7 Best Cheapest Online Law School In 2022

7 Best Cheapest Online Law School In 2024

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In our Platform today we are discussing in full detail the cheapest online Law School in 2024. Studying law is a source of pride. It’s still another source of great pleasure to be able to study it online. While some individuals are still sceptical about earning a legal degree online due to the nature of the programme, it is a reality.

There are online law school programmes that are both economical and accredited. This article will introduce you to the most affordable, reputable online law schools where you may earn a legal degree.

Students who study law online benefit from the same freedom that students who study other subjects benefit from.

However, studying for an online bachelor’s or master’s degree may take longer than studying at a traditional university. Worse, no online law school is now accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).

This means that if you want to acquire a Juris Doctor (JD) online, you don’t want to be a lawyer.

However, if you have a non-ABA law school degree, you can sit for the Bar tests in California.

Why should you study law online?

Before diving into full list of cheapest online Law School, lets take a look at some reasons to consider online law schools.

Obtaining a JD online allows you to properly balance your studies, career, and family obligations. Even if you are unable to attend classes in person, online law school programmes allow you to pursue your passion.

Many online law schools also have accreditation, even if they are not affiliated with the American Bar Association. This means that you can still acquire a world-class law education from these schools, which will run concurrently with on-campus programmes.

Furthermore, not everyone who want to practise law obtains a law degree. A career in law can take you into a variety of disciplines and industries.

The online Master of Laws (LLM) degree offers advanced training in fields such as health care policy, management, and taxation.

Non-lawyers can also enrol in various online law school programmes, such as master’s in legal studies degrees. There will always be non-law students and professionals who want to learn about the law. As a result, online law school programmes make it simple for them to meet this requirement.

It’s also worth noting that an online law degree qualifies you to take the California Bar Exam. Your practise is likewise limited to the state of California as a result of this restriction. So, if you live in California or are willing to practise there, an online Law degree is for you.

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What Can I Expect to Earn With an Online Law Degree?

It is advised to have a clue of what lawyer looks like, then we shall continue to the list of cheapest online Law School.

The fact that the American Bar Association does not support online law schools does not make you any less of a lawyer for pursuing one. In every way, you are still a lawyer, and you would earn the same as a lawyer with a traditional university degree. If you must practise, you will have to do so secretly.

Law is one of the professions with a high pay scale. As a lawyer, you can count on a five- or six-figure annual pay. Meanwhile, additional schooling may lead to increased compensation, and you can always get an LLM online.

The average annual compensation for lawyers in the United States is $117,188, according to Glassdoor. This figure is similar for healthcare lawyers, a profession for which an online law degree can equip you.


Which type of online law school should I enrol in?

A few seconds to dive into the full list of cheapest online Law School, lets help you decide the type of online school to enroll in, so as not to make a mistake

You should enrol in one of the most affordable and accredited online law schools. Aside from price and accreditation, there are a few additional things to keep an eye out for.

Professors should have more internet access at the online law school you choose. Even though you can study law online, the course still asks you to apply what you’ve learned in class to real-life situations.

You’ll find that you’ll need to call your lecturer more than once. Check to see if the lecturer has office hours during which you can contact them.

Also, be sure that your online law school is both academic and practical. Examine their curriculum to ensure that it meets your requirements. More importantly, you should verify that the books used by students on campus are the same texts used by your online school.

You may also have to drop out for the duration of your online law school programme. Most schools devote at least 20 hours each week to their programme. An online legal programme, on the other hand, should last three to six years.

In the meantime, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of schools that check all of your boxes.


7 Best Cheapest Online Law School In 2024

1. American Public University System – $6,880

This is the first in list of top cheapest online Law School. HLC and DEAC have given this online law school regional accreditation. This university provides more than twenty (20) degrees while ranking as our number one inexpensive online legal school. It does, however, offer five (5) online law programmes leading to a law degree.

With a total enrolment of 48,623 students, this accredited online law school has a 100% admission rate.

