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Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024

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Brunel Santander International Scholarship: Self-funded overseas students attending Brunel University London are eligible to apply for the Brunel Santander Overseas Scholarship 2024.

The Scholarship is a means for Brunel University London to support and give back to its overseas students. Each year, the scholarship is given to deserving recipients. However, there are requirements for eligibility and an application procedure. Self-funded students are eligible for the Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024.

Therefore, if you are a self-learner, you ought to keep reading. This post contains all the details you need to know about Brunel University London, including why you should apply, eligibility requirements, level/field of study, host nationality, eligible nationality, value of the Brunel Santander International Scholarship, number of scholarships, deadline, and how to apply.

brunel santander international scholarship

About Brunel University London

In Uxbridge, West London, the United Kingdom, Brunel Institution London is a public research institution that was established in 1966. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a Victorian engineer, was honored with its name. Brunel College of Advanced Technology received a royal charter in June 1966 and changed its name to Brunel University.

The school is frequently referred to as a British plate glass university. Three institutions of higher learning and three significant research institutes make up Brunel University’s organizational structure. Among the top 100 universities under 50 years old and the top 100 engineering and technology universities in the world, it comes in at number 93.

Three colleges and three important research centers make up Brunel University’s organizational structure. As a result of the adoption of this structure in August 2014, the university’s name was changed to Brunel University London.

With more than 12,900 students and 2,500 employees, the university earned £200.7 million overall in 2014–15, with grants and research contracts accounting for 25% of that amount.

The College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, and the College of Health and Life Sciences are the three academic colleges that make up Brunel. In 2011, the university was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. The European University Association, Universities UK, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities are all members of Brunel.

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In the late 1990s, Brunel created a £250 million, 10-year master plan for the campus. The buildings and facilities on the Uxbridge campus had to be updated and renovated using the proceeds from the sale of off-campus properties in Runnymede, Osterley, and Twickenham. A library expansion, a cutting-edge sports facility, renovated student union spaces, a new Health Sciences teaching center, and the building of additional residence halls are a few of the projects completed.

The Brunel campus has been featured in various movies, most notably Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, which spent a significant amount of time on campus and included many structures designed in the ‘Brutalist’ architectural style of the 1960s. Additionally, it has appeared in a number of British television series, including as Spooks, Silent Witness, The Sweeney, and Inspector


Students at Brunel have access to specialized labs for electronic imaging, bioprocessing, and experimental techniques, as well as flight, driving, and train simulators, a 3-D body scanner, an MRI scanner, motion-capture technology, an occupational therapy suite, sports and performing arts facilities, and academic repositories for cult literature and film.

Student life

Student Recreational And General Facilities

At Brunel University, there are excellent training facilities plus a gym, spa, and running track. Additionally, there are a pharmacy, a store, a nightclub called Venue, a bar called Locos, and a café called “1966” in honor of the year the institution was established.

Student Housing

There are currently 34 self-catering residence halls on campus with 4,549 rooms total, including studio apartments for cohabiting couples. For undergraduates, graduate students, students with disabilities, and cohabiting couples, rooms are offered. There is network connectivity in every room.

Why study at Brunel University

For hopefuls, attending Brunel University is a fantastic opportunity. All applicants at Brunel have access to specialist, staff, and research skills courses as well as year-round opportunities for pertinent training and development.

Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024

International students can take advantage of a remarkable package of scholarships from Brunel University London. The Brunel Santander Scholarships are available to those planning to enroll in a postgraduate course of study or research in September.

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Eligibility for the Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024

The applicant must be eligible according to the following requirements:

  • The candidate must fall under the “overseas” classification for fee-related reasons and be supported out of pocket (unfunded).
  • Applicants who are unsure of the status of their fees should be aware that Brunel will assess the status of their fees in accordance with the guidelines issued by the UK Government using the information they have provided in their application form.
  • In September 2024, applicants must be able to enroll in a postgraduate degree or postdoctoral research program, and they must submit the relevant fellowship application by the deadline.
  • Before the scholarship deadline, candidates have to accept their course offer.

Level and Study Subject

Postgraduate programs are eligible for Brunel Santander Scholarships. A Brunel Santander Scholarship will be given to students who wish to pursue the teaching program or postdoctoral research in the field that the university has suggested.

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Hosting Country

Brunel University in London will serve as the host institution for the Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2023.

Qualifying Nationality

Citizens of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Puerto Rico are eligible for the Brunel Santander International Scholarship.

brunel santander international scholarship

Work Path

A graduate can learn self-control and time management. It also enables you to follow a brand-new job or a specialty area that you created during earlier education.

Scholarships awarded: number

There are five Brunel Santander Scholarships offered each year.


How to apply for Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024?

Candidates who wish to apply for a Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024 must submit their application form, which includes a personal declaration, by the deadlines specified. Documents Supported:

The applicant is required to provide a personal statement with their application.

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International Brunel Santander Scholarship in the UK Application closing date: April 30, 2024.

In July 2024, candidates will be notified.


A fantastic opportunity for international students to receive funding to study in the UK is the Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024. Therefore, it is recommended that students who desire to study at Brunel University apply for this scholarship program.

brunel santander international scholarship

FAQs On Brunel Santander International Scholarship 2024

Does Brunel University provide scholarships for students from other countries?

International students can apply for a coveted package of scholarships from Brunel University London. The scholarship program is only available to students who are totally self-supporting and is determined by overall academic merit and professional experience.

How can I apply for a Brunel scholarship?

After successfully completing their pre-master’s degree, students at Brunel Language Centre (BLC) and Brunel Pathway College (BPC) are eligible to apply for this award. Successful recipients of awards may be required to carry out certain responsibilities as Brunel Ambassadors for the Brunel Business School (BBS).

What position does Brunel University hold?

According to Best Global Universities, Brunel University is placed #467. Schools are rated based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized measures of quality.

How many Brunel students are from abroad?

Currently enrolled at Brunel are more than 2,500 international students representing more than 110 nations.

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