10 Best Boarding Schools In Boston USA 2022

10 Best Boarding Schools In Boston USA 2024

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Lets talk about the top 10 best boarding schools in Boston USA, attending a boarding school in the United States can help your child develop a strong academic foundation and even gain admission to one of the country’s most prominent schools or institutions.

Boarding schools in Boston provide a safe atmosphere for students by grooming and exposing them to a broad range of subjects, thereby preparing them for the future.

Parents nowadays don’t have enough time to care for their children in this fast-paced society, so they send them to boarding schools.

Choosing a boarding school is always a good idea because boarding schools shape a student’s mentality according to the academic atmosphere in which he or she is placed.

In Boston, there are numerous boarding schools that provide a diverse range of lessons and activities for students of various ages and academic abilities.

We’ve compiled a list of the best boarding schools in Boston, Massachusetts, that are open to both local and international high school students in this post.

10 Best Boarding Schools In Boston USA 2024

What Are the Characteristics of Boarding Schools?

Boarding schools can be a lot of fun, especially if you have to leave your parents or guardians and be self-sufficient.

Only a few boarding institutions allow students to bring their dogs to class. However, you’ll notice that many faculty and staff members have dogs and cats in their homes. Those animals are known to make excellent friends with everyone.

In boarding schools, students are expected to utilize technology with common politeness and common sense. During orientation, the school handbook’s rules and regulations will be thoroughly outlined.

In most schools, dining rooms, and other public locations, mailing or receiving calls, texting, and sending emails are not permitted.

Each school will have its own set of regulations and guidelines for exiting the school grounds. There will be very clear instructions regarding what you can and cannot do if the school is in town or a short walk from town. Permission from both parents will be necessary.

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What Is It Like To Attend A Boarding School In Boston?

Boston takes pride in providing excellent service that no other state can match. When it comes to boarding schools, it provides both academic brilliance and a large dose of hospitality.

Furthermore, boarding schools in Boston provide a wide range of courses taught by highly skilled and highly driven professors in small classes that encourage meaningful connection with students.

The majority of boarding schools provide a welcoming, caring, and encouraging environment conducive to learning.

Furthermore, most boarding schools in Boston will not hesitate to provide extra assistance to those who require it, and you will encounter pupils who are genuinely interested in learning.

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What Is The Appropriate Age For Boarding School?

Psychologists and child specialists advise that children aged 12 and up are the best candidates for boarding school. This is the age when children have reached the maturity level when they can favorably perceive their parents’ plans for them without resentment.


What Does It Cost To Attend A Boarding School In Boston?

In Boston, a typical boarding school education costs between $35,000 and $60,000. The total investment amount is influenced by a number of factors: Tuition, accommodation, dorm amenities, and meals are all included in the price.


Do Boston boarding schools provide financial aid to their students?

Young pupils gain much from boarding school instruction. Today, attending a boarding school in Boston comes with a price tag. Families can, however, pay for boarding school education in a variety of ways.

The annual tuition may appear to be too much of a barrier for some to even contemplate boarding school in the first place. After all, a boarding school education today looks like a college education, with an average cost of $48,050 per year.

So, how do other families handle this situation? According to the National Association of Boarding Schools, roughly 37% of boarding school students get yearly financial aid.

The cost of boarding school education becomes one to avoid with the help of the school’s financial aid packages, as well as merit-based and foundation scholarships.


10 Best Boarding Schools In Boston USA 2024


1. Phillips Academy

Here is Phillips Academy as the first in our list of the best boarding schools in Boston USA. Phillips Academy, founded in 1778, is an independent, coeducational secondary school with a global perspective and a history of academic success.

It’s a high school that’s ready to meet, match, and expand the brains and interests of some of the country’s and world’s brightest pupils.

Phillips Academy, despite its size, provides a significant depth and breadth of activity and opportunity while still maintaining a personal feel. With over 300 courses and 150+ electives to choose from, the possibilities for personal development are endless.

Tuition: $57,800

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2. Noble and Greenough School

Noble and Greenough School (Nobles) is a Dedham, Massachusetts-based coeducational private school. It is the second in our list of top best boarding schools in Boston USA. Day students in grades 7 through 12 are welcome at Nobles. For students in grades 9-12, they also offer a 5-day boarding program.

Through constructive mentoring connections, Nobles hopes to promote leadership for the greater benefit. Students mix rigorous studies with entertaining after-school programs and extracurricular activities.

Tuition: $58,100

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3. Middlesex School

This is the third in our list of the best boarding schools in Boston USA. Middlesex is a boarding and day secondary school for students in grades 9 through 12. The residences you’ll see on campus belong to a faculty that teaches a broad curriculum and devotes their life to the development of complete, ethical youths.