Meanwhile, APUS charges a low tuition of $6,880 for undergraduates and $6,600 for graduate students. As a result, APUS comes highly recommended.

So you see more reasons this Institution have to appear as the first and top cheapest online Law School.

Link To School Website

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2. Bellevue University – $7,752

At the second rated of all cheapest online Law School we have the Bellevue University. HLC has granted regional accreditation to this online law school, which provides up to 165 programmes. However, the authorised legal school currently only provides a law degree programme. This is a Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.

In the meanwhile, Bellevue University is one of the most affordable online legal schools with excellent military assistance.

It has a total enrollment of 10,407 students and a 100 percent admission rate.

In addition, Bellevue University’s undergraduate tuition is $7,752 and the graduate tuition is $10,770 for an online law degree.

This is more reason we have the Bellevue University as the second top rated of all cheapest online Law School.

Link To School Website


3. Southern New Hampshire University online – $11,520

Here comes the third in our list of the top cheapest online Law School. The New England Commission of Higher Education has granted this online law school regional accreditation (NECHE). This non-profit, private institution offers 286 programmes in a variety of fields, but only one (1) in law. This online curriculum, on the other hand, is geared on obtaining a bachelor’s degree in law.

The BS in Criminal Justice – Legal Studies and Advocacy offered by SNHU is an online law degree programme.

Meanwhile, the university has a total student enrollment of 90,955 students and a 92.9 percent admission rate. The majority of SNHU’s student population is made up of online students, which is an intriguing information to know.

Furthermore, the cost of this approved university’s online graduate law degree is $11,520. This makes it one of the most affordable online law schools on our list.

Link To School Website


4. South Dakota State University – $11,689

At the fourth top rated of all cheapest online Law School we have the South Dakota State University. This online law school is a public, non-profit university with HLC regional accreditation. This authorised online law school offers up to 60 programmes in various fields, but just one in law that leads to a certificate.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Agricultural and Environmental Legal is the school’s online law degree programme.

Meanwhile, SDSU has a total enrolment of 12,107 students and a 91 percent acceptance rate. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1, this makes the students at the school pleasant.

In addition, tuition for an online degree at SDSU is $11,689 for undergraduates and $15,521 for graduates. This places it among the most affordable online law schools on our list.

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5. Argosy University Online – $13,438

This is the fifth in our list of cheapest online Law School. WASC WSCUC has granted regional accreditation to this online law school. Furthermore, this university provides 88 degrees in a variety of subjects of study, with only two (2) programmes in law now available. Argosy University’s online legal curriculum leads to a master’s degree in compliance (ML)

Meanwhile, the private, for-profit online law school has 17,600 students enrolled and an acceptance rate of 80 to 90 percent.

This recognised online law school is also one of the most affordable on the list, with undergraduate tuition of $13,438 and graduate tuition of $13,656.

Link To School Website

6. Bryan University Online – $15,400 – $15,447

Here comes the top sixth of all the cheapest online Law School. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges has given this online law school national accreditation (ACCSC). National accreditation is for specialised or vocational institutions, while regional accreditation is more renowned.

Bryan University online now provides up to 30 courses in a variety of subjects, but just one (1) in law. This online law school leads to an associate’s degree in law. Criminal Justice is an online programme that prepares you to be a valued part of a law enforcement team.

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This approved online law school, on the other hand, has over a thousand students and a 5:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Bryan University online, on the other hand, costs between $15,400 and $15,447 for tuition to obtain a degree.

Link To School Website


7. Albany State University – $16,136

The Albany State University makes up our seventh and the last to discuss here on the top cheapest online Law School. SACS COC has granted regional accreditation to this online law school. It now provides only a legal programme leading to a law degree, out of a total of 46 programmes. Certificate in Legal Assistant/Paralegal – Certificates and Diplomas is the name of the programme.

In the meantime, this non-profit law school has a total enrolment of 6,371 students and a 49.7% admission rate. This figure indicates that the university is competitive.

This recognised online law school, on the other hand, charges $16,136 for undergraduate and $15,720 for graduate tuition.

Link To School Website

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