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The esteemed DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia is devoted to provide top-notch instruction in the fields of automotive engineering and associated fields. DHU, which is based in Malaysia, is well-known for its automotive research, support of innovation, and production of knowledgeable workers for the sector. DHU offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that integrate academic knowledge with practical training, with an emphasis on programs that are relevant to industry.

DHU is proud of its partnership with DRB-HICOM Berhad, a major conglomerate with a significant presence in the automotive industry. DHU is able to offer distinctive chances for industry experience, internships, and partnerships because to its association. DRB-HICOM’s experience and resources are used by DHU to ensure that its curriculum keeps up with the most recent developments in technology and business trends.

In addition, DHU has top-notch resources to support its research and experiential learning programs, including cutting-edge laboratories, auto workshops, and research centers. By providing a variety of extracurricular activities, student groups, and industry-driven projects, the university also stresses holistic development.

DHU is a top option for aspirant automotive professionals due to its dedication to excellence, industry relevance, and state-of-the-art facilities, giving students the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the fast-paced and cutthroat automotive sector.


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DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia


What programs does DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia offer?

DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia (DHU) offers a complete variety of programs within the discipline of automobile engineering and associated disciplines. The college focuses on offering enterprise-applicable courses that equip college students with the necessary know-how and abilities to excel inside the automobile industry. Here are a number of the programs offered by way of DHU:

A) Bachelor of Automotive Engineering: This program provides a sturdy foundation in car engineering principles and practices. Students study vehicle design, automotive systems, manufacturing techniques, and car checking out.

B) Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Automotive): This software combines the basics of mechanical engineering with a specialization in automobile programs. It covers subjects which include thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, automotive design, and vehicle dynamics.

C) Bachelor of Automotive Technology Management: This software is designed for college students inquisitive about the commercial enterprise factors of the automobile industry. It covers regions together with automotive marketing, deliver chain management, commercial enterprise approach, and entrepreneurship.

D) Bachelor of Industrial Design (Automotive): This software focuses on the classy and practical layout elements of car products. Students find out about automobile styling, ergonomics, substances selection, and 3D modeling.

E) Master of Automotive Engineering: DHU additionally gives a postgraduate program for students who want to in addition focus on car engineering. This software delves deeper into superior automotive technology, studies methodologies, and undertaking control.


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How does the affiliation with DRB-HICOM Berhad benefit college students at the university?

The association among DHU and DRB-HICOM Berhad brings several advantages to the scholars at the university:

A) Industry Exposure: The association presents students with treasured industry publicity and insights. DRB-HICOM Berhad is a outstanding conglomerate within the car region, encompassing numerous automotive brands, manufacturing facilities, and supply chain operations. Through this association, students gain a better know-how of the actual-international challenges, enterprise practices, and emerging traits within the car industry.

B) Internship Opportunities: DHU students have the opportunity to participate in internships and gain practical enjoy inside the DRB-HICOM group of corporations. These internships permit college students to use their theoretical information in a professional putting, develop industry-unique abilties, and set up precious connections.

C) Collaborative Projects: DHU and DRB-HICOM collaborate on various projects that contain scholar participation. This lets in college students to work on actual-international enterprise initiatives, clear up practical problems, and contribute to the car enterprise’s improvements.

D) Guest Lectures and Workshops: DRB-HICOM experts and experts frequently supply guest lectures and behavior workshops at DHU, supplying college students with direct insights into enterprise practices, technological improvements, and career possibilities.

E) Research Opportunities: The association opens doorways for collaborative research tasks between DHU and DRB-HICOM. Students have the possibility to interact in research tasks that are immediately relevant to the automobile enterprise, contributing to expertise advancement and innovation.


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What are the admission requirements for undergraduate programs at DHU?

The specific admission necessities for undergraduate programs at DHU may additionally vary depending at the application and stage of study. However, here are a few common necessities:

A) Academic Qualifications: Applicants ought to normally have completed excessive school schooling or its equal. The specific academic qualifications required may vary for distinctive applications. For example, certain programs might also require a strong historical past in arithmetic, physics, or associated topics.

B) English Language Proficiency: Proficiency inside the English language is critical for educational success at DHU. Applicants may want to offer proof of English language skillability via standardized assessments including IELTS or TOEFL, or via other identified language skillability qualifications.

C) Application Form: Prospective students are generally required to complete and publish an utility form provided through DHU. The form may additionally include personal information, educational historical past, and any additional records required for the application manner.

D) Supporting Documents: Applicants are typically required to offer helping documents together with educational transcripts, certificates, identification documents, and passport-sized images. These documents help verify the applicant’s academic qualifications and other applicable records.

E) Entrance Examinations/Interviews: Some programs may additionally require candidates to take entrance examinations or take part in interviews as part of the choice system. These examinations or interviews help examine the applicant’s aptitude, understanding, and suitability for the program.

