Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates

12 Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates

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12 Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates; Here are some free online sound engineering courses that can teach you how to be an audio engineer and manager. If any of the courses listed here appeal to you, you can join and begin learning right now.

There is no distinction between sound engineers and audio engineers; the only difference is in English. You can learn audio engineering skills if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do, or you can enroll in any of the courses to broaden your horizons.

The sound engineering courses described in this post are all 100% online, free to enroll in, and provide a degree at the end of your studies. The credential may be free or paid, depending on the platform, university, or college that offers the sound engineering course.

Obtaining a certificate in a field of study that you have completed is quite valuable in the workplace. You can use the certificate to supplement an existing one, putting you ahead of the competitors in the workforce. You’ve gained value for your company, organization, or business, as well as for yourself.

Due to these reasons, you must get a certificate in any of the free online sound engineering courses you can start and complete.



Who is a sound engineer?

A sound engineer is someone who manipulates the equalization and electrical effects of sound by mixing, reproducing, and adjusting them.

A sound engineer doesn’t have to work just in the music industry; they can also design and control the sound at theaters, conferences, and any other event where a big number of people need to hear something.

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Is sound engineering a good career?

The straightforward answer to this is – YES.

And why is that so?

Sound engineering is a sought-after expertise as well as a promising business opportunity, as the use of sound to convey information will never go away. It is an industry that will continue to grow, and it is never too late to learn how to be a sound engineer and work in the field.

You will become an excellent sound engineer in no time if you follow the right instructions and lessons. Fortunately, we at have taken away the stress of scouring the internet for information on how to become a professional sound engineer.

We’ve highlighted the best sound engineering courses in this article to help you become an expert in no time. To top it off, you won’t have to pay anything to take these sound engineering classes because they’re completely free!

All of the sound engineering courses featured here offer certifications, which you can obtain for a minimal cost or, in some cases, for free. The certification will you in your job search for a sound engineering firm.

If you decide to go independent, you’ll have an official certification to convince your clients that you really know what you’re talking about. This will boost your client’s faith in you, and you will almost certainly be offered a sound engineering task as a result.

The free online sound engineering courses are delivered by experts in the area who are also lecturers. As a result, you’ll be studying from some of the top sound engineers in the world.

Without further ado, let’s get started on the free online sound engineering courses available for you to enroll in right away.

Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates

Free Online Sound Engineering Courses with Certificates


The following are the top 12 best free online sound engineering courses with certificates on the internet currently as gathered from our research;


1. The Digital Workstation

This is a free online sound engineering course that teaches students the fundamentals of music creation. The Digital Workstation certificate course will give you the foundational skills you’ll need to get started producing.

Audio and acoustics, MIDI instruments, automation, exporting, hardware setup, software setup, sequencer, mixer, and more are among the skills you’ll learn. SoundBridge Academy teaches the course, which is given online through Simpliv, an online learning platform.

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2. Fundamentals of Audio and Music Engineering: Part 1 Musical Sound & Electronics

This course covers the fundamentals of using acoustics and electronics to comprehend musical sound and compose music using electronic instruments.

It’s one of the University of Rochester’s free online sound engineering courses, which is given through Coursera. Sound waves, melodic sound, basic electronics, and the application of these basic ideas in amplifiers and speaker design are among the subjects addressed in this 14-hour course.


3. Creating Sounds for Electronic Music

This course is part of Berklee College of Music’s electronic music production concentration and is given through Coursera.

This course will build on your existing knowledge of digital audio workstations by teaching you how to produce sounds and incorporate them into your own musical composition. You will learn music producing techniques as well as how to use software synthesizers.

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4. Introduction to Acoustics

You’ll need some theoretical knowledge to aid you on your way to becoming an excellent sound engineer. Introduction to Acoustics is a course that gives the theoretical understanding that every sound engineer requires.

The course is one of the many free online sound engineering courses available, and it uses the notion of impedance to introduce students to acoustics. You’ll receive a certificate after completing the course in just 14 hours.


