Best Free Public Speaking Courses in 2022

Best Free Public Speaking Courses in 2024

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Today we will treat this very topic “Best Free Public Speaking Courses in 2024” as questions have been thrown on daily bases based on top speaking courses, here we will cover all about speaking courses and all necessary details concerning this very topic today.

A public speaking talent is one of the most in-demand abilities that everyone who wants to advance in their industry or career must learn.

Effective public speaking skills provide numerous immediate benefits to the individual speaker, including the ability to influence the environment around you and build leadership qualities. By assisting you in gaining recognition, public speaking skills might put you ahead of your peers in the same chosen career.

It enables you to make connections, influence decisions, and encourage change within a specific context. Similarly, public speaking offers doors to opportunities both within and outside of your chosen field.

So, whether you want to pursue a career in public speaking or improve your public speaking talents, I’ve compiled a list of free public speaking resources you can use right away. So take a close look at my list.

Meanwhile, before I show you, here’s a table of contents to give you an idea of what you may expect in this essay.

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What is Public Speaking?

Before diving into best free Public Speaking Courses which is the topic of the day, lets take this line to know exactly what Public Speaking is.

So, according to Merriam-Webster, public speaking is “the act or practise of making speeches in public,” or “the art of successful oral communication with others.”

It is defined as public speaking when an oral presentation or speech is given in front of a live audience. Public speaking is typically a formal or planned event that can be a career defining moment.

We engage in public speaking without even realising it far more often than we realise. For example, you could be in a management meeting and be asked to comment on a portion of the supporting research and analysis or defend your suggestions. This is where public speaking comes into play.

You should definitely step up and share your opinions with the team.


How Much Does an Online Public Speaking Course Cost?

Another important note to consider is the cost of Online Public Course while still on best free Public Speaking Courses.

The cost of an online public speaking training varies depending on the platform. We have a plethora of online platforms where you can learn public speaking… Udemy, Coursera, FutureLearn, edX, and other online learning platforms

These platforms charge varying fees for these courses.

The course outline can have an impact as well. Beginner courses in public speaking will be less expensive than advanced ones, and you may even be able to acquire some for free.

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Can I Take Public Speaking Online Course for Free?

While considering the Best Free Public Speaking Courses in 2024, you may have asked your self if and only if you can take this course, yes you can. In this course we will guide you on all you need to take off.

Yes. You can take free online public speaking courses. These classes teach you the fundamentals of public speaking, such as how to build confidence, overcome stage fear, and share your unique narrative.

These free and paid courses are available on several learning sites such as Udemy, Pluralsight, Coursera, FutureLearn, edX, and others.

Best Free Public Speaking Courses

1. Everything you never knew about public speaking

This course is the first in our list of best free Public Speaking Courses, it was designed with you in mind to help you discover some shocking facts about public speaking that you were previously unaware of.

The trainer has extensive experience and a thorough understanding of public speaking and its mechanics. He’ll teach you basic rules to ensure your content is always compelling and transform even the most clumsy speaker into one who can capture the attention of any audience.

So, whether you need help preparing for a specific event or simply want to enhance your public speaking or presenting skills, here’s a wide and complete curriculum of short videos to help you turn that weakness into a strength.

Among the other things you’ll learn throughout the course are:

1. Public speaking

2. Presentation skills

3. Communication skills

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2. Get over your fears of public speaking

Second in our list of best free Public Speaking Courses is the course of Get over your fears of public speaking. This short course is aimed to help you understand where your anxieties come from and how you may overcome them. Don’t let your apprehension about speaking in public prevent you from attaining what you desire. We all find it tough to speak up at times, but I will teach you how to do so in this course.

1. The value of public speaking

2. Where does the fear of public speaking come from?

3. How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

4. Various modes of presentation

5. How to Overcome Your Fears and Get Moving

Link To Course Website


3. Public Speaking with Confidence

Here is the third in our list of best free Public Speaking Courses. This is a basic yet powerful technique to encouraging and helping anyone, especially novices, when it comes to public speaking. The course was created to assist anyone looking for advice on how to get started as a public speaker.