It is essential for prospective college students to refer to the respectable DHU internet site or touch the university’s admissions workplace for the maximum correct and updated statistics regarding admission necessities.


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Are there any scholarships or financial useful resource options available for college students?

DHU is familiar with the importance of supplying financial help to deserving college students and offers various scholarships and economic aid options. These possibilities assist alleviate the economic burden and make fine schooling greater on hand. The unique scholarships and monetary resource alternatives may additionally vary, but here are a few examples:

A) Merit-Based Scholarships: DHU offers scholarships based totally on instructional excellence. These scholarships recognize students with terrific academic achievements and can cowl tuition fees or offer partial monetary aid.

B) Need-Based Scholarships: DHU might also offer scholarships based totally on economic need. These scholarships goal to guide college students who face monetary challenges but display potential and dedication to their studies.

C) Sports and Extracurricular Scholarships: DHU acknowledges and supports students who excel in sports or different extracurricular sports. Scholarships can be awarded to students who’ve achieved first-rate accomplishments in their respective fields.

D) External Scholarships: DHU collaborates with outside groups and authorities our bodies that offer scholarships. These scholarships may have precise eligibility standards and application methods.

E) Student Loans and Grants: DHU can also offer records and guidance to students concerning scholar mortgage alternatives and government grants that can assist finance their schooling.

Prospective college students are endorsed to go to the DHU internet site or contact the admissions workplace to inquire approximately the specific scholarships and economic resource alternatives available, as well as the software processes and cut-off dates.


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What form of industry exposure and internships are offered to college students for the duration of their study?

DHU places notable emphasis on presenting students with enterprise publicity and sensible schooling opportunities. This hands-on experience facilitates bridge the distance between classroom learning and real-international enterprise practices. Here are a few ways DHU helps industry exposure and internships:

A) Industrial Visits: DHU organizes commercial visits to car manufacturing vegetation, research facilities, and other relevant enterprise web sites. These visits permit college students to examine firsthand the operations, tactics, and technology employed inside the automobile industry.

B) Guest Lectures and Workshops: Industry experts and experts from main automotive organizations are often invited to supply visitor lectures and conduct workshops at DHU. These periods provide students with insights into the trendy enterprise developments, technological advancements, and profession possibilities.

C) Internship Placements: DHU collaborates with DRB-HICOM and different industry companions to offer internship opportunities for college kids. These internships permit college students to use their theoretical know-how in a professional placing, advantage sensible revel in, and develop industry-precise talents. Internships may also variety from a few weeks to numerous months, depending on the application and enterprise necessities.

D) Industry Projects and Collaborations: DHU engages in industry tasks and collaborations, allowing students to work on actual-global troubles and make contributions to the automobile enterprise’s improvements. These projects offer students with the possibility to use their skills, behavior research, and increase progressive solutions.

E) Career Fairs and Networking Events: DHU organizes career gala’s and networking events where students can engage with industry specialists, discover job opportunities, and establish connections for future employment.

The precise industry exposure and internship possibilities may also range relying at the program and industry partnerships. DHU’s sturdy affiliation with DRB-HICOM Berhad guarantees that scholars have get entry to to a extensive variety of industry stories and networking possibilities.


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DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia


How does DHU stay updated with the modern-day improvements within the automotive enterprise?

DHU acknowledges the significance of staying updated with the ultra-modern improvements in the car industry to provide college students with a current schooling. The university employs several strategies to ensure its curriculum and teaching methodologies align with enterprise trends:

A) Industry Advisory Board: DHU continues an enterprise advisory board comprising professionals and experts from the automotive enterprise. The board presents precious insights, steerage, and pointers to assist form the curriculum and make sure its relevance to the industry’s desires.

B) Continuous Curriculum Review: DHU regularly opinions and updates its curriculum to comprise the modern day developments in the car enterprise. This consists of integrating rising technology, industry high-quality practices, and cutting-edge studies findings into the coursework.

C) Faculty Expertise and Development: DHU encourages its college individuals to continuously improve their knowledge and capabilities via expert improvement applications, enterprise certifications, and research collaborations. This ensures that college participants live updated with the modern improvements in their respective fields.

D) Industry Partnerships and Collaborations: DHU keeps strong collaborations with enterprise companions, inclusive of DRB-HICOM and different automobile corporations. These partnerships facilitate understanding change, studies collaborations, and industry-driven projects, making sure that DHU stays at the forefront of industry improvements.

E) Research and Innovation: DHU actively engages in research and innovation activities related to the automobile industry. Faculty members and students participate in studies tasks, post scholarly articles, and present their findings at conferences, thereby contributing to the expertise base and staying related with the latest improvements.

By adopting these techniques, DHU ensures that its students obtain an schooling that is updated, relevant, and in step with the modern improvements in the automobile industry.


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Can students participate in studies projects or collaborate with industry companions?

