Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

List Of 15 Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants | 2024 Updated

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While planning you relocating to Canada, you must first of all want to know which is the best jobs in Canada for immigrants, and that is exactly what we have got here in full detail for you. The most migratory nation in the world, Canada continues to offer plenty of employment opportunities to newcomers. This means that if you’re seeking for the greatest jobs in Canada for immigrants, you’ll find plenty of them here.

There are several reasons why someone could desire to immigrate to Canada and begin working there, one of which could be that Canada gives people the chance to live their ambitions by relocating from their developing countries to one that is more developed in order to work and pursue their goals.

These positions are among the most common jobs you may find in Canada, and we’ve researched and compiled some of the top jobs in Canada for immigrants in this article.

In order to increase your chances of being given the chance to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry for skilled workers, this article will provide you with a list of the kind of occupations you should be looking for when applying for any job opportunity in Canada.

Although Canada prefers talented professionals to immigrate to the country more than any other group of individuals, having any of these jobs in Canada for immigrants ready for you will ultimately boost your chances of being welcomed to move there.

To discover Fast entrance to Canada as a skilled worker and the greatest employment that would ultimately raise your points of being awarded an immigration visa to Canada, all you need to do is read this article through to the finish.


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I want to move to Canada, but do I need a job?

The top occupations in Canada for immigrants are discussed in this article, but is employment a requirement for immigration to Canada? The answer is a resounding NO, but the reality is that it will be much simpler for you to immigrate to Canada if there is a job waiting for you there.

Each of these occupations for immigrants in Canada provides you a decent number of points, which eventually increases your chances of being given the chance to immigrate to Canada. Those who wish to immigrate to Canada are evaluated based on points.

Your education, employment history, age, as well as your proficiency in either French or English, are a few of the factors that are taken into consideration when awarding points.

According to statistics, 57% of immigrants to Canada were granted entrance on the grounds that they were business immigrants and skilled employees.

Others come to Canada as refugees or at the invitation of families who already reside there.

In general, Canada welcomes roughly 300,000 immigrants annually, which is more than any other developed nation does per capita.


If I’m a skilled worker, is immigration fast-tracked possible?

Consider some of these occupations in Canada for immigrants because you can expedite your immigration as a qualified worker.

Express entry, Canada’s immigration program for talented workers, allows you to complete your immigration process in six months or even less.

Remember that you must confirm that you qualify for one of the government programs for skilled workers listed before filling out the application and applying for Fast entry.

You can proceed to build and finish your profile, including paying the required fees, if you check and find that you are eligible.

Express Entry for skilled professionals is, as we have mentioned, one of the simplest ways to immigrate to Canada.

Remember that in order for your credentials to be accessed, you must pass the language exam and upload your proof of education and experience.

After completing this procedure, your name will now be added to the list of applicants for Express entry.

Being in this situation does not obligate you to apply to become a permanent resident of Canada because your invitation to do so will depend on your Express entry score, which is calculated based on a number of factors. The higher your score, the better your chances are of getting accepted.

The official employment portal for Canada or the job bank are the greatest places to start looking for some of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants at this time. Moreover, this will raise your Express entry score.


A Canadian Work Permit: What Is It?

You should understand what a work permit is before you start looking for the greatest jobs in Canada for foreigners.

It is necessary to obtain a work permit in Canada if you are not a native Canadian and are coming from a foreign country in order to work lawfully in Canada as a foreign national. But, in rare circumstances, you may be eligible to work in Canada without a work permit.

Canada is today regarded as one of the world’s economic leaders, and through the years, we have learned that it is more open to immigrants who wish to relocate there in order to work overseas than most industrialized nations.

Whether you wish to work in Canada as a businessperson, temporary employee, student, or permanent employee, you must obtain a Canadian work permit. Nevertheless, before you apply, make sure that you already have a job offer.


Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants


Criteria for Canadian Work Permits in General

  • Show an agent evidence that you intend to leave Canada after your work visa expires.
  • Possess documentation proving you have the resources necessary to support your family while you’re in Canada.
  • Bring a police clearance certificate as proof that you don’t have any criminal background.
  • Don’t jeopardize Canada’s security in any way.
  • You must be in excellent health and, if required, submit to a physical.
  • You do not intend to work for a company that the government has designated as being ineligible because they do not adhere to specific requirements.
  • You have no intention of working for a company that provides sexual dancing, escort, striptease, or massages.
  • To be eligible for admission into Canada, you must be prepared to present any documentation that the authorities may need.


List Of 15 Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants | 2024 Updated

From Here Down IS The Full List Of The Top Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

1. Accountant

The work of an Accountant here tops our list of best jobs in Canada for immigrants, maintaining financial records and books is crucially dependent on accountants. They are in charge of examining, preserving, and inspecting financial statements as well as assisting people and corporations with filing income tax forms.

In Canada, earning a university degree, completing a professional training course, and getting on-the-job training are some qualifications for becoming an accountant.

Salary: $58,988 annually, or $30 per hour,


2. Sales Representative

Our list of best jobs in Canada for immigrants includes sales reps. You need a bachelor’s degree, some work experience, and strong marketing abilities to be considered for this role.

