5 Cheapest Universities in Estonia For International Students

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If you’re an international student seeking to study in Estonia, we’ve taken the time to develop a list of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students.

Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe, will definitely surprise those who are unfamiliar with it. Despite being one of Europe’s smallest countries, it has one of the fastest-growing economies in the continent.


For some, this developed country may appear to be a utopia: free healthcare and education, a government that is relatively transparent, a big number of e-Services (goodbye, bureaucracy), and a well-established scientific and IT industry.

International students who attend one of Estonia’s low-cost universities will also benefit from the unique opportunities offered by the hundreds of companies that have chosen Estonia as their home base!

Because Estonia’s first university was established in 1632, higher education has been available for over four centuries. However, the system has evolved and changed dramatically since then.

There are universities and institutes of applied sciences. Universities are self-governing, and because the number of sectors available is growing, science and information technology are likely to be among the most popular.

Estonian universities are known for their quality rather than quantity. This country has three state comprehensive universities and six private universities.

They also have ten public specialty universities, each of which focuses on a specific field of study, such as the arts, applied sciences, or biological sciences.

Let’s start with the language requirements before we look at the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students.


Basic Language Requirements

Estonian is the country’s official language. English, on the other hand, is widely spoken by people of all ages. This also applies to universities, as many of them offer English-language programs. Another popular language is Russian, and there are programs available in this language as well.

Learning Estonian, on the other hand, could be beneficial if you want to study for free. All Estonian programs are free for international students who are not from the European Union.

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cheapest universities in Estonia for international students





Cost of Study

Tuition for international students ranges from $1,000 to 6,000 dollars per school year. Tuition for some programs, such as medicine, or education at select private institutions, such as business schools, can rise by up to USD 13,000 per academic year.

Let’s take a look at the most affordable universities in Estonia for international students.

Cheapest Universities In Estonia For International Students

The following is a list of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students, with links to each school.


1. Tallinn University (TU)

Tallinn University is the first on our list of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students.

Tallinn University (TU) was established in 1919 and elevated to the status of university in 2005. It is situated in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city. According to the QS World University Rankings, it is one of the top 1000 universities in the world.

TU is made up of six schools: humanities, educational sciences, natural sciences and health, governance, law and society, digital technologies, and cinema, media, arts, and communication. In addition, there is a college, six excellence centers, and four research institutes.

International students account for approximately 9% of TU’s student body of over 8,000 students. This low-cost university in Estonia has hundreds of study agreements with colleges all over the world and one of the region’s few film schools with English-taught programs.

Tuition for bachelor’s degree programs ranges from EUR 1,650 (approximately USD 1,800) to EUR 2,000 (approximately USD 2,200) per semester for international students.

The cost of a master’s degree program ranges from EUR 913 (approximately USD 1,000) to EUR 2,250. (USD 2,500 approx.). Doctoral degree programs are completely free for all students, and international students are eligible to apply for a variety of scholarships.

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2. Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

Tallinn University of Technology comes next on our list of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students (TalTech)

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) was established in 1918 and is one of Estonia’s top universities, ranking between 601 and 650th in the world according to the QS World University Ranking.

In addition to its main campus in Tallinn, TalTech has two branch campuses in Tartu and Kohtla-Järve. TalTech is made up of four colleges: business, engineering, information technology, and science. It also houses four institutes as well as a maritime academy.

This technical university offers 30 English-taught programs. There are four bachelor’s degree programs, 16 master’s degree programs, and ten doctoral degree programs. In addition, in collaboration with other Estonian universities, it offers two master’s degree programs.

Tuition is calculated on a per-credit-hour basis. The cost per credit for English-taught programs ranges from EUR 55 (USD 60) to EUR 100. (USD 110). If you took 60 credits per academic year, your tuition costs would rise from USD 3,600 to USD 6,670.

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3. University of Tartu (UT)

In our list of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students, the University of Tartu is one of the best and oldest.

The University of Tartu (UT) is Estonia’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious university. During the Swedish Empire, it was founded as the Academia Gustavia in 1632. Following various changes, it was renamed the University of Tartu (UT) in 1919.

UT is ranked 301st in the QS World University Rankings, making it the best university in Estonia. It has structures throughout Tartu, such as botanical gardens, museums, and a variety of sporting facilities.

This low-cost university in Estonia is made up of four large colleges: medicine, science and technology, arts and humanities, and medicine.

Within these faculties, there are numerous schools and institutions. Three bachelor’s degrees, 24 master’s degrees, and 35 doctorate degrees are all taught in English. Half of all research in the United States is conducted at UT.

Every academic year, tuition prices range from EUR 3,800 (approximately USD 4,200) to EUR 6,000 (approximately USD 6,570).

The medication program is the only exception, and it costs EUR 12,000 (approximately USD 13,150) per year. Scholarships are given to the best students who are accepted, and other forms of financial aid are also available.

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4.  Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA)

The Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) is a 1,200-student public institution that offers degree programs in design, architecture, media, conservation and restoration, history, fine arts, and animation, among other art disciplines. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, will be the setting.

This is one of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students.

This Estonian low-cost university offers eight master’s degree programs and two doctoral programs, all of which are taught entirely in English. There is also a bachelor’s degree program taught in Russian.

Tuition for non-EU citizens ranges from EUR 1,000 (approximately USD 1,100) to EUR 3,900 (approximately USD 4,300) per year. Education could be completely free or cost EUR 2,500 (approximately USD 2,750) per year for EU citizens.

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cheapest universities in Estonia for international students






5. Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ)

Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ) rounds out our list of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students.

The Tartu-based Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ) specializes in environmental and agricultural research. It is one of the best agricultural and forestry universities in the world, with a focus on research related to sustainable development.

The five institutes are economic and social sciences, technology, agricultural and environmental sciences, forestry and rural engineering, and veterinary medicine and animal sciences.

Tuition for English-taught programs ranges between EUR 1,050 and EUR 4,400 per semester. Some programs are less expensive for EU citizens.

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