how to get dick sporting goods student discount

How to Get Dick Sporting Goods Student Discount in 2024

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How to Get Dick Sporting Goods Student Discount ranging from 10% to 50% at all Dick’s sporting goods stores.

Dick’s sporting goods stores are the place to find a huge selection of sports gear, apparel, equipment, etc.! The greatest brands are available for incredible pricing.

If you can prove that you are a current student, you can qualify for the Dick student discount, which is available only to students.

Continue reading to learn how to qualify for the Dick Sporting Goods student discount in 2024. There is a lot to learn about Dick’s sporting goods, the best sporting goods products, and how to shop at Dick’s and save more money.

About Dicks Sporting Goods

The official name of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc. is “Dick Sporting Goods,” and the company is a sports goods retailer based in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Richard Dick Stack established the business, which today employs up to 50,100 people over 854 locations, in 1948. The business is listed on the Fortune 500 and is one of the largest athletic goods retailers in the United States.

With over 854 outlets by 2020, Dick’s had surpassed all other sports goods retailers in the United States. The public corporation, which is headquartered in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh, had 50,100 employees as of March 2020.

The Chelsea Collective, True Runner, Public Lands, Golf Galaxy, Field, and stream are all part of the company’s subdivisional branch. There were over 690 Dick’s locations in 2017, as well as nearly 100 Golf Galaxy locations with up to 30 Field & Stream locations.

The “Team Sports HQ” is a collection of digital goods that Blue Sombrero and Affinity Sports released after buying GameChanger.

President and CEO is Edward W. Stack. The chief executive officer and president of the business is Lauren Hobart. Lee Belitsky was appointed chief financial officer in 2018. By replacing Edward Stack as CEO of the business on February 1, 2021, Lauren became the organization’s first female CEO.

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how to get dick sporting goods student discount

Dick’s Sporting Goods History

Richard Dick Stack founded the business as a store selling fishing equipment in Binghamton, New York, in 1948. He began with the $300 loan from his grandma.

Edward Stack and his siblings acquired the Dicks Company from their father in the 1980s, at a time when it had two locations in the Upstate of New York. In 1994, Stack established a board of directors, opened more locations, and moved the corporate headquarters to Pittsburgh. After his father retired from the company, he profited from holding the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. He also guided the business through its IPO in April 2002.

Dick’s operated primarily in the Eastern United States from 2002 to 2009, and it has since expanded into the Pacific Northwest, the West Coast, and Nordstrom. There were more than 357 Dick’s locations throughout 38 states as of the middle of 2008.

The business built three True Runner stores in 2012, targeting runners in Boston, the Saint Louis suburb of Brentwood, and Pittsburgh’s Shadyside district. In 2017, all of the stores were closed.

In 2015, Dick’s established the fitness and athleisure section of the women’s lifestyle store Chelsea Collective. Additionally, he opened two stores in Tysons, Virginia, Pittsburgh, and the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. Sadly, in 2017 every one of these stores closed.

Beginning in 2016, Dicks Sporting Goods introduced Dick’s Team Sports HQ, which provides junior sports teams with websites, sponsorship options, and uniforms.

The first Field & Stream store opened by Dick’s in Cranberry Township, a Pittsburgh suburb, in 2013. By 2018, 35 Field & Stream stores had sprouted up around the nation. “Jason Aldean” was appointed as the Field & Stream brand’s spokesperson in August 2016.

After the shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School, the corporation swiftly raised the legal buying age for firearms to 21, and he halted the sale of high-capacity magazines and body weapons. After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, the Dick’s-branded stores ceased selling assault-style weapons, although the firearms were still available at Field & Stream stores. Dick’s never once acquired a bump stock.

Dicks currently has ownership over five distribution centers. The most recent one, located in Southern Tier, New York’s Conklin, opened in January 2018 and was built a few months later to process internet orders.

In 2019, Dick’s introduced the “DSG” non-public label clothing line. The company also offers collections for ladies under the names Calia, VRST for menswear, and Calia for women.

