Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates

20 Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates

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Here are the top free online courses in Germany with certificates for you. Do you want to improve both personally and professionally in Germany? Or do you wish to study in Germany? Do you want to enhance your career beyond the entry-level position? In Germany, you can currently take a variety of free online courses.

The fantastic thing about these free online courses is that they provide certifications once the teaching is completed.

These online programs, also known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), assist many international students who are unable to pursue a degree in Germany. As a result, Germany provides free online courses to international undergraduate and graduate students.


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How Do Free Online Degree Programs Work?

Free courses are online courses that cost nothing or very little (for a certificate). MOOCs, free market online courses, and other sorts of free online degree programs are available.

As previously stated, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are open enrollment, free online courses. MOOCs, in general, provide a flexible and cost-effective way to advance your career, develop new skills, and deliver high-quality educational experiences at scale.

As a result, you may earn a degree in Germany from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world, thanks to these free online courses.

Learning tools for these free online courses are available in a number of formats, just as on other distance learning sites. Worksheets, instructional videos, audio files, photographs, and other textual resources are examples.

The majority of online courses in Germany contain forums, chat rooms, or message systems that allow students to engage with one another or with the instructor.


What elements should I take into account before choosing to take a course online?


Accreditation is the primary and most significant component of every online course. This ensures that the degree course meets academic requirements and that the credits you earn from it will be accepted by other universities.

Taking a free online course without the proper credentials may not only cause you problems, but it will also make future employers doubt your abilities.

You should also confirm the authenticity of the accrediting agency.

Degree Programs

You should examine the academic options in your online certification course to ensure they correspond with your educational goals, just as you would with on-campus degree programs.

Is there professional certification available there? If so, are other colleges and institutions aware of them? This is critical, especially if you intend to continue your education at a four-year university.

Identify the Situation and the Timetable
It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the prerequisites and the class schedule before enrolling in an online degree program.


Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates


20 Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates

From Here Down Is The Full List Of Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates

1 Intercultural Management – Coursera

Teams, leadership, HRM, marketing, and negotiations are among the themes addressed in this of the free online courses in Germany with certificates on intercultural management.

After completing this MOOC, you will have a better understanding of the concept of culture and how it influences how individuals act. This online certification course will teach you more about how culture influences management approaches in multinational organizations.


2 Kitchen Research

At the second best of the free online courses in Germany with certificates here we have kitchen research. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in Germany created an online certification scheme for research kitchens. It drew more inquisitive students who were interested in organizational design and competitive strategy and were keen to get a taste of the research world because of its unique approach.

Also, there are no required courses; instead, there are brief paper sessions. Tobias Kretschmer will appear as a teacher, this time on the whiteboard of his very own institute at LMU Munich.

In this section, he summarizes the main findings of current studies on topics related to the three courses Competitive Strategy, Advanced Competitive Strategy, and Strategic Organization Design.


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3 Strategic Organizational Planning

In comparison to its predecessor, Competitive Strategy, Strategic Organization Design includes more themes and modules, as well as more real-world examples and opportunities for student interaction. This free online course was also developed by the German Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Several variables that influence how organizations and individuals interact are covered in this certification course, such as formalization and centralization, incentive structure, and task division.

This also serves as a useful guidebook for incorporating all of the aforementioned aspects into the actual planning process from a firm’s inception through maturity.


4 Computers, Waves, and Simulations: A Python-Based Practical Introduction to Numerical Methods

This of all the free online courses in Germany with certificates will teach you how to solve the 1D (or 2D) scalar wave equation utilizing techniques including the finite-difference approach, the pseudospectral method, and the linear and spectral element method.

The course is aimed for anyone searching for a fundamental, hands-on introduction to creating or applying numerical methods for partial differential equations.

Engineering, economics, and other sciences commonly use the techniques discussed in the free online course.


5 Customer-Driven Innovation

This course of all the free online courses in Germany with certificates will teach you how to dominate the competition by producing marketable, cutting-edge business concepts based on a thorough understanding of your target market’s needs.

Attending to consumer wants is the most important aspect of successfully managing innovation. In reality, an innovation initiative begins here.

As a result, in this online course, you will learn about crucial ideas and approaches for developing unique company ideas and concepts.

When you finish this course, your qualifications as a product manager, engineer, process manager, and marketing manager will improve. Students from product management, engineering, innovation management, and customer relationship management have already taken the course Consultants and Entrepreneurs.


Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates


6 Agro-Food Value Chain Economics

In this one of the top free online courses in Germany with certificates, you will learn how the German Agro-Food Value Chain manages the dilemma of continuously improving its competitiveness by providing high-quality foods and products while also striving for greater sustainability.

This certification course is taught by international professionals from universities in Italy, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, each of them will supply you with information on a certain aspect of food quality as well as the structure of the agro-food value chains.


7 Pregnancy Nutrition and Lifestyle

Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy compiles the most recent research findings and global standards on a variety of nutrition-related aspects and repercussions of pregnancy.

One of the most effective ways for promoting the unborn child’s healthy growth and development is to maintain a balanced nutritional status and lifestyle both before and throughout pregnancy.

We’ll look at how, ideally, a balanced diet and lifestyle might be achieved before to conception and make recommendations for pre-conception counseling for women.


8 Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Another best choice when it comes to free online courses in Germany with certificates is the strategy for competitive advantage course. In this six-module course in Germany, you will learn how corporations and organizations work in situations where strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e., when my actions affect the profitability of my competitors and vice versa.

