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Top 10 Free Twitter Analytics Tools | 2024 Updated

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Here we are not just listing the top free Twitter analytics tools, the comparisons as well will be fully discussed in this article as well as which of them can serve the best features. Companies can utilize Twitter to interact with followers and increase their exposure for their business. Yet unless you have the correct analytics tools, obtaining results on Twitter demands a big time investment. By posting tweets that are more likely to receive engagement, generate leads, and help you reach your objectives, tracking analytics on Twitter enables you to develop an efficient plan and save time.

This article discusses seven Twitter analytics tools that can give you valuable information about your tweets, following, and online presence.


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Twitter Analytics Tools: What Are They?

Twitter analytics tools are computer programs made to assist people and organizations in tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of their Twitter presence. You can learn more about your followers, tweets, engagement, influencer networks, and other things with the aid of Twitter analytics tools.

There is a lot of information and data available via Twitter analytics tools, including:


Keep track of your follower count as well as demographic data about them, such as their location, gender, and interests.

2. Tweets

Evaluate your tweets, taking into account the total number of tweets you’ve sent, as well as the total amount of retweets, likes, and responses.

3. Engagement

Keep track of your Twitter engagement, including the quantity of retweets, likes, and replies you’ve had as well as the level of interaction with your tweets.

4. Networks of Influencers

Find influencers in your network who can help you convey your message to a larger audience, such as those with a sizable following.

Utilize sophisticated analytics tools to increase the impact of your Twitter presence. These tools give you the information and insights you need to assess your success and enhance your social media strategy.

With the correct Twitter analytics tool, you can accomplish your objectives and interact with more users on the network, whether you’re trying to expand your brand or reach a bigger audience for your business.


Free Twitter Analytics Tools


List Of The Top 10 Free Twitter Analytics Tools

From Here Down Is The Full List Of Free Twitter Analytics Tools

1. Followerwonk

Followerwonk tops our list of free Twitter analytics tools, social media managers with years of experience adore Followerwonk since it has been around for so long. It’s one of the greatest tools, both free and paid, for finding people, comparing data with those of your rivals, and using filters to get at key aggregate data.

With the help of Follower Wonk, you can determine when your followers are most active and the best times to tweet to increase your content and interaction.

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2. Tweepi

Tweepi is the tool you need if you’re seeking for a Twitter analysis tool that focuses more on audience statistics, it is as well rated one of the top free Twitter analytics tools. Based on a single keyword, you can locate users to interact with, such as thought leaders or influencers in your sector.

If you want to use influencer marketing or locate brands to collaborate with in the future, Tweepi is a need. You also have access to other features including a list of individuals who are following you, tools for investigating influential people, and trustworthy suggestions for people to follow.

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3. ManageFlitter

Manage Filter, tops our third list of the top free Twitter analytics tools, it allows you to filter your Twitter statistics and does exactly what it says on the tin. You can use this tool to organize your followers and tweets and determine who is active and who is not. This information can be used to better understand and foster a sense of community among your Twitter followers.

To get the most of your Twitter following, use Manage Filter to identify phony Twitter accounts. You may find out the optimum time to post Tweets based on your account using the fantastic “PowerPost” function of their paid account.

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4. Twitter Analytics

Here is the fourth on our list of top free Twitter analytics tools, remember to use Twitter’s own analytics program. It is open to all users and might be an excellent starting point for learning how your tweets perform. You are first presented with a 28-day summary that includes information on your number of tweets, impressions, visits to your profile, mentions, and follows. After that, you can scroll down to view a monthly summary.

There is also an audiences tab, which, predictably, provides information about your followers. This includes data on demographics, purchasing patterns, and way of life. Then you may contrast this with pre-made audiences like millennials or small enterprises.

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5. Klear

Although Klear offers a free version even as one of the top free Twitter analytics tools, it will try to convince you to subscribe to a subscription plan. But, Klear will provide you your account’s metrics once you enter your Twitter handle. To distinguish between phony influencers and those who can have an impact on your target audience, Klear employs sophisticated algorithms.

You’ll receive information on your following, top-performing posts, and an influence score. Nevertheless, you’ll need to sign up for a paid account if you want a more in-depth report.

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Free Twitter Analytics Tools


6. Twitonomy

Here is another bet choice when it comes to top free Twitter analytics tools, instead of displaying your analysis like other Twitter analytics apps, Twitonomy displays your account together with that of your rivals.

Twitonomy will provide information about the Twitter lists you and your friend are a part of, as well as trends, statistics, and much more. You can use Twitonomy to understand how you might develop a Twitter strategy to beat out your rivals.

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7. Mentionmapp

At the seventh top rated of all the top free Twitter analytics tools, we have Mentionmapp, if you’re more concerned about mentioning it and utilizing it to your benefit. Based on the users you’ve been interacting with through your most recent Tweets, Mentionmapp enables you to construct a visual map of hashtag and username mentions.

These tools can be used for social listening, enabling you to listen in on and participate in the conversations surrounding your business.

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8. Tweetreach

Here is the eight of all the top free Twitter analytics tools, you may learn through TweetReach how well or how far your tweets have spread both on and off of Twitter. Simply enter the URL of the website or post you wish to examine, and you will be presented with a thorough analysis of the previous 50 Tweets you have seen, along with your Twitter handle, relevant keywords, and hashtags.

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At the ninth list of the top top free Twitter analytics tools we have the app. This tool is fantastic for learning about someone’s Twitter account. Simply enter their username to access a ton of information for free. This might be a useful tool if you want to learn how to communicate with others on Twitter or do some basic research on influencers.

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Keyhole offers a comprehensive set of analytics tools and in-depth reporting, as one of the top free Twitter analytics tools. Additionally, they enable you to track particular campaigns and create automatic reports around them, conduct competitive analyses, and conduct research on both current and historical data for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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