The first “House of Sport” concept stores from Dick’s opened in Tennessee, Knoxville, New York, and Victor in 2021. The stores are larger than Dick’s original locations, sell more expensive clothing, and have amenities including an outdoor track and turf field, batting cages, and a digital golf course. The “Public Land” chain of stores by Dick’s was also introduced in 2021. It focuses on outdoor recreation, particularly biking, hiking, and camping.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Partnerships and Sponsorships

For Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, a soccer-specific football stadium built particularly for the Colorado Rapids franchise in Commerce City, Colorado, Dick’s agreed to accept a 20-year naming rights arrangement in 2006. The Pittsburgh Penguins and PPG Paints Arena, formerly known as the Consol Energy Center, were supported by Dick’s.

The Pittsburgh Marathon and the Dick’s Sporting Open have been added to the list of sporting events financed by Dick’s. Dick’s also began supporting ESPN’s college football opening week in 2009.

After providing financial support to potential Paralympians and Olympians in 2015, the company was named Team USA’s “official and main sporting goods retailer” for the 2016 Summer Paralympics and Olympics.

In collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee, Dick’s and Team USA established the Contender’s Program and Ambassador Program, which work with current and potential Olympians as well as the USOC. About 200 Team USA athletes competing in 35 different Paralympic and Olympic games were engaged by Dick’s between March and July 2016. The sportspeople worked in 89 stores across 32 states.

Dick’s was connected to Carrie Underwood’s “Calia” line of workout apparel in 2015. In order to provide for team management technology and finance the United States Youth Soccer National Championships, Dick’s began a long-term membership with the United States Youth Soccer Association in 2017.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation

Through its Sports Matter program, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation raised $2 million in 2014 and financed child sports. To help thousands of athletes, 145 million US DOLLARS were pledged for youth sports programs in December 2020.

The company released “We Could Be King” in conjunction with a consciousness campaign that had Michael B. Jordan and Jon Gruden as the spokespersons. This documentary chronicles how two Philadelphia high school football teams were coerced into remaining together because they lacked sponsors.

The organization donated $2 million to child sports facilities and activities in ostentatious and rural areas in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017, as well as $120,000 to Houston’s international African-American soccer squad. Dick’s later made the squad well-known with an advertising in the style of a documentary called “revision FC” (A Holiday Assist).

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation unveiled a strategy in 2019 to improve a million kids’ access to sports by 2024.

About Dick Sporting Goods Student Discount

Any Dick’s sporting goods store will give you a 10% to 50% discount if you are a student. The Dick’s Sporting Goods student discount is an affordable option that might provide you an opportunity to save money by purchasing their goods.

Students can purchase items from at a reduced price thanks to the company’s exclusive discount. Students in schools always find the student discount to be quite alluring and beneficial. Students can also use their student ID card or student card to access this discount.

If you are successful in proving your identification, you may immediately begin taking advantage of the fun of online shopping and using your promo code to save money. More information about the new promotion may be available on the retailer’s social media pages. You can now search for and verify any item you require.

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how to get dick sporting goods student discount

How To Get Dick Sporting Goods Student Discount Online?

Get your Dick’s Sporting Goods student discount quickly by following the instructions below.

  • Locate the search bar on first. You would see the student discount page after entering the promo or student discount codes.
  • Before you begin taking advantage of the student offers, register and verify your student information. To receive affirmative emails, you must have an available school email. In the event that you are given a promo code, your student discount is valid.
  • You can just wait for your purchase if all of the instructions were followed by you successfully. Try to get in touch with Dick’s Sporting Goods if you ever run into any problems.

How To Use Dick Sporting Goods Student Discount?

You would need to present your student ID card in order to prove your status as a student.

  • You must verify your identity information after registering on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website or on a third-party website like UNIDAYS or SheerID.
  • After verification, you will get a special voucher for the Dick’s Sporting Goods student discount.
  • Additionally, you would need to provide your coupon when shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  • Finally, based on what you ordered, you will receive a corresponding discount.

Best Dick Sporting Goods items

You may now shop for tents, kayaks, backpacks, tents, and other sports collections more easily thanks to Dick’s.

One is backpacks

Backpacks from any of your favorite brands might be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods all year long and at back-to-school time. Even more stores, like Jansport, Yeti, Adidas, Nike, and North Face, are available for shopping. Remember to sort the backpack results by cost to fit within your plan for additional savings.


