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15 Best Film Schools in Texas | Ranking

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Best film schools in texas are classified as schools with a suitable acceptance rate, tuition fee, higher ranking, and recommendable institution from people.

A Film is a thin strip that is used in creating photographs or motion pictures

Filmmaking is an act of creating motion pictures with casting, sound effects, shooting, editing, and screening the movie before the final exhibition for the public view.

Film school is acting, producing, scene work, editing, sound recording, screenwriting, audition technique, shooting and pre-production, etc. academy that train actors on the act of good and well-trained qualified movie makers.

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Attending a film school in Texas is so relevant to an aspiring actor, and those already into the acting career in various ways which include

  • It will help you to understand the process involved in filmmaking in texas and worldwide.
  • It will shape you to become more creative
  • In Texas film schools, you will learn the history of filmmaking
  • Texas film schools will unleash more hiding acting talent in you
  • Texas film school will help you with time management.
  • Film school will structure you in the real act of movie making
  • You will have a Film school training experience and certificate which will make you ahead of your peers in the film industry.
  • Film school empower you to be culturally literate
  • It will help you to be able to read the films and moving image texts and also write your own for others to watch.

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In film school texas, you are being taught courses like:

1.Film History Course:

in Texas, it is a one-semester elective course in which historical fiction films are been discussed and watched, research is being carried out on the fictional film. And a student studying these course is to concentrate while watching the movies. At the end of the course, the student is ranked according to their responsive performance in the class.

2. Film Theory:

it the study of film and how its elements work together to present a vision of reality. There are different types of film theory and Specific theories of the film (Apparatus theory, Marxist film theory, Psychoanalytic film theory, Cognitive film theory, Auteur theory, Linguistic film theory, Genre studies, Feminist Theory, etc.

Film Theory can also be divided into linguistic concerns which are about the possibilities of providing a point of view to the world through exclusion, inclusion, and connection, and phenomenological concerns which are about the depiction of the world.

3. Introduction to Digital Filmmaking:

This course teaches the student in film school the fundamental of video and audio recording you will have practical experience of digital film making, and at the end of this film course, you will be able to make creative use of the camera, post-production techniques, and sound for the betterment of yours film project.

Digital Film Making opens up options for students in various fields such as the film industry, advertising companies, gaming industry, cinematography, digital editing, documentary filmmaking, producing 3D animation and visual effects, photography, broadcast journalism, etc.

4. Screenwriting: This film school course explores the key concepts and fundamental principles involved in the process of professional screenwriting, basic characteristics of screen story, character and developing character outline, the workflow for writing a first draft to feature film screenplay, construction of scenes (the role of dialogue and character voice) process of screenplay formatting, story structures (the alternate story structure and three-act structure), writing and finishing a first draft and many more in the film school.

5. Digital Editing: these film schools will introduce students to the principles and technologies of lighting, mixing, audio recording, and non-linear digital video editing.

6. Music and Soundtrack: Film school will introduce the student to courses like electronic music production, audio, and video post-production, voice composition and instrumental, sequencing and music production, modern music production, and many more.

7. Cinematography and Lighting: Film school will introduce the people into courses like video editing, camera lighting, videography, cinema projection, motion pictures, visual effects, television camera operation, optics, film dimensions, and many more at film school.

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There are numerous film schools in Texas due to how the environment is and how they offer varieties of courses in their institution makes many opt into Texas for studies. Apart from that, they do have skilled actors with long-time experience in the film industry and who at times some who are tutors in film school do end up having their private institution where their peers can get enroll and acquire knowledge.

Let dive to the 15 best schools in Texas and their ranking

School name








1. KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts


This is a performing art film school with $18k as tuition fee and an average aid cost of 19k. 

Dallas Texas. • Ranked 108 in popularity out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree.

• The bachelor’s program Ranked 597 on College Factual’s Best Schools for theater list.

2. University of Texas


It is a large institution that is highly rated with an approximate enrollment rate of 38,000 undergraduate students and an acceptance rate of 32% with a popular major in filmmaking




Austin, Texas. This ranking is based on U.S Department of Education statistics.


•Best Colleges for Business in America rank 7 of 917.

•Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance in America ranked 8 of 1,223.

3. University of Dallas It is a highly competitive catholic private university with an approximately, the enrollment rate of 1,443 while the acceptance rate is 45%

Visit their website at

1845, East Northgate Drive Irving, Texas 75062- 4736.


• Ranked 78 in Kiplinger’s list of Best Values in Liberal Arts Colleges.


• Ranked 173 among all colleges by money Magazine.

4. Austin college:


It is a related covenant Presbyterian church that supports student religion faith and a college that produces highly successful best filmmaking students for a future professional career.