Speaking more than one language, especially English and French, gives you an advantage over the competitors.

Salary: $50,000 per year, or $25.64 per hour


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3. IT Project Manager

At the third list of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants, we have the IT Project Managers Job here. This industry keeps expanding quickly because of technological advancement. This position is ideal for those who want to create and oversee IT projects, including their budget, schedule, and scope. Although being an IT project manager in Canada is not required to have a license or certification, having project management credentials like the PMP Certification improves your employment prospects.

Salary: $95,495 on average per year, or $45.91 per hour


4. Account Supervisor

One of the greatest occupations in Canada, and of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants as well is account manager, which pays well. Extroverts will enjoy working together because they’ll need to network with stakeholders, key business executives, and customers to forge lasting connections.

The most effective account managers in Canada have a degree in business management (or a closely related field), account management experience, and crucial soft skills like leadership, customer service, communication, and value-based selling.

Salary: $60,000 per year, or $30.77 per hour,


5. Business Analyst

Business analysis is one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Budgeting and finance, planning and monitoring, deviation analysis, and developing business prospects are all part of a business analyst’s job description. To qualify for this post, you must hold a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

Salary: $35.41 per hour or $73,655 annually


6. Engineering Project Manager

Engineering Project Manager tops our sixth list of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. In order to support its expansion, Canada needs more project managers for engineering. Engineering project managers oversee the budgeting and cost analyses for the project as well as the day-to-day operations of an engineering team. They also examine bids.

An engineering bachelor’s degree, relevant work experience, and a regional practice license are requirements for this position.

Salary: $46.10 per hour or $89,887 per year


Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants


7. Software Engineer

On the seventh list of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants, e have the Software Engineers job. Do you have programming language expertise? Then you should consider becoming a software engineer. It’s one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada per hour, and part of the job description is to analyze, tweak, create, and test user-facing software to make sure it meets user needs.

A master’s or doctoral degree may be necessary in this field in addition to having a bachelor’s in computer science, software engineering, or other related fields.

Salary: $48.72 per hour, or $95,000 per year


8. Recruiting Professional

One of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants is that of a recruitment specialist. Finding the ideal candidate for a particular post is the primary duty of a recruiting specialist.

To work as a recruiting specialist in Canada, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and years of experience.

Salary: $52,424 on average per year, or $25.20 per hour


9. A marketing Director

This is the ninth on our list of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Managers of marketing are essential to the success of every company. To better understand consumer preferences and develop marketing strategies, they do market research.

To succeed, you must have outstanding communication, leadership, business management, and customer service abilities in addition to a bachelor’s degree in marketing and appropriate experience.

Salary: $37.96 per hour or $74,031 per year


10. Nurse

Because of Canada’s reputation for having a top-notch healthcare system, nurses are in high demand there, and is indeed one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. In order to maximize patients’ comfort, they are in charge of diagnosing symptoms, giving drugs, and collaborating with other medical personnel.

Before you can work in Canada as an Internationally Registered Nurse, or IEN, you must submit an application to the National Nursing Assessment Service.

After that, you can submit an application for a licensure in your preferred Canadian province as a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN).

Salary: $37.37 per hour, or $72,874 annually


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11 Driver

Canada has long roads, which contribute to the popularity of truck driving there which is one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Many people also like their work as truck drivers. Transporting people or goods from one location to another securely is a driver’s primary duty.

The minimum requirements to become a truck driver in each province are the completion of secondary education, obtaining the necessary licenses, and proving that you have outstanding driving skills.

Salary: 77,195 dollars year, or $25.89 per hour


12. Welder

At the twelfth list of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants we have the work of a Welder. Welders join metal pieces together or fix dents in metal parts. Secondary school graduation, a three-year apprenticeship program, or three years of work experience are prerequisites for this position. For this post, previous robotics or machine operator experience may be necessary.

Salary: $30.39 per hour or $63,210 annually


13. Cloud Architect

The work of a Cloud Architet is the thirteenth on our list of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Do you want to establish a name for yourself in one of Canada’s highest-paying hourly positions? Then you might think about becoming a cloud architect in Canada. IT professionals known as cloud architects are in charge of managing a company’s cloud computing strategy.

To become a cloud architect, you must complete the required coursework in computer science or a closely related discipline, as well as acquire the required knowledge, experience, and certification.

Salary: $121,800 on average per year, or $62.64 per hour




14. Electrician

Given the abundance of apprenticeship training programs across Canada, being an electrician is one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants.

Once you’ve finished, you can start a career as an electrician and provide a range of services, like building and repairing electrical wiring, checking that piping complies with electrical rules, testing electrical systems, and many more.

Salary: $35 per hour or $68,250 annually


15. HR Manager

Here is the last we have to talk about in our list of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Due to the growing number of firms emerging in Canada, human resources managers will continue to be in demand. HR managers oversee the HR division and perform a variety of duties, including employing personnel, handling compensation, and carrying out corporate guidelines.

A psychology bachelor’s degree (or equivalent in a relevant discipline) and years of experience are required for this position.

Salary: $42.47 per hour or $88,353 per year


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