Yes, DHU provides possibilities for college students to participate in studies initiatives and collaborate with industry partners. These possibilities permit college students to benefit sensible studies enjoy, make contributions to information advancement, and establish connections in the enterprise. Here’s how DHU facilitates student involvement in studies and enterprise collaborations:

A) Undergraduate Research Opportunities: DHU encourages undergraduate students to engage in studies sports beneath the steering of college individuals. Students might also take part in studies projects inside the university or collaborate with enterprise companions on relevant studies initiatives.

B) Postgraduate Research Programs: DHU gives postgraduate programs inclusive of the Master of Automotive Engineering that offer college students with in-intensity studies opportunities. These applications allow college students to conduct advanced research in particular regions of automobile engineering and make contributions to the industry’s understanding base.

C) Industry Collaborations: DHU collaborates with enterprise partners, along with DRB-HICOM and other automobile corporations, on various research and development projects. This collaboration frequently involves pupil participation, letting them work on enterprise-relevant research tasks and advantage insights into real-international demanding situations.

D) Research Centers and Facilities: DHU has today’s studies centers and centers that assist pupil involvement in studies. These centers provide the important infrastructure, device, and sources for carrying out experiments, information evaluation, and prototype development.

E) Publication and Conferences: DHU encourages college students to post their studies findings in instructional journals and gift their work at conferences and symposiums. This facilitates students exhibit their studies contributions and construct a expert network within the academic and enterprise communities.

The possibilities for pupil participation in studies and enterprise collaborations might also range depending on the application, level of observe, and availability of studies projects. DHU aims to foster a research-oriented surroundings wherein college students can make a contribution to the development of understanding and gain realistic enjoy.


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What kind of facilities and resources does DHU provide to support practical learning in automotive engineering?

DHU offers cutting-edge facilities and sources to guide realistic gaining knowledge of in automotive engineering. These centers are designed to simulate actual-international automotive environments and enable students to gain arms-on experience. Here are a few examples of the centers and resources to be had at DHU:

A) Automotive Workshops: DHU has well-prepared automotive workshops where college students can study and exercise various automotive repair and upkeep strategies. These workshops are prepared with tools, equipment, and diagnostic equipment commonly used within the automotive industry.

B) Advanced Laboratories: DHU homes advanced laboratories that permit students to behavior experiments, examine data, and benefit sensible insights into automobile engineering standards. These laboratories encompass engine trying out labs, substances checking out labs, electronics labs, and computer-aided layout (CAD) labs.

C) Vehicle Prototyping and Testing: DHU offers facilities for car prototyping and trying out. Students have get admission to to centers in which they are able to design and construct prototypes, conduct performance testing, and examine the safety and reliability of automotive systems.

D) Virtual Simulation Labs: DHU utilizes virtual simulation labs to offer college students with digital schooling and experience in automobile engineering. These labs rent advanced software program and simulators to create digital environments for car design, vehicle dynamics, and production strategies.

E) Research Centers: DHU has studies centers dedicated to car studies and development. These centers offer college students with get right of entry to to specialised gadget, software program, and research resources. Students can interact in studies projects, prototype improvement, and trying out activities in these centers.

F) Automotive Library: DHU has a dedicated library with an extensive series of automotive engineering books, journals, and studies courses. This useful resource allows students to access the latest records, research findings, and enterprise guides associated with car engineering.

G) Collaboration Spaces: DHU presents collaborative spaces in which college students can work collectively on organization initiatives, discussions, and brainstorming classes. These areas encourage teamwork, creativity, and knowledge sharing among students.

H) Industry-Standard Software: DHU gives get admission to to enterprise-widespread software utilized in automobile design, evaluation, and simulation. Students can study and practice using software equipment such as CAD software program, finite element evaluation (FEA) software program, and car dynamics simulation software.

By presenting these facilities and sources, DHU guarantees that students acquire practical training and fingers-on experience in automotive engineering, getting ready them for the challenges of the enterprise.


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DRB-HICOM University of Automotive Malaysia (DHU) gives various packages in automotive engineering and related disciplines, presenting college students with fine education and industry-relevant skills. The affiliation with DRB-HICOM Berhad brings severa blessings, inclusive of enterprise publicity, internships, and collaborative initiatives.

Admission requirements for undergraduate programs normally include educational qualifications, English language talent, and submission of relevant files. DHU offers scholarships and financial resource alternatives to support college students financially.

The college affords enterprise exposure via commercial visits, visitor lectures, and internships. DHU stays updated with the contemporary advancements within the automobile enterprise thru enterprise partnerships, continuous curriculum evaluate, and school know-how.

Students have possibilities to participate in studies initiatives, collaborate with enterprise partners, and present their work at meetings. DHU offers cutting-edge facilities and assets inclusive of workshops, laboratories, studies facilities, and collaboration areas to guide practical learning in automotive engineering.

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