Visit their website at



900 N Grand Ave, Sherman, TX 75090, USA • Rank best liberal college in Texas.
5. Southern methodist university


It is a none-profit 4 years’ private university accredited by the southern association of colleges with president Laura Skandera Trombley as the 16th president of this prestigious university. Southern Methodist University is one of the best universities in Texas that offers a top-ranked integrated arts and sciences curriculum that incorporates the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. Check them on to know more about them Georgetown, Texas


•Ranked the #1 undergraduate liberal arts college in Texas in its 2019 grateful grad colleges by Forbes

•Ranked one of the best 386 colleges by Princeton Review.


6. Houston Baptist university


Founded on the 15th November 1960(61 years ago) by the Baptist general action convention of Texas. With the main focus on Mass media arts majors interning at network television, ad agencies, newspaper, filmmaking, and at the end, the trained student may end up tutoring in the college. Kindly check them on Houston Baptist university 7502, Fondren Road Houston, Texas 77074


•Ranked #61 in Regional Universities West.


7. Our Lady of the Lake University


Our Lady of the Lake University established in 1895 by a congregation of divine providence it is a co-educational comprehensive institution that enrolls more than 3,100 students. It serves freshmen, transfer, and graduate students through weekday, evening, weekend, hybrid and online programs. OLLU offers a separate admission process for international students and special assistance to military and veteran students. Use the link below to start your journey with OLLU.


San Antonio, Texas.


• Among National Universities, OLLU was ranked seventh in Texas and 54th nationally for the social mobility of its graduates.

•LLU ranks second in Texas and 12th nationally for economic diversity among National Universities (U.S News and World Report, 2021 Best Colleges)


8. University of the Incarnate Word


Established in 1881 (140 years ago) as the largest catholic university in Texas. This academy is not just a school, but a leader’s transformational institution. UIW has trained more than thousands of students through their various academic programs and most are good professionals in their field. Link: 4301 Broadway

San Antonio, Texas 78209.


• Best Online Colleges in America

39 of 326

• Best Hispanic-Serving Institutions in America

64 of 356

• Best College Locations in America

65 of 1,634.

9. Tyler junior college


It is an institution with an approximate enrollment of 6000 undergraduate students. their popular majors include business, Liberal arts, and humanities. Tyler Junior college has an acceptance rate of 100% and 19% graduates annually.

Check them out here:

1400 east fifth street

Tyler, Texas 75701


• Best college campuses in America

275 of 1,419

• Best college locations in America

397 of 1,634.

• Best college food in America

140 of 1,392

10. Collin college.


In 1985, this prestigious and only public college in Collin was offering their classes at an area high school. But due to the college has been a student-centered community institution, with the mission of strengthening character and developing interactive skills that will challenge your intellect. Currently, the school has expanded with thousands of graduating students yearly. This college offers more than 100-degree courses with certificates in a wide range of disciplines.


3452 spur 399 Mckinney, Texas 75069 972.548.6790 • Ranked the safest college campuses in America 18 of 1,387

• Ranked most liberal colleges in America 215 of 849

•Best college locations in America

479 of 1,634

11. Dallas Baptist university


Founded in 1898(123 years ago) With Dr. Adam C. Wright as the current DBU president. These schools offer varieties of educational opportunities for individuals of all ages and academic backgrounds ranging from degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, as well as continuing education and certificate programs.

Check them out on

3000 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, TX 75211


• Ranked #288 in National Universities.


12. University of North Texas North Texas is an above-average public university It is a large institution with an enrollment of 26,055 undergraduate students. Admissions are somewhat competitive as the North Texas acceptance rate is 74%. Popular majors include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Psychology, and Biology. Graduating 56% of students, North Texas alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $37,600.


1501 chestnut ave Denton, tx 76203


• Best Hispanic-Serving Institutions in America

23 of 356

• Best College Food in America

40 of 1,392

• Best Big Colleges in America

88 of 128


13. St. Edward’s university


This nationally ranked liberal arts varsity was founded in 1885(136 years ago). It is a world-class institution that is filled with opportunities, innovations, and culture.

So, hurry up and check them out at


3001s congress ave Austin, tx 78704


•Best Hispanic-serving institutions in America 56 of 356

•Best catholic colleges in America

61 of 164

•Best college locations in America

69 of 1,634

14. San Antonio college


San Antonio is a public college located in San Antonio, Texas. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 4,406 undergraduate students. The san Antonio acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include liberal arts and humanities, business, and nursing. Graduating 34% of students, san Antonio alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $26,300.


1819 n. Main ave.

San Antonio, tx 78212


•Best community colleges in America

304 of 845


15. Lone star college


Lone star college is a public college located in the woodlands, texas in the Houston area. It is a big institution with an enrollment of 20,312 undergraduate students. The lone star college acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include liberal arts and humanities, nursing, and welding. Graduating 23% of students, lone star college alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $30,300.

5000 research forest drive

the woodlands, tx 77381


Best community colleges in America

192 of 845



The above-listed institution is one of the best in terms of best film schools in Texas. Go through the list, check your desired institution and hurry up to apply.




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