romantic cliches girls secretly love

7 Romantic Cliches Girls Secretly Love

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Romantic Cliches Girls Secretly Love: Even though some romantic movie clichés make you cringe, every lady would kill to experience them in real life. Everyone hopes to meet their true love and spend some special moments with them. It’s normal to yearn for your life to be flawless when you watch it on television or in movies. Here are a few romantic cliches girls secretly love that everyone should be familiar with!

I don’t know about you, but throughout this quarantine, I’ve been watching a lot more TV. In addition, I’ve reconnected with my Asian heritage and started watching C-dramas, partially to practice my Chinese and partly out of nostalgia (I used to watch them with my parents when I was younger).

I’m watching a show where the main character is a complete alpha male who does all the typical alpha male stuff, like making every woman swoon when he enters the room and saving the damsel in distress just when she needs it.

While a little over the top and dramatic, this kind of clichéd behavior tickles my romantic “funny bone” in a hilarious way. That’s when I discovered that, despite how corny they are, I genuinely enjoy romance clichés!

As a romance author, I am aware that it makes me feel just a little bit ashamed that I indulge in clichés. Aren’t writers expected to use imagination and creativity in their works? Absolutely, yes. However, there is something inherently secure and cozy about writing and reading clichés, similar to donning your favorite pair of cozy, wool socks in the cold.

Now that everything is out of the way, let me share 7 romance clichés that I (now not-so-secretly) enjoy.

romantic cliches girls secretly love

Top 7 Romantic Cliches Girls Secretly Love

1. Kissing in the Rain

The first romantic cliches girls secretly love is kissing in the rain. Numerous romantic comedies have a female standing outside with her true love, unconcerned about the rain ruining her luxury clothing because she is with the man she loves. The movies make kissing in the rain seem appealing, yet in real life you’d be worried about your hair being wet after spending hours making it look acceptable. Who wouldn’t like to see their attractive partner covered in water, looking as though he just got out of the shower? He may look beautiful, but you can be a disaster. Getting the ideal kiss while the weather is anything but perfect is one of the most typical love movie clichés.

2. Cooking Cuteness

Another romantic cliches on the top romantic cliches girls secretly love is cooking cuteness. Everyone has seen the montage where a girl and a guy prepare food in the kitchen. They hurl flour and ingredients in a bowl at each other while background music is playing. The process of cooking the food was so enjoyable that it didn’t matter if it turned out to be inedible. Providing assistance to one another in the kitchen has a romantic quality. After you’re done, you can retain the whipped cream to enjoy some more sex in the bedroom.

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3. Airport Scene

The airport scene is one of the top romantic cliches girls secretly love. You arrive at the airport or train station after making the decision to leave your hometown since “nothing is keeping you there.” The love of your life chases after you and begs you not to go before your car leaves. He tells you he loves you and that he can’t live without you, and you decide to marry him and have a happy, ever after. Even though this scene has been done to death, it would still be lovely if someone cared enough to want you to stay. Nevertheless, he could contact you instead of running if he had a cell phone.

romantic cliches girls secretly love

4. Ferris Wheel

This is one of the romantic cliches girls secretly love. You wind up on the Ferris wheel because your lover chooses to take you out for a great night out. Even if you’re frightened of heights, the person you’re sitting next to makes you feel secure. You admire the stunning surroundings as you glance down from the summit before sharing an unforgettable kiss. You could want your man to be more of a daredevil and climb over the bars if you’re a fan of The Notebook. But he should stick to the kiss to be safe.

5. We Are the Champions

This is another romantic cliches girls secretly love. In keeping with the carnival concept, who wouldn’t want their boyfriend to win them an enormous plush animal that would otherwise gather dust in their room? Winning a carnival game is intended to make you feel good and demonstrate your guy’s talent. He must have a lot of perseverance if it takes him twenty times to get you that adorable bear wearing a bow tie. Even if it requires spending more money on the game than the little toy does, he wants to make you smile. You’ll be reminded of how kind your man is every time you glance at the bear in your room.

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6. Jumping into His Arms

One of the romantic cliches girls secretly love is jumping into his arms. When two lovers haven’t seen one another for a while, they usually reconcile in movies by sprinting and jumping into each other’s arms. In response to the girl’s leg kicks, the male twists her around. They have a passionate kiss once he sets her down again. The mere sight of their partner makes them ecstatic. It’s more than romantic, as long as your man doesn’t dump you.

I hope each and every one of you will experience some cinematic moments. What is your favorite overdone romance movie scene? What do you think a guy should do for you?

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romantic cliches girls secretly love

7. Stargazing

Stargazing is one of the last romantic cliches girls secretly love on this topic. Whether you’re on the hood of your car or a picnic blanket on the grass, stargazing is a romantic hobby. You can cuddle to stay warm if the weather is chilly. You can cuddle even though it’s scorching outside. An evening spent with your loved one while gazing up at something so breathtaking is sure to be memorable. You can remember the night you shared when you were separated by gazing at the sky.

I’ve mentioned my favorite romantic cliches girls secretly love; now tell me about yours! on the comments section.

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