Best Typescript Courses Online in 2022

Best Typescript Courses Online in 2024

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Welcome to Scholarships Hall platform, today we will be discussing the best typescript courses online and how they work in full detail.

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For those unfamiliar with TypeScript, it’s a new dynamically typed programming language from Microsoft that expands JavaScript’s programming syntax by introducing certain additional capabilities that aid in the construction of object-oriented applications, especially the introduction of types.

As the name implies, TypeScript combines Types with JavaScript, resulting in proper variables in your code, such as a string or integer variable, and fewer type-safety-related problems to worry about.

The benefit of TypeScript is that it compiles to native JavaScript code that can be run in a browser, giving you a better syntax for writing code and allowing you to take advantage of JavaScript’s widespread use.

If you’re looking for books, tutorials, and courses to help you learn TypeScript or Angular, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end development that employs TypeScript, you’ve come to the right spot.

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Best Typescript Courses Online in 2024

What is TypeScript, exactly?

Lets take a short to discuss the meaning and understand this best typescript courses online.

TypeScript is an open-source programming language created by Microsoft to bring optional static typing to JavaScript.

It was founded with the intention of creating large-scale apps and then converting them to JavaScript. Existing JavaScript programmes can alternatively be referred to as TypeScript programmes because TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript.

TypeScript is a premium programming language included in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and later versions.

Classes, modules, and inheritance are just a few of the exciting capabilities in TypeScript that take application development to the next level. This will be included in future JavaScript releases, which will add a year to the coding and development time.

WinJS, the Windows Library for JavaScript, also uses TypeScript. WinJS can be used to create apps for Windows Mobile and Windows 10.

It also eliminates errors, which are ubiquitous in JavaScript code but difficult to debug and rectify due to the dynamic, untyped nature of the language.


What do you need to know about TypeScript in order to learn it?

There are a few things to bear in mind when you start looking for TypeScript lessons. Because TypeScript is based on JavaScript, having a fundamental understanding of JavaScript programming is a huge plus.

To learn TypeScript, you don’t need to be an expert in JavaScript; a basic comprehension will serve. A rudimentary understanding of object-oriented programming is beneficial but not required when you begin designing programmes.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may go on to TypeScript lessons and begin studying the language.


Why Should You Learn Typescript?

Take a brief break here to note the reasons for learning Typescript, before going fully into the list of best typescript courses online.

Introducing Typescript to a large JavaScript project can result in a more robust application that can still be deployed anywhere a regular JavaScript programme can.

It was once exclusively supported by Microsoft Visual Studio, but it is now supported by a wide range of other integrated development environments (IDE).

Other features of TypeScript include B. the ability to initialise member variables in a function Object() { [native code] } using multiple keywords in classes.

In some circumstances, TypeScript can outperform JavaScript and work faster because TypeScript eliminates multiple type checks.


Best Typescript Courses Online in 2024

1. Introduction to TypeScript

Here is the first in our list of best typescript courses online. On Udemy, this is the most popular free TypeScript course. This course has already been completed by over 33,000 students, with over 3700 four-star reviews.

Trainer Daniel Stern discusses what TypeScript is and why you should learn it in this free TypeScript course.

The course is brief, but whatever it covers is thoroughly taught, with real-life examples and so on. You’ll learn how to set up TypeScript on your Mac or PC in this course before diving into the many TypeScript features.

The course is broken down into three pieces. You’ll learn where TypeScript can be used and which projects are better suited to it in the first section (mainly large projects with thousands of lines of code).

There appears to be another section on TypeScript app development, however it is currently empty. We may see some stuff in this section in the future. Overall, this is a good free course for learning TypeScript.

Link To Course Website

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2. Typescript Fundamentals

Typescript Fundamentals is rated the second top best typescript courses online. This is yet another TypeScript training that is available for free. Karthik KK demonstrated the benefits of TypeScript over JavaScript in terms of improved coding experience, additional tools for writing OOP apps for browsers, and less errors owing to the introduction of Types in this tutorial.

The course is broken down into 15 sections, each of which covers a different aspect of TypeScript. The lesson begins with a brief overview of TypeScript before moving on to installing and configuring TypeScript in Visual Studio Code, a popular free IDE for web developers.

Namespaces in TypeScript and module loaders in JavaScript are also covered in this session. In short, a good introduction to TypeScript could have used more real-world examples, scenarios, and explanations.

A basic understanding of JavaScript is also required to complete the majority of this course.

