Best GameCube Games You Should Play

Top 10 Best GameCube Games You Should Play

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We’ve compiled a list of the best GameCube Games that have stood the test of time and continue to receive high accolades from fans. We considered a number of factors, such as gameplay, graphics, replayability, and impact on the gaming industry, before making our choice.

The Nintendo GameCube was a well-known gaming console that launched in 2001 and soon gained popularity thanks to its unique cube design, excellent controller, and large selection of games. The PlayStation 2 and Xbox competed with the GameCube as the Nintendo 64’s successor. The revolutionary design of the GameCube, which had a carry handle and a small form factor, made it stand out. Even while GameCube may not have been as successful financially as its competitors, it still enjoys a strong fanbase and is highly regarded by many players.


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What are GameCube Games?

The video games created and made available for the Nintendo GameCube console are the top GameCube games. The Nintendo 64 was replaced by the sixth-generation GameCube, which was released in 2001. Instead of cartridges like its predecessor, optical discs were used as the primary storage medium for the first Nintendo system.

A wide variety of games, including action-adventure, platforming, combat, racing, and many more, were available for the GameCube. Along with many exclusive games like Super Smash Bros., it was the birthplace of other well-known and adored franchises including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. Famous for their gameplay and storylines include Melee and Resident Evil 4.

Games on the GameCube are known for their stunning graphics, which at the time offered a realistic and immersive gaming experience. The hardware of the GameCube also made it possible for more sophisticated character and world creation, as well as AI, physics, and particle effects.

Even though it wasn’t as popular as its rivals, the GameCube’s game selection is nonetheless regarded as one of the best of its generation. Numerous GameCube titles have now become classics and are still prized by retro gamers and collectors.

Overall, Nintendo’s quality and innovation in game production are showcased by the GameCube games, which provide a variety of gaming experiences that are still enjoyable now and will be for years to come.


Where can I buy GameCube software?

You can buy GameCube games in a variety of methods, depending on what suits you best. Popular choices comprise:


Purchasing actual GameCube game discs

GameStop and EB Games are only two places where you can still get GameCube games. Also, you can find them on websites like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. For gamers who prefer to own a physical copy of the game and collectors, purchasing physical copies of games can be an excellent choice.


buying digital GameCube games.

You can now buy and download certain GameCube titles digitally through the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U and Nintendo Switch. These digital GameCube game copies are frequently less expensive than physical GameCube game copies and take up less physical space.


playing games on a GameCube emulator

Simulating a separate game platform on your computer or mobile device is known as emulation. You may play GameCube games on your PC or other devices using a variety of GameCube emulators, such as Dolphin. Emulation is not advised because it is only permitted if you own the original game. Also, you can have a different gaming experience using the emulator compared to using the genuine system.


Best GameCube Games You Should Play


Top 10 Best GameCube Games You Should Play

1. Time Splitters 2

Time Spliters tops our list of best GameCube Games currently, the very strange and very wonderful Time Splitters 2 is the result of combining the hectic, mission-based first-person shooter action of the N64 game Goldeneye with a couple episodes of Quantum Leap. The sequel to the PS2 exclusive features players taking on the role of Cortez, a space marine who must time-travel to various points in the past (and our present future) and assume the role of someone living there in order to stop an evil alien race from using magic crystals to alter history and take control of the universe.

Fans of Rare’s Bond will feel right at home with the look and feel of this sequel to the PS2 exclusive.

From a story perspective, it’s ridiculous, but in what other game can you play as a bounty hunter in the Old West, a Chicago detective in the Prohibition era, and a robot from the year 2450?
The single-player experience is remarkable due to the amount of variation, sleek, responsive controls, and a ton of weird side stuff, like decapitating zombies or gathering bananas. Even better, Time Splitters 2’s narrative mode supports split-screen co-op, doubling the firepower (or brick power), making it much more enjoyable to destroy those evil ETs.

