Best Majors to Get into Med School

Top 10 Best Majors to Get into Med School

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Here we are set to discuss in full detail the best majors to get into med school, as individuals who are thinking about a profession in medicine must first enroll in medical school, which necessitates a prior undergraduate degree. The preparation for medical school and a career in healthcare can be aided by a variety of bachelor’s degrees. You can choose which undergraduate programs to pursue by looking at the different degree possibilities that are accessible to you.

The significance of selecting the best undergraduate degree for medical school is discussed in this article along with a list of nine undergraduate majors that can help you get ready for the program. We also offer some advice on how to choose a major or program.


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Top 10 Best Majors to Get into Med School

From Here Down Is The Full List Of The Best Majors to Get into Med School

1. Humanities

For Humanities majors tops our list of the best majors to get into med school, the average admittance rate to medical school is 44%. Most applicants had at least a bachelor’s degree, though not necessarily. When a student has a strong GPA and only an associate’s degree, certain medical schools will accept them. These are some of the courses you’ll take as an undergraduate:

  • Communications
  • Ethics
  • Economics

You can benefit from taking these three humanities-related courses in medical school and throughout your career. Effective communication with a variety of experts, academics, patients, and their families will be necessary. Finally, a rudimentary understanding of economics will be helpful throughout your career in medicine. Medical students are bound by ethical issues and will unavoidably be guided by them.


2. Physical Sciences

At the second best majors to get into med school we have Physical Science, given the overlap in hard skills between physical science and medicine, this seems like a no-brainer. For graduates of physical science programs, the admittance rate into medical schools is 48% on average. You’ll study a variety of classes in this undergraduate degree, including:

  • Biology
  • Quantitative
  • Analysis
  • Chemistry

Similar to scientists, medical professionals use their science to identify and treat human diseases. Chemistry will be important if you choose to work in pharmaceutical medicine. Knowing biology makes working with human biology easier, and a large part of medicine entails taking and interpreting your measurements.

Best Majors to Get into Med School


3. Math and Statistics

Math and statistics go hand-in-hand with working in the medical field, just like the physical sciences do. For graduates of math and statistics programs, the entrance rate to medical school is 40%. Some of the classes you’ll take as part of this undergraduate major include:

  • Analytical Statistics
  • Business Evaluation
  • Calculus

In medicine, you must adhere to established precedents while also understanding that many paths lead to various results depending on a variety of conditions. Calculus and statistical analysis both deal with how to use the data you have and the data you don’t have to make important judgments. Again, a strong analytical business mind will be very helpful in any job in medicine, especially for those who wish to work on the business side of the industry.


4. Social Sciences

Social Science is the fourth on our list of the best majors to get into med school. These degrees study the development of institutions and human evolution. You’ll seek out various viewpoints and step outside of your own. These students’ admittance rates to medical schools average 35%. With this pre-med major, you’ll take a number of relevant courses, such as:

  • Anthropology
  • Psychology
  • Research
  • Methodologies

Although they don’t usually, medical practitioners frequently treat physical health. Nonetheless, regardless of where they work, medical practitioners can benefit from and be useful from knowing about human psychology. You should become proficient in research since it will be a significant part of your medical studies. The evolution of society, culture, and human biological and physiological traits is also important for understanding how medicine is studied and practiced.


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5. Biological Sciences

At the fifth of the best majors to get into med school we have biological science. Medical school shares many similarities with majors in biological sciences. Students who study in biological sciences may be able to focus on certain fields like human biology, biotechnology, or pre-medicine. Biology majors have a 36% acceptance rate to medical schools. Examples of classes you might take as a pre-med major include:

  • Biology of Cells
  • Scientific Literature
  • Microbiology

You will learn all the fundamentals of life in these classes. You’ll have a significant advantage going into medical school if you finish your degree in biological sciences. Knowing how people’s bodies work and how their cells contribute to those activities is useful if you’re going to treat them.

Meeting the requirements is just as important for admission to a medical program as choosing the right major. For instance, humanities majors with scientific electives have a very good probability of enrolling in a medical program. Let’s examine the majors that provide graduates with the greatest requirements for attending medical school.


6. Pre-Medicine

This is the sixth on oour list of best majors to get into med school. You won’t fare much better than this. You’ll be prepared for a smooth transition to medical school after finishing a pre-med program. Moreover, of all degree types, pre-med majors have the greatest prerequisites. Your pre-med courses will likely include the following:

  • Chemistry, both general and organic
  • Biology
  • Biochemistry

Pre-med students can enroll in physics, math, and microbiology classes as well. Students may be required to take classes in anatomy, genetics, and other subjects by some medical schools. Yet, if you enter medical school after completing a pre-medical degree, you’ll be at a significant advantage over your classmates.


Best Majors to Get into Med School


7. Biology

As previously said, biology majors are ideal candidates for medical school. A biology major may also choose to specialize in pre-medical fields like molecular or microbiology. These science majors might take the following courses:

  • Genetics
  • Basic Biochemistry
  • Biodiversity
  • Ecology
  • Evolution

Graduates in the biological sciences can find employment as research associates, scientific technicians, and medical lab technicians, among other positions. Maybe they could enroll in medical school right now. Students could be required to take neurobiology courses by some medical schools.


8. Nursing

Nurses tops our eighth list of the best majors to get into med school, it come in a variety of shapes, as do nursing degrees. But a nursing degree makes going to medical school a lot easier. You would have the skills necessary to work in a crucial area of medicine when you started medical school. You might take the following courses in a nursing degree program:

  • Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Nursing Theory and Practice

More than most of the alumni of the programs on this list, nurses have a better idea of what medical school would be like. Several nurses have written about the stigma associated with attending medical school from within the nursing profession, but other nurses considered their time in nursing school as a logical continuation of their nursing education.


9. Chemistry

Quantitative work is essential in the highly analytical science of chemistry. The majority of medical schools need two years of lab-based chemistry instruction as opposed to just one year of biology and physics. Students who major in science take courses in:

  • Chemical Physics
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Chemistry, Inorganic

Calculus and other physical science courses are options as well. Recall that physics and biology studies are also likely prerequisites for medical school. In relation to that.




10. Physics

And the last on our list of best majors to get into med school is Physics, as previously indicated, a year of laboratory-based physics instruction is sometimes a requirement for admission to medical schools. In these degrees, you’ll study the theoretical underpinnings and development of physics research. You could focus on astrophysics, quantum mechanics, or biology. These science majors enroll in classes like these:

  • Physics’s past
  • Mechanical Analysis
  • Thermal Science

Your education in physics will prepare you to recognize how structures and processes produce all phenomena that can be observed. Students in this science-focused degree learn to measure and infer the reasons behind events from the factors at play. This scientific way of looking at the world is very helpful for a career in medicine.

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