Link To Course Website


3. Getting Started with TypeScript

Here comes the third in our list of best typescript courses online. This is another another short TypeScript lesson for those who are just getting started with the language. This course will teach you the fundamentals, such as what TypeScript is and what the advantages and differences are between JavaScript and TypeScript.

You’ll also learn how to set up TypeScript, declare variables with let and var, work with types, and compile and run TypeScript applications.

A section on extending TypeScript, which covers jQuery, Types, and npm, is also included in the course. Overall, this is a good course for learning TypeScript.

To get the most out of the programme, you’ll need a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Link To Course Website


4. TypeScript Fast Crash Course

And this is the fourth in our list of top best typescript courses online. This is a TypeScript crash course, as the name implies, that will teach you the most important TypeScript topics quickly.

This is a great course to take if you don’t have weeks or months to learn TypeScript. You’ll rapidly pick up on key TypeScript concepts like classes and interfaces, types, and modules.

In a nutshell, a fantastic introduction to TypeScript for novices. You will have enough information to go deeper into TypeScript by reading a book or taking other more in-depth courses after completing this course. The teacher is also a natural teacher who makes learning enjoyable and simple.

Link To Course Website

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5. TypeScript Design Patterns

TypeScript Design Patterns is rated the fifth top of all the best typescript courses online. For developers who are already familiar with JavaScript and TypeScript, this is one of the advanced TypeScript courses. This course will teach you how to use TypeScript to build classic GOF design patterns including Decorator, Adapter, Strategy, Observer, Facade, Command, and others.

What are the benefits of using a design pattern? Because it’s nothing more than a tried-and-true answer to a variety of programming issues.

There’s a lot of information on the web regarding object-oriented design principles, but this class is especially useful for TypeScript implementation.

If you’re new to the concept, the real-world examples offered in this course make it simple to understand these patterns.

Link To Course Website


6. TypeScript, Quick and Easy

At the sixth top best typescript courses online we have the TypeScript, Quick and Easy.

This TypeScript tutorial, created by Sepehr Esmaeili, is a rapid and hands-on method to learn the language. You’ll not only have a good understanding of TypeScript by the end of this course, but you’ll also have a sense of where JavaScript programming is going and how the architecture of JS apps is being redesigned to be suitable for large-scale projects.

You’ll also learn about contemporary ES6 features, TypeScript types, ES6 and TypeScript class-based object-oriented programming, generics, modules, and decorators.

This course serves as a preparation for anyone interested in learning Angular 2.0 or developing mobile apps using the new Ionic framework.

Link To Course Website


7. Typescript with modern React (i.e. hooks, context, suspense)

Typescript with modern React is the seventh top rated of all best typescript courses online.

This is yet another free TypeScript course on Udemy, which is one of the greatest sites to learn it online. You’ll learn how to add typescript to a Create-React-App project and how to add it to a React project from scratch using Webpack and Babel in this course prepared by Richard Oliver Bray.

In a React typescript project, you’ll learn about React hooks (useState, useContext, useReducer, and useEffect) and how to use suspense to load a component slowly. With useReducer and Context, you’ll be able to reproduce Redux (or the Redux ideas).

This is an intermediate/advanced course that assumes you’ve worked with React and Redux before, though you don’t need to know typescript. If you’re new to React, these React and Redux classes are a good place to start.

Link To Course Website


8. The Complete TypeScript For Beginners

The Complete TypeScript For Beginners makes up our eighth list of best typescript courses online.

Avaril Jamil has prepared a fantastic free online TypeScript hands-on course on Udemy.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use a powerful and enjoyable programming language to create web applications faster and with fewer errors.

To begin, you’ll learn how to set up TypeScript projects. After that, you’ll discover how to make and use your own types. Finally, you’ll discover how to add strong type support to almost any JavaScript library you can imagine.

After finishing the course, you will have a solid understanding of TypeScript’s major features as well as the skills required to begin developing client-side web applications and NodeJS applications using it.

Link To Course Website


9. Understanding TypeScript — 2024 Edition

This is the last in our list of best typescript courses online. When it comes to learning TypeScript online, this is my favourite course. It’s not free, but it’s so excellent that I couldn’t help myself. This is undoubtedly the best online course for learning TypeScript, as it was created by Maximilian Schwarzmüller.

The course is well-structured and covers all of the basics of TypeScript for web developers.

The course is project-based, and after each chapter, you’ll construct little modules to put what you’ve learned thus far into practise. This reputation and application are really beneficial in learning TypeScript’s key ideas.

Link To Course Website




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