Time Splitters 2 is one of the most purely enjoyable games the GameCube has to offer, with a ton of multiplayer possibilities that were common at the time and the cheesiness of a SciFi Channel movie. in Patrick Murphy


2. Ikaruga

Here is the second best rated of all the best GameCube Games available, games made by Treasure have a history of becoming cult favorites. Some of their most well-known titles are Gunstar Heroes, Mischief Makers, and Sin and Punishment. Ikaruga, a shoot ’em up that was first published in arcades and later transferred to consoles like the Dreamcast and GameCube, stands out as one of the best-made games of the early 2000s.

In its frantic gameplay, absorbing bullets takes precedence above dodging them. The novelty of the game is polarity. Every enemy in the game fires some combination of black or white bullets, and while your ship may deflect bullets that have the same polarity as it, being struck by one of the other colors will result in your death.

By striking adversaries with their opposite color, you can increase your score by doing both sides of the trick. If you can keep dodging bullets for a certain amount of time, you can complete every stage without firing a shot. You can also choose to play the game in a sort of “pacifist” mode.

Ikaruga, a creation of four people, is impressive for its era. The two different colors of the bullets stand out, the 3D representations of the ships are still flying, and everything fits together well. Curiously, Ikaruga has a built-in rotate mode that allows you to make the game’s axis flip 90 degrees, aligning it with a traditional vertical arcade cabinet.

This is possible on all platform versions of the game, however the GameCube version is the first to include a widescreen option. Ikaruga is still one of the best shmups available and is hectic, entertaining, and addictive. Toby Taylor Smith


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3. Super Mario Strikers

At the third best rated of all the best GameCube Games, we have Super mario Strickers. In the world we live in, there are two categories of people: those who enjoy FIFA and those who don’t. I have always fallen into the latter camp. I wasn’t interested in sports, and the gaming was too leisurely for me. But now that I think about it, I definitely would have preferred it if the stadiums and teams had been smaller, the players had all been characters from Mario games, and you could have obtained power-ups like shells, banana peels, and special attacks.

Fortunately, a game for the GameCube that does just that was released, giving everyone who doesn’t like for sports the chance to finally enjoy a football game. Super Mario Strikers is, to put it mildly, frantic. There are usually a dozen shells bouncing quickly from wall to wall as you try to move yourself around the field in the hopes of scoring a goal, so there is never a dull moment. Because to the straightforward game mechanics, practically anyone may enjoy playing it and succeed at it without having to spend too much time considering strategies and various approaches to the sport.

Another incentive to keep playing is the variety of game options. The game has a tournament mode in addition to short matches and multiplayer, eliminating most of the repetition and giving the player ambition. I could easily lose myself in this game for hours on end, which I still do. Super Mario Strikers is unique in that it was the first game to properly combine Mario Kart with soccer as a whole. This was an impressive feat, and the game’s mechanics and design are strong enough to make it a staple for any GameCube enthusiast. (Jonathan Pedersen)


4. Sands of Time, Prince of Persia

This is the fourth on our list of best GameCube Games, players had no idea how much fun sprinting along walls could be until Ubisoft chose to revive this well-liked puzzle-platforming game, and what a shame it would have been to miss out. The Sands of Time transforms its princely hero into a balletic maestro of movement, scaling heights and rounding corners of each booby-trapped room with the grace of a gravity-defying gazelle. In contrast to the original Prince of Persia (which can be unlocked in this game), which is mostly known for incredibly smooth animation that could also prove difficult when dealing with the many deadly dungeon devices the nameless protagonist faced.

It is no longer necessary to wait two seconds after pressing a jump button for the jump to be performed; instead, stages set against a Backdrop straight out of One Thousand and One Nights can be navigated with pleasing responsiveness. Even though the combat can still be a little clumsy, the traps are the true highlight of the game, and there are so many cunning ones that players will find themselves using the Dagger of Time, a practical item that, among other things, allows for dangerous mistakes to be corrected by going back in time.

The end result is one of the best games ever made, an inspiration for future series like Assassin’s Creed, and a free-flowing vibe to platforming that holds a challenge without becoming overpowering. in Patrick Murphy


Best GameCube Games You Should Play


5. Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil is yet another top notch when it comes to best GameCube Games, it wasn’t quite able to achieve its lofty goal of freedom and exploration—”to pack a whole universe onto a single CD—but its story of a young photographer/martial artist named Jade and her pig “uncle”/friend/whatever who uncover a human trafficking conspiracy involving a malicious alien race and a corrupt government has left a lasting impression on those who have played it.