Kayaks are also available on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website. You may find both adult and child kayaks by just typing the term “kayaks” into the search field. The majority of them are sold through Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Sports equipment and gear

For every sport you can imagine, Dick’s Sporting Goods has the supplies, facilities, and gear you need. Additionally, shop for hunting equipment, football pads, soccer shin guards, skiing and snowboarding apparel, soccer shin guards, football pads, and other fitness and wellness goods. Simply make sure to shop during the off-seasons to get the best deals on the sporting equipment of your choosing.


On the Dick’s Sporting Goods website, tap the Outdoor bar to see accessible tents, then scroll to Hiking and Camping. You would discover “tents & accessories” on the following page, which would take you to the available tents. To choose the ideal tent, you can also sort the choices based on collections and price ranges.

How to Get Dick Sporting Goods Student Discount Annual sales

Black Friday sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Previous promos included doorbuster sales, discounts of around 65 percent off select items, and a flat rate of 25 percent off every order or item. For even more savings, look for Dick’s Sporting Goods Black Friday coupon codes this year.

Fathers Day sale

Father’s Day is the best opportunity to get fantastic discounts on Dick’s Sporting Goods merchandise. You can get footwear, sports equipment, clothing, and several more items in their “gifts for dad” category for $100 or less. However, you’ll need to include a coupon in your order if you want to save more money.

Sale section

Additionally, you can find discounts on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website in several places. Get to the clearance bar to browse the discounted prices for kids’, women’s, men’s, and women’s sports apparel. You may want to go through the “This Week’s Deals” collections for further reduced items.

Periodic sales

Good prices can be found during the Dick’s Sporting Goods Christmas sales. In the most recent Christmas discounts, they cut the price of every brand of goods by 50%.

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Public holiday sales

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers incredible deals for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, and you can also purchase things like outdoor barbecues, canopies, and coolers discounted by 50%.

how to get dick sporting goods student discount

The Dick Sporting Goods student discount is valid at all of their locations, as well as online.

Your student ID card or ID card is required to receive this discount. Dick’s sporting goods has a huge selection of sports gear, apparel, equipment, etc. If you get a discount code from Dick’s, your student discount is valid.

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional queries about the Dicks student discount in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions – How To Get Dick Sporting Goods Discount in 2024

Here are some question concerning how to get dick sporting goods student discount.

Does Dick’s Sporting Goods Give A Student Discount Offer?

Yes, students receive discounts at Dick’s sporting goods. Anytime, whether or not it is back-to-school time, Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a discount. You would be able to get the new promo codes via as a teacher or student. The direct application of the student discount is allowed at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

How Can Students Get Dick’s Sporting Goods Discounts?

Visit on a computer browser or mobile app and sign in or create an account. To verify your student status, look for the Dick’s Sporting Goods student discount, tap on it, and enter your information on the verification screen. Click on the link supplied to you by Dick’s Sporting Goods in your email inbox to activate your student discount. You would then be redirected to their official website, where you could start shopping enthusiastically. Apply your student discount lastly at the register. So, continue to take advantage of our items’ discounts.

How much does Dick’s Sporting Goods’ student discount cost?

The Dick’s Sporting Goods student discount complements the shopping experience and plays a crucial role for the company. Students would receive discounts, notably from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The student discount at Dick’s Sporting Goods benefits from 5 top-notch coupon codes on Coupert. Please feel free to take advantage of the most recent promotion to purchase a 30% off school supply pattern from Dick’s Sporting Goods. The student discount at Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a 30% discount on your purchase.

What products is the Dick’s Sporting Goods student discount not valid for?

Student discounts from Dick’s Sporting Goods can be utilized on almost anything on the website. But there are some unique circumstances. When applying these discounts, some specific products are excluded. With dick’s sports goods student promo coupon codes, gift cards cannot be purchased. You can access this by using your email account.

Can I use another discount code in addition to my Dick’s Sporting Goods student discount code?

On Dicks Sporting Goods, using student discounts is always exclusive. The student discount codes for Dick’s Sporting Goods could only be accessed once. Customers apply the promo codes while paying attention to the rules and regulations. So, to get your preferred goods, simply try to keep an eye out for any lingering promotions. Visit their Facebook page frequently to learn more about how Dick’s sporting items are being promoted and improved.

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