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Top 10 Free Online Computer Science Degree in 2024

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This article comprises of all you need to know about the top ten free online computer science degree. In the high-demand subject of computer science, there are many options for qualified professionals to secure satisfying employment.

For anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field, enrolling in a free online computer science degree program is a terrific method to acquire the fundamental abilities and information required to get started.

To help you choose the best free online computer science degree accessible, we examined and rated the 15 best free online computer science degrees.

Candidates with a computer science degree have a wide range of job options, including those in business, the creative industries, education, engineering, medical, and science.

Anyone who has earned a degree in computer science and has either an offline or online computer science certificate can find employment as, among other things, an application programmer, coder, network administrator, software engineer, systems analyst, or video game developer.

Dream big and you’ll be rewarded for it! Although we don’t claim it will be simple, completing your online computer science degree for free will pay off in the end.


Computer Science Degree Careers and Salaries

Lets in this part talk about the salaries for this career before we dive into listing the free online computer science degree.

Before spending the time, effort, and money to finish an online bachelor’s in computer science, you undoubtedly want to know how much it is worth. Here is a summary of available jobs, salary potential, and projected job growth.

The task of developing computer systems, software, and hardware applications falls under the purview of a computer engineer, also referred to as a software engineer.

They are responsible for creating hardware and software, including routers, circuit boards, and computer programs, as well as for testing and managing computer networks and looking for defects in their designs. They work in a number of sectors, including information technology, data communications, aerospace, and the automobile and energy industries.

According to the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS, the median annual compensation for computer and information research scientists is about $126,830, but you can make more money by moving up to a senior-level or management role.

Additionally, during the next ten years, the field of computer science will expand at a rate of 22%, which is substantially quicker than the average for all vocations.


Top 10 Free Online Computer Science Degree in 2024

From Here Down Is The Full List Of Top 10 Free Online Computer Science Degree in 2024

1. Computer Science-Stanford University via edX

Stanford excellent self-paced free online computer science degree is offered through the edX platform.

It introduces people who have no prior experience to the field of computer science, making it one of the top free online computer science courses we’ve seen.

This online computer science course has no prerequisites or presumptions. The course will probably be too basic for students who are already familiar with the majority of the aforementioned ideas, but it is perfect for complete beginners.

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2. Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose- Princeton University via Coursera

The first step in computer science is learning to program, and this curriculum from Princeton University covers the topic in-depth over the course of more than 40 hours of training.

Although the primary objective of this course is to teach students programming in general, it employs Java unlike some of the other beginner courses on our list.

So we can really tell that this is indeed one of the top free online computer science degree.

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3. Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals Specialization- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Three courses make up this fundamentals of free online computer science degree, all of which can be studied on the Coursera platform for free in audit mode to receive the whole specialized experience.

All other elements of the course will be available in the free format, but you won’t be able to take part in practical tasks or receive a certificate. You can apply for financial aid on the website if you want to earn the certification but can’t afford it.

The three courses are C++ Object-Oriented Data Structures, Ordered Data Structures, and Unordered Data Structures.

Students who have already taken an introductory course in a programming language like Python and can write programs are the target audience for Wade Fagen-free Ulmschneider’s free online computer science degree.

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4. Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science- California San Diego

A 25-hour introductory computer science course called Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science provides students the vital mathematical thinking abilities needed in all areas of computer science, making it one of the best rated free online computer science degree.

Students learn about discrete mathematics tools including induction, recursion, logic, invariants, examples, and optimality in the free online computer science degree program. After that, programming-related queries will be addressed using the tools you have learnt about.

To help you acquire the critical thinking abilities required to come up with the answers on your own, you will be tackling interactive puzzles during the course of the study that are also mobile-friendly. Basic math abilities, curiosity, and a drive to learn are all that are necessary for this intriguing curriculum.

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5. Computer Science for Business Professionals- Harvard University

This is the fifth top rated of all the free online computer science degree. This course is designed for business people who need to make technological decisions but lack technical knowledge, such as managers, product managers, founders, and decision-makers.

This course, which emphasizes mastery of high-level concepts and judgments connected to them, is taught from the top-down in contrast to CS50, which emphasizes teaching from the bottom up. Web development and computational thinking are two of the subjects taught.

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6. Internet History, Technology, and Security- University of Michigan

The University of Michigan’s free online computer science degree on internet history and operation will be useful to anyone who is interested in these topics. How networks and technology have affected our lives and culture are examined in the course Internet History, Technology, and Security.

Students will study the history of the internet over the course of 10 units, from the first days of electronic computing in World War II to the rapid expansion and commercialization of the internet as we know it today. Additionally, students will learn how to design, encrypt, and launch websites and applications. The training lasts roughly 15 hours and is appropriate for students at all skill levels.

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7. International Cyber Conflicts- The State University of New York Online

The free online computer science degree offered by SUNY Online is more well-liked than ever due to the apparently daily headlines of worldwide cybercrime. Students will learn to differentiate between political espionage, data theft, and propaganda in International Cyber Conflicts.

They will also learn to recognize the different cyberthreat actors, compile information on cybercrime activities, and apply different psychological theories of human motivation to various global cyber battles. The entire training lasts around seven hours and is open to learners of all skill levels.

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8. Computers and Office Productivity Software- Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

At the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, there is a course called Introduction to Computers and Office Productivity Software. Anyone wishing to refresh their resume or CV with knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint would benefit greatly from taking this free online computer science course. Additionally, students will learn how to edit photos using GIMP.

A computer’s many components and the various software programs used on a computer system are also covered. The training lasts roughly 15 hours, is available to everyone, and is given in English.

So with all these we can come to conclusion that this is indeed one of the top free online computer science degree.

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9. User Experience Design- Georgia Tech

This free online computer science degree is for you if you want to learn User Experience (UX) Design. Designing alternatives, prototyping, and other topics are covered in Georgia Tech’s Introduction to User Experience Design course.

It takes around six hours to finish and is most suitable for novices.

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10. Introduction to Web Development- University of California, Davis

Introduction to Web Development is a free online computer science degree provided by U.C. Davis. Anyone pursuing a career in web development will benefit greatly from taking this introductory course, which covers the essentials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

By the end of the lesson, the students will know more about the design and operation of the internet. Additionally, students will be able to create and publish their own web pages. The race can be finished in around 25 hours.

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