With the aid of a staff, a camera, and a sense of duty as a journalist, Jade embarks on an investigation as she gathers proof of the DomZ’s atrocities while also solving puzzles and defeating enemies. Aside from the straightforward Zelda-like gameplay, Michel Ancel and his team’s world-building are primarily to blame for this gem’s rising reputation. Although he may not have been able to fully express his vision, the stunning art direction, lovely ambiance, and colorful cast of characters serve as enough inspiration to get through any tedious stealth sequences or awkward hovercraft races.

The villains are genuinely repugnant, Jade and Pey’j are well developed, and the mature topics are nonetheless engaging. Beyond Good & Evil has endured in the memories of people who played it for a very long time because it proved that an engaging environment can sometimes be enough to leave a legacy. in Patrick Murphy


6. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Here is another best choice when it comes to best GameCube Games, while the West only knew of the Fire Emblem series as a portable property, Japan had been playing the games on home consoles since 1990. In addition to being the first console game in the Fire Emblem series to be released globally, Path of Radiance also pioneered the use of 3D models, fully animated cutscenes, and voice acting. It represented a significant graphic advancement for the series and set a high bar for subsequent games to meet.

Path of Radiance plays it safe in terms of gameplay despite receiving a visual makeover. It stays true to its roots and brings together a number of mechanics from many earlier games to create a satisfying experience. The rock-paper-scissors combat mechanic still rules, with a few outliers and oddballs tossed in to keep players on their toes.

The 40+ playable characters in Path of Radiance each have a distinct backstory that may be explored through pre-battle support sessions. However, there are other additional activities available in the pre-battle menu, such as creating unique weaponry and assisting units in leveling up by using bonus experience gained from missions.

Given its rarity, favorable reviews generally, and high level of polish, Path of Radiance’s high asking price comes as no surprise. The success of the game encouraged Intelligent Systems to create Radiant Dawn, the following Fire Emblem game, as a direct successor. Toby Taylor Smith


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7. The Four Swords Adventures of The Legend of Zelda

At the top seventh of all the best GameCube Games available we have The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, it is still a ton of fun to play, even though Triforce Heroes can be seen as an improved version of it. It’s not just a slogan when you can take on massive dungeons with the help of three other players. Four Links are the foundation of puzzle creation, and it’s fun to work through them slowly with company.

There is always a cooperative attitude present because each Link must contribute in order for progress to be made. Because the entire game is built around teamwork, you don’t mind cooperating with others. There is also a ton of variety here, from a wide range of unique goods and settings to distinct foes that must be defeated utilizing a variety of tactics. Although Four Swords isn’t a particularly long game, there are so many options for exploration, exploration, and combat that it has a Mario Party level of replayability.

Four Swords isn’t only a co-op game, though. Players can locate, gather, and steal rupees from their fellow Links in a brilliant way. If you take rupees from your friends, you can survive longer because you can use these rupees to recover yourself after being knocked out. The person who has the most money is the enemy. It’s sufficient to set off an endless cycle of betrayal. The system is comparable to the crown in Super Mario 3D World. All of my buddies would throw me into an infinite pit just to make sure I couldn’t have it, even though it does almost nothing.

In spite of this, Four Swords Adventures is a genuine cooperative game. To reach the objective, you’ll need to collaborate with your pals, and that’s what makes it enjoyable. You will always have a sense of camaraderie; you will worry about, argue with, work alongside, and despise your buddies. Rodrigo Rodriguez


8. The Wind Waker from The Legend of Zelda

One of the top eighth best GameCube Games in the series to date is the swashbuckling adventure The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, directed by Eiji Aonuma and taking place 100 years after the events of Ocarina of Time. The Wind Waker brilliantly entices players in with its flawless blend of refined design, well developed controls, and gorgeous presentation, similar to the N64 classic and A Link to the Past.