There are 27 varsity sports to choose from. Middlesex is a place of opportunity, challenge, and companionship; a place to discover passions, abilities, and yourself; a place to “find your promise,” as our founder so beautifully phrased it.

Tuition: $64,150

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4. Groton School

Groton School is rated the fourth amongst the best boarding schools in Boston USA. Groton School was founded in 1884 by the episcopal priest Endicott Peabody and his wife as one of the top American residential schools.

The school educates roughly 370 students (equally boys and girls) and continues to be a tiny, intimate institution where everyone knows each other by name and in person, always willing to assist and provide helpful advice.

Traditional Christian ideals are still upheld at the school. Representatives of any confession or creed, however, are welcome to study here: Regular Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist services are held.

Curriculum and Instruction The academic program is designed to provide students with a full understanding of subjects as well as excellent preparation for entrance to specific universities.

Tuition: $55,700

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5. Milton Academy

At the fifth rated best boarding schools in Boston USA we have the Milton Academy. The Milton Academy, which was founded in 1798, is one of the oldest schools in the United States and has a long and illustrious history.

It began as a joint-form day school, but after 100 years, it was split into two departments: female and male: individual teachers, separate management, infrastructure, equipment, and facilities.

However, the school now functions as a common form of training institution (school-boardinghouse), preparing boys and girls from all over the world to enter the world’s greatest universities.

Sports and creative electives, as well as active moral education of children, teach useful personal attributes, are supported by an effective, rigorous, and balanced academic program.

Tuition: $61,920

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6. Concord Academy

Here is the Concord Academy, it is the top sixth amongst all the best boarding schools in Boston USA.

Concord Academy is a coeducational, independent boarding and day school with a reputation for world-class staff, dedicated students, and graduates who make a difference in the world. Their curriculum is as diverse as you can imagine, thanks to innovative teaching.

Their rigor in the sciences, arts, and humanities is complemented with chances for intellectual growth, experimentation, and hands-on learning.

Tuition: $65,850

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7. St. Mark’s School

St. Mark’s School, like many other educational institutions, was created in 1865 with the intention of serving solely young men.

In our list of best boarding schools in Boston USA, St. Mark’s School is rated as the top seventh amongst all.

Today, a school in the Boston suburbs has fully transitioned to a combined training system (girls have been admitted to courses since the mid-1970s): roughly 400 students aged 14 to 18 are enrolled, with 21% of them being international nationals from all over the world.

Graduates can easily attend the greatest colleges in the United States and around the world thanks to a broad and diversified curriculum that includes a significant number of both theory and practice. However, students’ moral, personal, and artistic education is as vital.

Tuition: $63,250

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8. Brooks School

This is Brooks School as the eighth of the top best boarding schools in Boston USA. Brooks School, which opened its doors in 1926 in North Andover, offers a co-educational, college preparation program to 350 students on a 270-acre campus overlooking Lake Cochichewick.

Small courses allow students to collaborate directly with professors, developing a bond that is at the heart of the friendly, close-knit community. Brooks University provides a tough academic curriculum that includes 17 advanced placement courses, as well as study abroad opportunities in Africa, Europe, and China.

The school’s outstanding athletic program has won multiple titles, including New England titles in boys basketball, hockey, girls squash, wrestling, and field hockey, as well as a national title in boys squash.

Tuition: $63,200

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9. Dana Hall School

Dana Hall School makes up our ninth list of the best boarding schools in Boston USA. They have high expectations at Dana Hall School, and they know that academic brilliance is best achieved in girls when their social and emotional needs are taken into account alongside their intelligence.

Our community is energized by their unique curriculum and tradition of teaching girls how to learn best. Every girl learns the arts and sciences and practices critical and creative thinking. As a result, Dana graduates are well-equipped to meet difficulties in college and beyond.

Students in Dana Hall thrive, build friendships, and form a lasting network. Each student is empowered by this unique combination of opportunity and encouragement to bring courage to everything she accomplishes at Dana and in the future.

Tuition: $63,500

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10. The Cambridge School of Weston

The Cambridge School of Weston here concludes our list of top best boarding schools in Boston USA.

The Cambridge School of Weston (CSW) provides effective programs for both American and international students, with international students representing eight nations on campus today.

The Cambridge School of Weston is proud of its teaching staff, with about 80% of them holding a college diploma. They are not disinterested; they are qualified professionals in their field who treat kids with love and care and can motivate them to achieve personal and educational objectives.

Twelve to fourteen students are enrolled in a single class, with a teacher-to-student ratio of six to one. This allows you to offer each youngster the attention he or she deserves while also keeping track of his or her progress and achievements.

The Cambridge School of Weston’s principal purpose is to give a high-quality, progressive, all-encompassing education to students from all over the world, to teach them to think critically, and to educate them as complete and responsible members of society.

Tuition: $64,900

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