This has been formatted as a result of substantial public speaking experience. This also gives you the opportunity to acquire a first-hand evaluation from the expert.

Part of what you’ll study is public speaking skills, and then you’ll know and comprehend the fundamentals of public speaking and how to become confident when crafting and delivering their speech.

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4. Public Speaking Essentials: How to Craft Your Personal Story

Another best free Public Speaking Courses you should take is this one. The course introduces you to and teaches you how to establish your own personal brand and utilise it to inspire and encourage your audience.

Its goal is to teach you how to find your true voice and engage people by using the power of your own tales.

As a result, in this course, you will;

1. Learn how to attract and captivate your audience right from the start of any speech.

2. Create amazing personal stories through actionable lessons that will assist you.

3. Learn how to save time while writing a speech.

4. Learn how to use effect tactics to spot personal narrative opportunities.

5. Before you write a speech, figure out what information you need to know.

6. Improve your next speech by taking a course that is 25% theory and 75% action.

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5. Learn Public Speaking with Ease

This is one of the best free Public Speaking Courses available right now.

It’s a brief course meant to get you started on your path to become a public speaker. Following the instructions in the course will assist you in striking the correct balance when preparing your speech or presentation. Recognize your posture, tone of voice, and the structure of your speech and presentation.

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6. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills 4 Conference Speakers

Amongst all top best free Public Speaking Courses, this is a paid course that will teach you how to package your speeches.

This course will teach you;

1. The Essential Elements of a Successful Presentation

2. How to Determine Your Audience

3. The significance of tailoring your presentation content to your target audience

4. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Presentation

5. Why should every speech be a three-act play?

4. How to Make an Impactful Opening and Closing to Your Presentation!

5. How to Be Yourself!

6. The Importance of a Catchy Headline

7. The definition of the 10 Minute Rule and how to use it

8. How to Make Amazing Powerpoint Presentations

9. Key Points for Improving Your Stage Presentation Skills

10. Why is Speech Delivery as Important as Content?

Link to School Website


7. Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours

This is another another paid public speaking training in our list of best free Public Speaking Courses. It was created for anyone looking for further information about public speaking, presentations, and public speaking for beginners – kids.

Furthermore, this course would be beneficial to anyone attempting to expand their knowledge in the following areas: presenting skills – communication skills – storytelling.

So, here are some of the things you’ll learn at the end of this course.

1. When presenting a presentation, appear at ease and confident.

2. Be comprehended

3. Make an impression.

4. Persuade your audience to take the desired action.

Link To School Website

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8. Public Speaking

This course is based on the best practices of the Public Speaking Academy’s over 1000 seminars in the Netherlands. It was created with you in mind to assist you in learning the fundamentals of public speaking.

After completing the course, you will understand the beneficial impact that public speaking has on your life and why you should embrace it and speak as much as possible rather than avoiding it.

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9. The Complete Public Speaking Course: Become a Great Speaker

At the ninth line in our list of best free Public Speaking Courses we have the course that teaches how to become a public speaker for life. Why waste another day providing mediocre presentations when you might be making fantastic talks and speeches? With this paid public speaking course, you will undoubtedly improve your public speaking skills.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to do or achieve after taking this Public Speaking course.

1. Make a fantastic speech.

2. Discover how to practise on video.

3. Avoid info dumping and other typical errors in public speaking.

4. How to Tell a Story

5. Make an impression.

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10. LIFT Your Storytelling To Improve Your Public Speaking

At the last best free Public Speaking Courses we have the course that teaches how to list our StoryTelling to improve our Public Speaking. Lynn Ferguson, an experienced storyteller, writer, and standup comedian, offers her public speaking checklist in this course.

A checklist that will take you minutes to implement but will almost immediately transform the way you deliver your next narrative or presentation, altering your approach to all public speaking occasions.

This brief public speaking checklist addresses the most common concerns Lynn has found in her students. These concerns have almost nothing to do with the storyline of the storey you’re about to tell, nor do they have anything to do with the more technical components of the narrative, storey arc, or inciting incidents.

The checklist is a useful tool for ensuring that you start well, conclude well, commit to, and convey your message.

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