Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Cape Verde

Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Cape Verde 2024/2025

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In our topic today, lets get to discuss in full detail all that concerns the top ten fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde and how to process a successful application process for them. have you ever seek for any opportunity or financial aid to study in the United States as a Cape Verdean student? We are thrilled to announce that there will be 17 scholarships available for Cape Verdean students to study in the US.

Exceptionally talented students from other nations in Africa and sub-Saharan Africa are also eligible to apply for the scholarships listed below, in addition to students from Cape Verde.

You should begin the submission process as soon as you are aware of it because the application time for these scholarships closes in a few weeks.


Brief About The This Topic in Full Detail

Lets get to talk about this topic in brief here before we dive straight to the full list of the fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde. The admissions and enrolling processes differ amongst schools. In Cape Verde, where space is frequently at a premium, pupils may be given precedence based on their nationality.

According to local norms, tuition is typically pricey, but it also boasts excellent academic standards, smaller class sizes, top-notch facilities, and extracurricular activities. This is one of the factors that can make a scholarship worthwhile for a student who plans to study in Cape Verde!

The students’ postsecondary studies are supported by international awards for Cape Verde granted by colleges and educational institutions around the world. One of such countries whose literacy rate is gradually rising is Cape Verde.

These endowments and awards aid in developing better job prospects for students.

The scholarships are intended to recognize applicants who have been given a chance to study in Cape Verde and who can succinctly and clearly describe how coming here will enable them to significantly advance their chosen fields of study and the larger community.

The most sought-after applicants are those who have looked into the options accessible to them as students in Cape Verde, who can show a history of community involvement, and who can show how their degree will affect the lives and community around them.

Scholarship candidates are evaluated by one of our monthly panels, and those who are chosen get an award of £4,000, £6,000, or £10,000 for each academic year.

Because of this, the government is dedicated to increasing the number of scholarships available and helping students locate new sources of support.

Additionally, as the number of state and foundation universities rises, so does the proportion of overseas students. In general, scholarships are given to successful applicants based on their high school or undergraduate grades and the results of their international or national examination scores.


Scholarships might cover all or part of the cost of tuition.

Universities in this country award merit scholarships to students with strong academic records. Scholarships are awarded for the program in which the student is enrolled and are maintained for the duration of the student’s normal academic year.

The typical length of the scholarship is four years for individuals who enter as freshmen and five years for those who must enroll in an English language preparation program.


Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Cape Verde 2024/2025

From This Line, Down Is The Complete List Of The Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Cape Verde

1. Global Diversity Scholarship at Kent State University

Kent State University is thrilled to offer the Global Diversity Scholarship to prospective students from Cape Verde, it is the number one of all the fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde we have to discuss here today. With the help of this initiative, Kent State University’s student body will be more diverse and appropriately representative of some geographic areas.

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2. University of Arizona International Tuition Award

A University of Arizona International Tuition Award, is rated #2 in our list of fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde, it is worth between $4,000 and $35,000 year, is available to first-year students.

Le transfer students, on the other hand, are given a $5,000 grant per academic year. Students from Cape Verde who have excelled in their academics are qualified to take part in this program for free.

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3. Global Merit Scholarship at the University of Michigan-Flint

Here is the third in our list of fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde. The University of Michigan-Flint offers a range of financial aid options for undergraduate Cape Verdean students who meet the criteria for a Global Merit Scholarship (UM-Flint).

These full-ride scholarships will only be given to applicants who submit their applications during the current autumn semester.

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4. International Students Academic Merit Scholarship – East Tennessee State University

Here is the fourth top rated of all the fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde we have to discus in detail. At current time, freshmen from Cape Verde who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree are qualified to apply for the International Students Academic Merit Scholarship.

Only tuition and maintenance expenses are covered by this scholarship; both in-state and out-of-state students are given the same sum. The prize is available to undergraduate recipients for eight semesters, including the summer, and it can be utilized retrospectively.

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5. The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Another top rated of all the fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde is the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. Together with the Foundation for a New American University at Arizona State University (ASU), the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program has been launched. This award will be granted to a Cape Verdean student from a low socioeconomic background who also has remarkable academic and leadership abilities.

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6. International Students DreamGo Scholarship

We are happy to announce the DreamGo Scholarship for a Cape Verdean student, This scholarship program is without no doubt one of the top-rated of all the fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde. DreamGo, Inc. is essential in helping students create their academic “dreams.” Dream Go hopes to realize its objective of offering an accepting and supportive environment to overseas students with the aid of this program, which gives free tuition to all participants.

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7. Fully-Funded GHC International Scholarships

At the seventh best rated of all the fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde, we have GHC International Scholarships. Applicants are being accepted for the Fully-supported GHC Scholarships 2022 at this time.

These scholarships are supported by The award will pay the tuition for Cape Verdean students who are currently enrolled in an authorized degree program in a Cape Verdean college, university, or high school.

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8. IREX Europe International Students Scholarships

The IREX Europe Organization offers the International Undergraduate Students Scholarships to students from Cape Verde who wish to study at accredited higher education institutions in the United States without having to pay tuition, And with every evidence from trusted sources this scholarship program is known to be amongst the best rated of all the fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde.

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9. University of Southern Indiana International Scholarships

The University of Southern Indiana International Scholarships is the second to last in our list today of the top fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde.

It is recommended that Cape Verdean students who are interested in receiving a full scholarship to attend the University of Southern Indiana submit their applications as early as possible for the semester in which they plan to enroll.

A small number of these scholarships are given out each year by the University of Southern Indiana.

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10. NextGen Scholarships for International High School Students

Here is the last we have to talk about in our list of fully funded scholarships in Cape Verde. A regional initiative called the NextGen Scholarship Fund was started in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia to help non-citizens and international students who want to attend college in the US.

The recipient of this scholarship, which offers one prize each year, maybe a high school senior, a college student enrolled in a two- or four-year program, or an exceptional high school graduate.

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