We will investigate how firms choose their strategy to achieve a competitive edge using the core tools of game theory.

This free online certification course is provided by LMU Munich, one of Europe’s premier research universities.

LMU covers a wide range of academic subjects, from humanities and cultural studies to law, economics, and social studies, as well as sciences and medicine.


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9 Innovative Competitive Strategy

In Advanced Competitive Strategy, we will look at how organizations can extend and retain their client bases by increasing switching costs and fostering strategic customer lock-ins.

In this article, we’ll look at how businesses can increase their profits by employing effective pricing discrimination and product differentiation strategies.


10 Strategic Management: From Insight to Intuition

This is the tenth in our list of the free online courses in Germany with certificates. Discover how to develop effective strategy procedures and identify key technology and business trends in your industry. You may help your organization thrive during times of transformation by doing rigorous strategic analysis to back up your intuition with the essential in-depth information.

This foundational certification course assists you in analyzing changing industry structures and developing new competencies throughout periods of industry transformation by addressing several components of the strategy.


11 Empire Organization: The Assyrian Way

In this of all the free online courses in Germany with certificates, you will read about the Assyrian kingdom, which arose three thousand years ago to become the first major empire.

During the imperial period of Assyria’s long history, modern-day northern Iraq was the epicenter of a state that stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf and included what is now Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, as well as half of Israel and vast portions of south-eastern Turkey and western Iran.

This online course looks at the traditional and unique techniques employed by the Assyrian administration to maintain unity and allegiance over long distances.

Furthermore, while some of these imperial techniques are clearly analogous to how modern international corporations conduct business, others will appear completely strange.

This course will examine the political, social, religious, and military history of the first superpower.

You will learn about the geography and climate of the Middle East, which will help you understand the region’s potential and challenges.


Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates


12 Understand Basic German

Learning the language may be enjoyable and uncomplicated with the help of this online course on basic German language skills, which is one of the free online courses in Germany with certificates.

With this free online course from Alison, you’ll study the essentials of German grammar and vocabulary, bringing you one step closer to your first faultless German conversation.

Because Germany is largely considered as Europe’s industrial and economic powerhouse, professionals in disciplines such as business, finance, economics, and politics must have a basic understanding of the language.

This certification program will make learning the German language easier and more pleasant for students.


13 German Conversational Expressions

This of the free online courses in Germany with certificates teaches you the vocabulary and grammar needed to communicate in German about using the phone, hobbies, and holidays. You will learn the terminology and phrases needed to make and receive phone calls in German, as well as take and leave messages.

You will learn how to plan weekends, book lodging, and much more. This online certification program takes roughly two to three hours to complete.


14 Acting and Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

This of the free online courses in Germany with certificates will help you implement your business idea and turn it into a profitable endeavor.

You use examples from real-world business scenarios to better understand how the entrepreneurial process varies from that of well-established businesses and how you may use it for your own interests.

With a series of homework projects, tutorials, and case studies, you will be able to develop a perspective that goes beyond the theoretical scope to prepare you for real-world problems.


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15 Acoustics of Communication

In this free online courses in Germany with certificates, we will study every aspect of communication acoustics, which is the process by which sounds move from a source through a channel and eventually arrive at a receiver.

This course also covers the many system aspects involved in acoustic communication, such as those between humans, between humans and machines, and between machines.

After finishing the course, you will have a general understanding of the relevant sub-domains and will be prepared to select a specialization for additional in-depth study.


16 Flood Risk Management

This flood risk management course aims to reduce the loss of life, property, and other resources as a result of floods. The core themes of the MOOCs are flood risk management, forecasting, and mitigating measures.

You can learn which concepts are employed to protect people from flooding by investigating the watershed, rivers, and vulnerable settlements.

The actions are arranged around the flood risk cycle, which includes prevention, protection, and readiness. As a result, everyone interested in flood risk management should enroll in this course. It includes both basic chapters and options for a more in-depth study.


Free Online Courses In Germany With Certificates


17 Venture Capitalists: How to Obtain Funding for Your Startup

Introduction to Venture Capital will teach you how to secure the capital needed to run your firm. You will learn about the traits, thought processes, motives, investing philosophies, and expectations of venture capitalists.

In addition to lectures, you will gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to effectively acquire funds for your company from seasoned business owners and venture capitalists!


18 Der CFO of a Startup

In this basic German course on entrepreneurial finance, you will learn about the many financing alternatives and resources accessible, as well as which investors are relevant for start-ups.

You’ll also learn more about the role and importance of a CFO in start-up organizations.

This course’s information provides practical advice on what to look out for and assists you with the initial funding of your business.




19 Marketing Fundamentals

In this course of the free online courses in Germany with certificates, you will learn the principles of strategic and operational marketing design for a business. A comprehensive overview of the skills required to make sound marketing decisions will be offered as well.

This is how you learn to critically analyze the application of these strategies. The training also includes critical thinking on how organizations could design and implement socially and ethically acceptable marketing strategies.


20 Electric Mobility Innovation Strategies: The StreetScooter Case

This course amongst all the free online courses in Germany with certificates teaches you German. Learn about the techniques that firms can use to promote and introduce successful technological breakthroughs, as well as the tools and strategies for understanding and recognizing client needs.

We’ll focus on how organizations may employ entrepreneurial thinking to grow more successfully, as well as how they can build entire ecosystems around their goods and services.

The Street scooter, an electric delivery vehicle from Deutsche Post DHL, is a recent, very successful technological achievement from Germany that will be the subject of theoretical knowledge transfer and application.




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