However, lost boat registration in Alabama is subject to complicated procedures and frequently involves court cases and appraisals.

You will be required to speak with the prior owner and obtain their approval. Finding the owner is necessary, particularly if the yacht was lost for another reason, like bankruptcy.

It’s probably the trustee in that situation. You will need to get their consent first because they will have legal ownership of it.


What documents do you need to register a boat in Alabama?

Depending on how you got the boat, yes. For the most part, if purchasing a secondhand vessel, you will just need the bill of sale, identification that is current, and proof of registration provided by the former owner. All of them are listed in this entire post.


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Can you register a used boat as a home-built in Alabama?

In the past, some boaters would simulate this by grinding out the HIN and registering the vessel as a homemade craft. This is not something I advise because it could result in jail time.

If the boat is genuinely one you built in Alabama and it doesn’t yet have any documents, you will require the following:

The Marine Police issued a hull serial number.

Evidence of a Marine Police check with a hull identifying number attached (HIN)

Information demonstrating the vessel’s home-built character (such as a statement detailing the boat’s construction time and costs) with the owner’s attached signature.


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How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers


How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers

From Here Down IS The Detail On How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers

1. Prepare the Bill of Sales

Most likely, the Bill of Sales is what you require for registration. That is not on the list since Alabama does not require titles. However, a number of boxes need to be checked for the Bill of Sale to be legitimate.

The seller’s signature on the Bill of Sales must be notarized for a seamless transaction, although it is not necessary. The Bill of Sale should also include the price paid for the vessel, the date of the transaction, the names, addresses, and signatures of the buyer and seller.

Additionally, a thorough description of the boat you are attempting to register should be included.

The aforementioned details include the HIN, year, make, and model of the vehicle, as well as the motor’s serial number and horsepower. A Bill of Sale that states “additional valuable considerations” must include each value consideration separately. There should also be the value given to each factor.


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2. Call the Alabama Marine Police to get a certified copy of the boat’s previous registration

Without papers, how to register a yacht in Alabama
A certified copy of the boat’s previous registration is what you need right now.

You must purchase it from another source if you don’t have the seller’s contact information. For further information, get in touch with the Alabama Marine Police.

Find someone who can send you an email with a certified copy of the prior registration. This approach only functions, though, if the boat was most recently registered in Alabama.

Let’s say the boat has a different state’s registration. Be at ease. The Alabama Marine Police will have the appropriate personnel on hand. You will be given directions as to where to obtain the certified copy.


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How To Register A Boat In Alabama With No Papers


3. Take the boat to DMV for VIN inspection

You might need to bring your boat for inspection to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The inspection person there will check the vehicle identification number, or VIN, for any warrants or leans. To determine whether the boat is stolen, they will take this action.


4. Bring the documents to Court to register your boat

Without papers, how to register a yacht in Alabama
You can head to the courthouse now that you have the required paperwork. After you have submitted the certified copy of the boat’s prior registration and the Bill of Sale, your mobile county in Alabama should register your boat. A driver’s license or two IDs with proof of address will also be needed.


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5. Wait for approval.

Pay the registration cost last. Your boat’s length will determine how much you need.

The money from this levy will go toward protecting and preserving the state’s waterways. In the end, it still belongs to you. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid becoming frugal.

Wait until they process your registration after this. You ought to quickly get the go-ahead. With it, you’re finally able to use your boat for offshore fishing.

The sole document needed for boat registration in Alabama is a Bill of Sales. You could also be required to submit a certified copy of the item’s prior registration depending on the situation. But with the assistance of the authorities, you can simply obtain that

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