5. Audio Engineering: EQ and Compression for Beginners

EQ and compressors play a crucial part in audio engineering since they are used to control and shape music, movies, and television shows. Although compressors are not as extensively utilized as EQ in and outside of the audio world, they are nonetheless essential knowledge to have.

One of the free online sound engineering courses given by Udemy is audio engineering EQ and compression, which is taught by a professional sound engineer. There is also a paid certificate available.


6. Pro Tools Basics

There are some tools that you must know how to use in the production of musical sound or music since they are critical in bringing your musical thoughts to life. This course is another of Berklee College of Music’s free online sound engineering courses.

The course introduces students to Avid Pro Tools and Pro Tools First, which are essential tools for transferring musical ideas from your head to your DAW in a creative and unfettered manner. After completing the course, you will receive a paid certificate.


7. The Technology of Music Production

Music goes through a number of steps before it is finished, including recording, mixing, and editing. This is a method that you must understand on your way to becoming an excellent sound engineer.

That is exactly what this course gives. Berklee College of Music offers another free online sound engineering course, Technology of Music Production. Students will learn about the music production process as well as the best tools for creating music on a computer. Once you’ve completed your studies, you’ll receive a certificate.


8. The Business of Music Production

If you already have sound engineering abilities and have finished one or more of the sound engineering courses listed below, this is the course for you.

This course will teach you how to commercialize your sound engineering skills while also preparing you for a future as a music producer. Copyright, music recording, contracts, pro tools, music business, revenue streams, music/audio production, and team building are among the skills you’ll learn. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate.

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9. Critical Listening for Studio Production

One of the free online sound engineering courses given by Queen’s University and offered online through FutureLearn – an online learning platform – is critical listening for studio production.

This course is meant to help you enhance your listening abilities by teaching you technical ear training techniques that will help you develop the key listening skills needed in a music studio. The capacity to listen is one of the abilities necessary of all sound engineers, and this course will teach you how to do so.

You’ll have a theoretical understanding of sound and audio, as well as a technical mastery of studio hardware and software.

There’s a certificate awaiting you, but you need to pay a little fee to acquire it.


10. Vocal Recording Technology

Vocal Recording Technology is another of Berklee College of Music’s free online engineering courses, which are available for learning through edX. It delves into cutting-edge vocal production, audio engineering, recording, and mixing techniques.

You’ll gain knowledge of vocal technology and music production, as well as the ability to apply new and developing techniques and technologies to improve your sound engineering skills. To boost your client’s belief in your abilities, obtain certification at the conclusion of the course.

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11. Synthesis and Sound Design

Enroll in this course to take your sound engineering abilities to the next level. It teaches audio synthesis, sampling, and sound creation techniques and secrets.

The course is divided into eight sections, each of which takes about 23 hours to complete. Serum, huge, FM synthesis, modular synthesis principles, Reaktor blocks, and other topics are covered. The certificate is inexpensive, and obtaining it will benefit you greatly in the workplace.

free online degree courses with certificates

12. Mix and Mastering

However, from the beginning to the end, mixing and mastering are pretty much all you learn. This course will teach you mixing and mastering techniques, tips, and tricks used by professional engineers.

With these capabilities, you’ve automatically elevated your sound engineering abilities and increased your value to yourself or your firm. It takes about 36 hours to complete the course, and you can study at your own pace.

An introduction to mixing, equalizers, dynamic processors, time-domain effects, principles of mastering, and other topics will be presented. Get your certification once you’ve completed your course.

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These are free online sound engineering courses that you may enroll in at any moment and start studying. 

How to Enroll in Free Sound Engineering Courses Online

Enrolling in any of these courses is simple; all you have to do is click the “sign up” button and create an account. You can sign up with your email address, or if you don’t have one, go to and sign up for a free Gmail account.

You do not need to click “sign up” if you already have an account on the website. You can begin learning right away by clicking “log in” and entering the necessary login information.

To attract new clients, add an online copy of the certificate to your LinkedIn, Fiverr, or Upwork account.

The courses listed here are 100% free but you need to pay for the certificate, and that will be sent to your email where you can then proceed to print it out. Once printed out, you can attach it to your already existing CV/Resume which will hold other degrees (s) or certificates you may have acquired earlier.