The game puts players in control of a well-known young Link who embarks on a lengthy journey through tumultuous seas, into dark, hazardous dungeons, and against merciless adversaries in order to save his kidnapped sister. The game features a completely new aesthetic with cel-shaded graphics.

It was immediately clear upon release that The Wind Waker would differ from the previous Zelda games, so it’s surprising that the grandeur of its bold, thick strokes, lusciously saturated palette, and noticeably boyish protagonist with his humongous, expressive eyes ever caused so much controversy back in 2003. After all, more than a decade later, the game’s legacy is still largely defined by its visuals.

Observant gamers who value art will be aware that Nintendo doesn’t merely experiment for the sake of experimentation. Nintendo used the GameCube’s capabilities to produce The Wind Waker, which features a world that is incredibly stylized down to the least detail. When examined closely, cel-shading was unquestionably the best option.

This game highlights the grandeur of the open sea and the sky, and by using cel-shading, each wave and wind gust are stunningly accentuated against a background of vibrant slopes, tiny towns, and coastal areas. The dungeons also prove to be the most enjoyable part of the game, despite their being so few of them, just as in all prior entries in the series. These dungeons are where Wind Waker shines. The stunning level of detail used to bring each dungeon to life makes the aesthetics truly stand out.

In the end, it’s not hard to understand why The Wind Waker has gained a reputation as a classic in the years since its release. The Wind Waker is an enormous accomplishment in every way, featuring the classic blend of sword-swinging action, challenging puzzles, moving storylines, vibrant art, evocative soundtrack, a cast of colorful characters, lovely melodies, and a fantastic battle system that fuels the exploration and adventure. The Wind Waker stands tall, side by side with the best video games, for those who view the Zelda brand as the apex of gaming. Richard D.


Best GameCube Games You Should Play


9. Play Super Smash Bros. Melee

This is the last on our list of best GameCube Games, although playing the original Super Smash Bros. for the N64 is as entertaining now as it was when it was first launched in 1999, the game was surpassed by its successor, the always-popular and still-played Super Smash Bros., two years later. Melee. Melee offers the same idea as the first game—a battle between two endearing Nintendo mascots—but with major expansions.

With the unlockable characters, there are fifteen playable characters in Melee right away, three more than the original, and ten more can be unlocked as the game progresses. These fighters are also almost perfectly balanced. As a result, Melee enables each player to play exactly as they want. The locations are also much more varied than ever before thanks to the addition of twenty additional masterfully designed levels.

Along with the series’ enduring tournament mode, Melee is also to blame for the expanded selection of items and game variants. Additionally, it introduced two brand-new single-player modes that would later become pillars of the franchise: Adventure mode and All-Star mode, which let players push their abilities to unanticipatedly high levels. The game Melee also introduced trophies, collectible sculptures that feature fascinating biographies of both playable and non-playable characters, giving players an entertaining context for the greater body of work from which the game draws its characters and levels.

Super Smash Bros. is a video game with stunning graphics that perfectly showcase the capabilities of the GameCube, enjoyable single-player and multiplayer gameplay, well-designed stages, flawless character design and control systems, and lovely balance. Melee is rightfully regarded as one of the greatest fighting games ever made. Timothy Maison




10. Metroid Prime

And here is the Metroid Prime, as the last we have to talk about on best GameCube Games, with multiple reimaginings of Nintendo’s most well-known titles at the time of its first announcement, Metroid Prime was met with an appropriate amount of anger and suspicion. It wasn’t widely accepted that one of the most cherished side-scrolling series of all time would be forced transformed into a first-person shooter.

For supporters’ benefit, it turned out that they were completely mistaken. With a little assistance from Texas-based Retro Studios, Nintendo was able to release probably the best Metroid game ever while also altering expectations for the first-person shooter subgenre.

Even veteran fans will find the game to be a unique challenge thanks to fresh ideas like different visors and physics-based morph ball puzzles that seamlessly transition from 2D to 3D.

The biggest reason to purchase a Nintendo’s tiny purple box was Metroid Prime, without a doubt the best game on the GameCube and a title that still ranks in my own Top 10. It is an undeniable masterpiece that is still relevant today.

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